RUSSIAPHOBIA: “A biased, hostile attitude to Russia and everything associated with it.”

The United States War machine and its NATO accomplices are desperate for an enemy to keep their Military Industrial Complex, money making, War Machine trudging on. The United States Military Industrial Complex sells all of its military weapons to NATO who must have an enemy and threat in order to exist. This is why Russia has been falsely made into the enemy of the World by the U.S. Military Industrial Complex, the U.S Deep State Government and NATO, in collaboration with the Corporate Mainstream Media the mouthpiece for their war agenda. It’s just one big business transaction, a lucrative enterprise where their business is the business of war. Where they are all interconnected for the sake of making enormous amounts of money regardless of the damage they are inflicting upon World leaders, their countries and humanity.

If NATO does not have an enemy then all the NATO member countries would no longer need NATO to protect them against an enemy. The enemy that they have singled out for the moment happens to be Russia. When the Russia card is exposed and played out, they will find another enemy, for NATO must have an enemy, this is vital to their existence. NATO, The U.S. Military Industrial Complex, U.S. Deep State Government and the Corporate Mainstream Media do not profit off of World Peace, they reap their profits off of war. Never ending perpetual wars brings in the big bucks and keeps the Elite class ruling, an enables the huge gap between the wealthy and poor to remain.

If humanity was set free, the restraints and shackles placed by the Elite, where Peace and Prosperity has yet to be seen, no one truly knows what those numbers could be.

Immeasurable the human potential, the financials crunched could set new records, we really have no idea of shared wealth, because this has not been permitted in has been withheld. The creative genius of the people on this Earth, has yet to be tapped this will be humanities rebirth.

Russia-Phobia is a money making war strategy to accuse and frame Russia as the enemy of the World. This dangerous practice that has become standard and routine, however it puts the entire safety of the World at risk! The constant aggressive attack toward Russia through a Worldwide information war campaign, proxy wars, economic wars, and NATO encroaching on Russia’s borders and turning their neighbors into enemies is unacceptable and it is time the World take a stand against this behavior for this truly jeopardizes the safety and security of the entire World. These unethical, inhumane, unjust actions are all for the purpose to keep NATO afloat with it’s Trillion dollar a year budget that they extract from all of their NATO member countries, who are foolish enough to fall for the scam.

How could NATO members know they were being taken for a ride, they thought NATO had their best interest at heart, to protect them from Russia who has been made out to be the enemy of the World, when in fact the truth of Russia’s contribution to protecting the World and keeping the geo-strategic balance of power has been suppressed.

What has been portrayed about Russia in the media is the exact opposite of the truth. Russia has been protecting the security of the World in their fight against terrorism for many years and fought radical extreme terrorism in their Caucasus regions in the 90’s before it had become widespread. Once ISIS was spawned due to actions by NATO and the U.S. in Iraq, Libya and Syria, Russia would intervene through invitation, and go onto defeat ISIS in Syria, protecting the entire World from the most radical extreme terrorists groups in the World. Russia intervened and stopped the illegal, immoral, unethical bombings in Yugoslovia in the 90’s as well. Russia has a rich history as defenders of humanity in their heroic efforts to defeat the Nazi’s in World War II, where Russia suffered the most losses of any country in the World, losing 27 million Russians in their victorious fight against the Nazis. These are a few of the contributions the Russian’s have made to the global security and protection of the World, and humanity.

Russia has proved to be the protector and not the aggressor, which is why the Military Industrial Complex, NATO, and the Mainstream Corporate Media has tried to make Russia out to be the villain, for the U.S. Military Industrial Complex war machine is big business and Russia is for peace, not war. Russia has thwarted the efforts of those waging wars all over the World, and this is why there is a war on Russia.

Russia has not only proven themselves as protectors of global security throughout the World, but have shown themselves to be a reliable, trustworthy peaceful, cooperative, partner with other countries, and have accomplished miraculous feats with the growth and development of their own country, even though a severe economic war of sanctions has been waged on Russia, they have still managed to innovate solutions to problems they have endured through outside influences. Russia has proven their character through their positive actions, humanitarian efforts and the positive results they have achieved. Vladimir Putin’s thoughtful and eloquent words are appreciated by all, as he treats all countries with dignity and respect.

Russia-Phobia is an attempt to contain the growth and prosperity of the Russian Federation. Any country that begins to rise economically in the World, and is projected to catch up to or surpass the United States Of America’s economy, will be a target to be destroyed, because in order for the United States Of America to stay in first place, they must destroy their competition an any cost. This is part of the Global Elites formula they use all over the World, which is why United States Deep State government and the Military Industrial Complex wage wars and bomb prosperous countries back to the Stone Age. The real reason for Russia-Phobia is for the purpose of suppressing Russia’s growth, prosperity an influence in the World.

As the wool is peeled from everyone’s eyes hopefully we will see NATO’s demise, and Russia-Phobia can die, even if it is painful and NATO cries.

