The United States Government’s weaponized war of sanctions, is a war on the World. Sanctions seems to be the catchphrase of Trump’s speeches, as well as other sectors within the United States Government. Even senators are getting in on the power trip & racket of weaponized sanctions! This is truly criminal and using the term sanctions as if it is a positive direction for America couldn’t be further from the truth. The weaponized use of sanctions to try and control countries throughout the world, is not only an abuse of power, but is an Imperialistic Dictatorship that is dangerous, unacceptable, and the wrong direction for the world that nobody wants.

For sanctions to work, the United States Government must create enemies, countries that they can blame for something they claim, which of course is Russia, or a country in the Middle East, for the U.S. has to declare a threat on America and preach their propaganda and lies through the Mainstream Media, Senate & Congress, in order to justify their actions of weaponized sanctions and push their war agenda.

The United States Government use of sanctions creates instability and unpredictability of the World economy that affects not only countries ability to operate prosperously, but also affects average citizens within those countries, from entrepreneurs, to business men and women who may find themselves bankrupt and unemployed, or with bank accounts & assets frozen as well as denied American Visas, and problems with real estate transactions! So when you here Trump touting proudly the almighty powerful word sanction, put a human face on it and imagine if this affected you, because in the end it will affect everyone negatively.

The United States weaponized use of sanctions on the World damages the relationships between World Leaders and breaks the trust of the United States, creates resentment, and has an overall negative effect that does not have long term benefits for anyone. Nothing positive comes of it. Sanctions are a weapon of war and must be recognized as this, for in a blink of an eye a country can be brought to their knees, impoverished and bankrupt. What is the greatest fear of humanity? Poverty. Poverty is a serious weapon that the United States has been inflicting all over the world with their destruction of countries through their many forms of war from dropping bombs to dropping sanctions. It is absolute time for sanctions to be recognized as a weapon of war and halted immediately for the sake and well being of the World, and for Peace and Prosperity to thrive on every level, so that countries can collaborate and share valuable knowledge toward growth in every sector possible. There is so much to be gained from a World that works together for the positive growth of mankind and humanity, rather than against one another. The gains humanity and the World have to look forward to are enormous! There truly is enough for everyone, more than enough, and if the world moves in the direction of helping your neighbor the potential on this Earth is yet to be measured.

Vladimir Putin: “According to the European Parliament, their losses are worth about 500 billion euros. That’s how much the European economy lost because of the sanctions they imposed against Russia. That’s because they lost our market, they supply fewer goods, and don’t receive enough goods from us. there are fewer jobs. It’s worth noting that it was painful for them. In many EU countries, unemployment is still high. If I’m not mistaken, it’s about 15% in Span. It’s 4.8% in our country, and it’s 15% over there. Among other things. Take the development of global trade, which has decreased by about 400 billion as well…These are the elements of sanctions and such an unpredictable policy. It affects everyone. I’m telling you again that our economy has adapted to it. Yes, there’s some negative impact but…look there are advantages from those sanctions. What are they? They made us start using our brains in many areas.

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Vesti News: Two Republicans, Ted Cruz and Ron Johnson, put their threats in a letter, which was published on Ted’s website. the letter repeats the thesis of:
Ted Cruz: “Stop Nord Stream 2 activities immediately or your company will be exposed to sanctions. Any transactions they attempt to conduct in the USA will be blocked. Moreover, any assets yo have within our jurisdiction will be frozen.” 

Vesti News: “The sanctions regarding Nord Stream 2 hurt the Europeans and send them a clear message. If you don’t behave well, if you develop relations with Russia in one way or another, if you try to make a profit from it, you’ll pay a lot for it. The Europeans will surely oppose those American sanctions secretly as well as openly.” 

Vesti News: “The main defender of Nord Stream 2 is Germany. They opposed American sanctions on Nord Stream 2 contractors on several occasions. Berlin considers this to be intervention by the U.S. in European affairs. In particular, the German Foreign Ministry and Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke on the topic.” 

Angela Merkel: “We oppose extraterritorial sanction and have always opposed them. We faced the same problem in the case of Iran. I can only think of resolute talks with the States on how we reject practices such as this.”

Vesti News: “Now the proposed U.S. military budget, which warrants sanctions on Nord Stream 2 contractors, has to be signed by Donald Trump. For around two months, they’ll be making a list of companies to put restrictions on. After that, the companies will have 30 days to end their participation in the project.

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Vesti News: “This is how the U.S. House of Representatives took care of the energy security of Europe.”
Michael Waltz, U.S. representative ( Republican): “I urge you to vote for the bill because we are a country that is in a state of war . We fight against extremists all over the world, we’re in a cold war against our rivals—Russia, China, and other states not recognizing international law. “

Jim Cooper, U.S. representative (Democrat): “The cohesion of our allies under U.S. leadership is extremely important for us to hold Russia liable, to prevent a new arms race.”

Vesti News: The logic is as follows: Russia sells gas to Europe and this enable it to modernize it’s armed forces. There’s nothing new but this is only a part of the doctrine, which is intended for the public. Everyone knows what the Americans want. American liquified gas, which is expected to substitute Russian pipeline gas, is compared to weapons of mass destruction since it’s aimed at striking every European resident with higher heating and energy prices, not to mention prices on other goods. the U.S. will make money on it so that it’s defense budget will be bigger next year. The U.S. defense budget for 2020 set a new record $738 billion.

Sergey Lavrov, Foreign Minister of Russia: “Congress seems to be obsessed with a desire to do everything possible to ruin our relations. They continue what the Obama administration began. But as I’ve already said, we’re used to such attacks, we know how to respond to them. I assure you that neither Nord Stream 2 nor TurkStream will be driven to a halt.”

Valery Vaysberg Director of the analytical department of Region Region Investment company:“The attitude towards U.S sanctions is quite negative. This is largely due to the fact that the United Stated imposed unilateral sanctions against Iran-they left the nuclear deal. And in fact, now that Europe sees Nord Stram-2 a project that is almost complete and blended into the energy balance of Europe. the US’s actions are not friendly, not very comfortable for Europe.” 

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