In America, the housing market according to the United States Government is BOOMING! Homes are flying off of the shelves. The average home in Portland Oregon in a nice neighborhood goes from $700,000-$1 million plus. This jump occurred within a very short amount of time, driving the rent and housing market prices through the roof and creating the homeless epidemic. However as soon as a house goes on the market in Portland Oregon, for its Whopping price tag, it sells like hotcakes. Who’s buying these incredibly expensive homes? We can assure you it’s not the average middle class Portland family. They have been nearly eliminated from the equation, or maybe they take the leap, bite off more than they can chew, struggle to make the house payment and all of the other costs of living today that are astronomical, and you have an economy headed for disaster and loans in default.

How many average Americans do you know that are millionaires? What is the average annual income of the middle class family? What are the basic essential expenses that an average American family needs to survive? How are the people in the low income and poverty levels surviving this?

It’s not just the housing market and rents, but is everything in between including the basic essentials of life to survive. People are just getting by, and “THEY” have calculated everything you will need in life, down to the penny, because “THEY” want it all.

In 2012 the organic movement went viral due to all of the information being released on the toxicity of GMO’s and non organic food being contaminated with a bevy of chemicals. This was a win win for those in the food industry, for the demand for organic was growing at an unprecedented rate, so charging people double or triple the cost for organic would be a gold mine! 

California had the monopoly of growing food in America for a very long time, many states being dependent upon the crops coming from California, so when the “droughts” hit in 2012-2016, it was the perfect excuse to create scarcity and drive up the food prices even more. Now the organic market really had a racket, charging consumers at least four times the cost of conventional food, if you wanted clean, healthy, uncontaminated, natural non GMO food, you were going to have to pay for it, and the price would be steep.  Your weekly grocery bill would go from a few hundred bucks to six and seven hundred dollars, depending what you were buying. If supplements and superfoods made it into the mix tag on a few more hundred dollars. The bare bone basics would still cost you and arm and a leg, and the “manmade” droughts in California promised to be a temporary hike in food prices, however they only continued to rise as the demand for organic food became greater.

A necessity of life clean, organic, nutritious non GMO food, where families would now spend nearly their entire paycheck to eat. 

With the scarcity of water in Portland Oregon…the city that rains all of the time, your water bill will be inflated. Even electricity is a hose job, and the only thing reasonable is the gas bill.

“THEY” pretty much have everything covered, to keep you with just enough to get by, but unfortunately many do not, which is why there is a homeless epidemic all over America, for the basic necessities of life are out of reach for many people. Food, water, heat, a roof over one’s head, if you want these things you will have to be a slave for it.

If you want to buy a home you will have to be a millionaire, and you will have to qualify through the rigged credit score system, which is designed to make those with less pay more. 

Here is the deal with the credit score system, it is designed for most to fail and will haunt you all the way to hell. If someone takes the liberty of putting an unpaid bill on your credit, and you dispute the claim and win, the person who put it on your credit, can put it on your credit again and again for up to 7 years. It’s like ping pong, you won the match, but there is another one to follow. Over and over you will have to submit the same letter, go to your bank and have a document notarized win the battle have it removed, only to see the nasty mark on your credit again a month later. How is this just, fair, and legal?  

Another flaw in the credit score system is once you pay off a debt, it will remain on your credit for 7 years. There is a story written about a poor man who makes a deal with the Devil to wear a bearskin for 7 years without taking it off, and would be given infinite riches for the rest of his life. What is with this 7 year time frame? This is not a random number, for the Globalist Elitists Death Cult are obsessed with numerology and numbers, and base everything they orchestrate in this world around specific numbers. These marks on your credit truly are the mark of the beast.

Student loans are indefinitely on your credit until you die. “THEY” have passed laws that you cannot dispute student loans, they will haunt your credit score for eternity. The corrupt and flawed credit score system, is clearly designed to keep peoples credit scores low so when they try to buy something, if they actually qualify, will make the interest rates sky high. That is how it works. It takes years and years and years to move your credit score up into the perfection zone, where you can buy anything with low interest from a house to cars, boats, and yachts. Really who’s getting all the breaks here in America, surely not the average Joe. 

Obviously this hurts so many people, and after years and years and years of battling to clean up that credit score, we finally just threw in the towel, the ping pong match is a no win situation, a rigged system.

Then there is the build your credit score scam, where the only way to build up your credit score is through a credit card. Now do you think it is a good idea to give someone a credit card who has no credit, may not have very much money, and could be impulsive and unable to control their spending habits? It’s a recipe for disaster, and designed to put people in debt, with more bad credit to collect. The credit score system in America is the ultimate scam, leaving people damned. Those credit cards carry far more than meets the eye, they are programmed for people to fail not survive.

What is the solution to the credit score system. Take it out of the hands of the Global Elitist Death Cult who want it all for themselves, and give it back to the people. If a debt is disputed and won, remove the mark permanently and bump up the credit score. If a debt is paid in full remove the mark immediately and put a plus in the credit score. Why should the ugly mark on your credit have to stay on your record for 7 years if it is paid? If you have medical bills or student loans create laws that give people the opportunity to explain their situation and what happened, for these debts can be enormous and hinder one for the rest of their life.

If people set up payment plans take the mark off of their record, and give points for every payment made. Set up an easy system that give positive points for all household bills and rent paid. it’s quite simple on how to restructure the credit score system to benefit the people, but this is not what the Global Elitists want. They want you to struggle, pay sky high interest rates, pay high rents that they collect, default on your mortgage payment, so they can take your house and put you in debt. This is the system set up in America for the people by the United States Government, the government that pushes their polished, squeaky clean, shiny image of America The Great, onto the world, why the fat cats get fatter, the poor get poorer, and the middle class barely stay afloat and there is no life raft or boat.