The United States Military budget tipped the scales in 2020 at $740 billion dollars and the only way to hold onto those kind of astronomical yearly growing military budgets, is to keep their cash cow which happens to be the U.S. Military Industrial Complex War Machine. This is why wars are waged throughout the World, so that the United States Military Industrial Complex can remain in commerce and sell military equipment all over the World to protect the World from the threat of war in which they are creating, while squeezing as much money as possible from the American taxpayers.

Russia-Phobia has been a constant malicious attack on Russia by the propaganda Mainstream Corporate Media, an arm to the Military Industrial Complex serving a war agenda. As the people across the World are spoon fed a larger than life negative personifications of Russia in an attempt to amplify fear amongst everyone, and justify the United States intention to start a war with Russia and the dire need for the U.S. Military Industrial Complex extreme bloated budget and excessive spending and now soon to be arms race.

The Mainstream Corporate Media in collaboration with the United States Deep State Government have pushed their Russia-phobia propaganda onto the people and the world with zero evidence or proof to support any of the numerous false claims against Russia.

This is criminal, this is not journalism and is an information war against Russia where the Mainstream Corporate Media have the power and platform to ignite a hot war with Russia in an attempt to rally the World to their side. Their agenda is to keep the never ending wars all over the world going, to keep conflicts and confrontations between other countries alive, and their deep pockets lined. However this mentality is corroding into rust, as “Westlessness” is the new catch phrase being echoed amongst world leaders throughout the World. Countries want their sovereignty back, their pride, independence, dignity, and culture to remain in tact.

Vladimir Putin: “The Ukrainian leaders or those who got power pursued their self-interests. And what are they? It was not even to earn more by robbing the Ukrainian people, but to retain what has been plundered before. This was the main objective! So where is the ‘dough’? Pardon my French. where is the money? In foreign banks. What do they need to do for this? show that they serve those who have this money. Hence the only thing they sell is Russia-Phopbia.  Because some like dividing Ukraine and Russia, they believe it’s a very important mission. Because any integration of Russia and Ukraine, along with their capacities and competitive advantages, would lead to the emergence of a rival, a global rival for Europe and the world. No one wants it. That’s why they’ll do anything to pull us apart.” 

VLADIMIR Putin: Any Integration Of Russia And Ukraine Would Lead To The Emergence Of A Global Rival For West FEB 2020

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The United States owns Ukraine, so it appeared when Joe Biden was Washington’s curator in Ukraine. While the then corrupt President of Ukraine Poroshenko sat on the side, Joe Biden sat at the head of the table in the President of Ukraine’s chair. It’s good to be King in Ukraine Mr. Joe Biden, because you’ll never be king anywhere else, with your pedophile mits. Joe Biden revels in the glory while the Ukrainian government bow to the feet of America’s representatives, with their hands out, as the U.S brings over their billions of U.S. tax payer dollars to disperse throughout the Ukrainian government.  It’s good to be King in Ukraine by the looks of Joe Biden’s gleeful smile, passing out money that’s not even yours!

The Ukrainian government shows their pathetic support through vigorous applause. It does makes one wonder how many people within the Ukrainian government are on the bribes and payoffs payroll? All of them? How about those billions handed over to Ukraine by the United States that vanished into thin air? Those hard working United States of America taxpayer dollars off the sweat of the brow of the working class. All of those billions are surely going to a good cause in Ukraine and their offshore bank accounts, stuffing the pockets of Ukrainian puppets who are happily allowing the U.S. & NATO war pigs into their country so they can stoke the civil war within Ukraine, and can strategically allow NATO to set up shop and position themselves against Russia and any other country they may want to take out.

While the United States Deep State controls Ukraine this enables them to control and dictate the Ukraine government and who they can and cannot have relations with infringing on Ukraine’s sovereign rights. Russia is definitely not on the list of countries that Ukraine is allowed to be friendly towards. No the U.S wants to keep Russia as the enemy using Ukraine as a proxy war toward Russia and accuse and blame Russia for the civil war within Ukraine that the U.S. Deep State Shadow CIA created after they orchestrated the 2014 bloody coup.

Russia would be blamed and accused for much of Ukraine’s problems and punished with Sanctions in an attempt to put pressure on Russia to obey the U.S. demands, which they know will never work and is just and excuse to inflict harsh sanctions on Russia and destroy relations between Ukraine and Russia keeping them enemies so the U.S. can continue to own Ukraine who is just a pawn in their geo-political game. Ukraine would be usedto try to demonize and isolate Russia from the world as the U.S. dictates the relationship between Russia & Ukraine through manipulation, threats of sanctions making the Peaceful cooperation with Russia and Ukraine prohibited by the Unites States of America.

The U.S wants to pillage the land of Ukraine fracking their shale gas, selling off the land, stealing whatever natural resources they have. If Russia and Ukraine were peaceful partners with each other’s best interest at heart, do you think the U.S. would be so keen to Bully Ukraine? This would be highly unlikely. The United States Government has been working at making Russia the enemy for a very long time, dating back to the fall of the Soviet Union and Ukraine splitting away from Russia.

The United States has kept Ukraine powerless, under their thumb, making sure their country does not grow economically, destroying all of their industry, selling off their land, and keeping civil war and strife within the country. The U.S. has ultimately kept Ukraine dependent on the United States of America, who pretends to want to save them from their own demise as the U.S wields their master plan behind the scenes of Imperialistic dreams!

