What were Andre Nickatina, Eminem, Lady Gaga, Luis Vega (Cardi B’s Tattoo Artist), and Peter, a Universal Records representative from Seattle, who offered us a record deal the night he came in, that we declined,  all doing at Union Jacks Strip club at separate times in Portland Oregon while we were working? Within a couple of weeks of these people showing up one by one, we were gang stalked out of our place of work by gangster strippers with shaved heads and wigs, as well as hit men, and bounty hunters?  Check the flight records of all of these people from Nov. 2018-Jan. 2019.  We left the strip club industry In January of 2019 for the hunt on our life.

Lady Gaga stole our image for her own which started in 2007.

Cardi B is a Blood gang member and fake stripper poser perpetuating the lie of the strip club industry, which enslaves women, which she was never a part of, and knows nothing about. 

Eminem we believe came in to spy for Lady Gaga & their record label.  We talked to him for about an hour, and nobody knew it was him, but we did.  There is no mistaking his unique face lips, nose, and mouth. We are huge Eminem fans and were obsessed with his first few albums when he was in his prime.

Andre Nickatina is a Blood gang member that elbowed Amber in the back while he was at the bar next to her. When we were called on stage for our stage dance set, Andre Nickatina and his posse surrounded our stage while bird calling loudly, which echoed throughout the club over the blaring music to each other, while Andre Nickatina placed is feet on our stage in disrespect.  We walked off our set early fearing we were going to be wasted by these thugs.

Universal Records is Lady Gaga’s & Eminem’s record label.

We were also gang stalked and chased by the MS-13 Gang in their Fast & Furious cars to the downtown  Portland Police station in March of 2017.  As we reported the MS-13 Gang to the Portland police in sheer terror, the gang members continued to circle the police station in their loud, extravagant sports cars, motor cycles, and SUV’s, while revving their engines in mockery. The MS-13 Gang Fast & Furious program was funded by Obama, who is good friends with Beyonce. Beyonce has stolen many of our Fetish-Burlesque shows.  Obama also has ties to the Clinton’s who do not want our autobiography, “Life is a Lapdance,” to see the light of day.