Obviously Joe Biden sitting at the head of the table in the President’s seat of Ukraine, says it all, Poroshenko looked humiliated and embarrassed as he should be, for he was a sad representation of Ukraine and does not represent the Ukrainian people.

VLADIMIR KORNILOV POLITICAL OBSERVER WITH RUSSIA TODAY:“America tolerates such levels of corruption in the third world countries that serve as its servants, the states that obey it, in the countries that America sees as its trophies, that people can do whatever they please use any corruption schemes. No way they can do the same at their own home.”

If Ukraine can have a visionary as president, who has the ability to see depth of vision into the future of Ukraine, and who surrounds him or herself with a positive team of like minded people who are eager to build up the country of Ukraine, and are all working in peace and harmony toward the same goal, to achieve success for the people and the country of Ukraine. If Ukraine flushes out the corruption and Oligarchs and the dictatorship control of the United States Government, then Ukraine has a chance to move toward peace, prosperity, independence, economic stability, growth, and innovation for the future.

If Ukraine can break free of the restraint and control of the United States government, and work toward building their relationships with Russia and other neighboring countries that will benefit them far greater for years to come, Ukraine can once again be able to hold their head high. If Ukraine builds friendly, mutually beneficial cooperative relations with Russia, Ukraine can free themselves of their enslavement to the United States of America. Ukraine could have a similar outcome that Russia has had from the amazing leadership of Vladimir Putin who’s long term commitment to rebuilding Russia has paid off, but only if the Ukrainian President and Government step up to the plate and put in the work, because no one is going to do it for you. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and clock in.

How Dumb Can Biden Get! Vice-President Self-Incriminated Himself on Video Over Corruption! 2019

VLADIMIR PUTIN: “It is a fact that the U.S defense budget is larger than the defense budgets of all other countries taken together. This is why I understand the U.S. President when he says that his NATO allies should take over part of this burden. It is a pragmatic and understandable approach. However what attracted my attention is that the NATO leaders spoke at their summit about a desire to improve relations with Russia. Then why are they increasing their military spending? Who are they planning to fight against? I see an inner contradiction here, although this is not our business. Let NATO decide who will pay and how much. Why should to build up tensions or invent a fictional threat from Russia, some hybrid warfare etc. You made these things up yourselves and now scare yourself with them and even use them to plan your prospective policies. These policies have no prospects. The only possible future is in cooperation in all areas, including security issues. What is the major security problem today? Terrorism. there are bombings in Europe in Paris, in Russia in Belgium,  There is a war in the Middle East. This is the main concern. But no let us keep speculating on the threat from Russia.”

US nukes Russia in exercise attended by Mark Esper FEB 22, 2020

Putin: NATO Is Ramping up Its Military Spending; Who Are They Planning To Fight? JUNE 2017

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VLADIMIR PUTIN: “The Russian threat is the invention of those who want to profit from their role of the vanguard unit fighting against Russia, to receive perks and preferences. But all this has time limits and that’s obvious to all. This is clear to the leaders of Europe’s major countries. So the United States will also have to take some steps to change the quality of its relations with its allies even in NATO it’s no longer enough to say: ‘we are protecting you, so pay us.’ Why would they wish to pay for the upkeep of the defense sector and jobs in the United States?”

Making Russia the enemy through Russia-Phobia propaganda all over the world has been carefully orchestrated for multiple purposes, one being to extract as much money as possible from NATO countries while claiming to protect those countries from enemies mainly Russia. Another scam to keep the war machine going. As the many long term relations with Russia and other countries is revealed, and other countries move into positive cooperative directions with Russia to grow and build their countries, world leaders realize that they have been completely duped into shelling out the cash for NATO’s deep pockets and insatiable war machine agenda to keep the cash flowing into America’s Military Industrial Complex, selling weapons to NATO and other countries worldwide.

While Europe and other countries have lost billions obeying orders from the U.S. to sanction Russia. In hindsight, the losses of to other countries from the U.S & NATO agenda is insane, and the bottom line does not benefit anyone but the U.S. & NATO. It’s not in the economic interests of any country accept for the U.S. who’s intention has been and is to isolate Russia from the world and try to break them economically, to try and diminish their success while ignoring and failing to recognize their accomplishments. Russia has proven through their actions that they are a peaceful and prosperous country that the World can trust. The U.S wants to erase Russia, their culture, language, athletics, and economy, but Russia is strong and has persevered despite all of the obstacles and challenges that have been thrown at them unjustly.

The world should realize the dangers of Russia-Phobia and study all the agendas surrounding this, because if Russia-Phobia can succeed at isolating and destroying the Russian Federation, then what country will be next? If you don’t obey and toe the line of the U.S Deep State Government’s dictator of the world, could your country be at risk for the next phobic trend? The U.S. War machine needs an enemy and they are always looking and scheming new ways to make one. This kind of phobic, hatred propaganda should never be imposed on any country ever again and should be exposed for what it is.

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