In the early summer of 2014, I was driving alone from my condo on the waterfront, to go pick up some makeup at Nordstroms downtown, which was located directly across from Pioneer Square, Portland Oregon’s vibrant downtown gathering space since 1984.  “In the heart of downtown Portland, Pioneer Courthouse Square is the urban park at the center of events, community, and all things Portland. Every year, Pioneer Courthouse Square hosts more than 300 events that connect the city and its residents while functioning as the informal gathering space for long-time residents and guests alike. Whatever brings you to, or keeps you in Portland, you’re sure to find your bearings at Pioneer Courthouse Square.”

I was lucky enough to find a rockstar parking spot directly across from the square, and as I shut off my engine, opened my car door, and crossed over to the sidewalk, a mystical woman dressed in the traditional folklore style clothing of a Gypsy fortune teller appeared in front of me and began psychically reading my past present and future in a thick Spanish accent. She was dressed in an old fashioned peasant style skirt, and sandals, with an ornate shall draped over her shoulders. She began telling me of my struggles and strifes throughout my life, which I had encountered, and my success, which was supposed to happen, but things got in the way somehow. Her eyes lit up big and bright as she shared with me all that my life had been, was currently, and what was coming. She told me that my success should be, however there was a curse getting in the way. A curse that had been placed on my father, and entire family by somebody a long time ago. I was silent and present as she stood on the sidewalk in front of me and spoke. It was just like something you see in a movie. The witch asked for a donation for her psychic reading, and offered to remove the curse for an extra fee. I gave her my last twenty dollars that I had in my purse for her reading, and told her I would have to find an ATM to compensate her for her additional fee of removing the curse from me and my family. She offered to wait on the sidewalk, as I went to go hunt down an ATM machine. It was strange, but I could not seem to locate an ATM anywhere, or at least my eyes were not finding what I was looking for. I was pressed for time because I had to go to work later that evening at a downtown strip club, so this endless hunt had to be abandoned. I did not have a lot of extra money to spend, but this seemed like an exceptional deal of only sixty dollars for her to remove the curse on my life. Empty handed, I rushed back to where the witch was standing and asked if I could call her later and bring her some money to remove this terrible curse, however she did not have a phone or contact number, and claimed that she was staying with her brother and could not be reached. I apologized and told her that I had to go, and would have to suffer the consequences of not removing that damn curse when the opportunity arose! I walked to Nordstroms, bought the makeup I needed for work that evening, and drove home in silence. When I told Heather of my experience, Heather grabbed some extra cash we had in the drawer and said, “We have to find that witch!” We took the elevator to the bat cave, and drove our car back downtown, where we parked, and walked around looking for the witch, that was nowhere to be found. We went home defeated and were late for work, as if the curse had been activated.

Was this merely a coincidence, a chance meeting like something out of the Twilight Zone; this witch on the street, where we would randomly meet, placed there by God to save us from our cursed life, or did somebody with a Vendetta, hire her to find us and to plant the seed of doubt in our minds that our lives were indeed cursed and all of the bad things that had been occurring and were about to occur were because of this curse and nothing more?

In 2003, we contacted Charles Lago, Heidi Fleis’ publicist, who would become our publicist, and walk us step by step through how to start our own publishing company. Charles would also set up distribution and plan our publicity tour when our book was back from the printer.

Charles Lago gave us numerous resources, one being a book printing company in the USA, that printed Heidi Fleiss’ amazing leather bound book with a superior quality of print and design that you just didn’t see on most bookstore shelves.We used many of Charles Lago’s resources, and took his invaluable advice, as we created our, Porcelain Publishing, book company from start to finish to finish, which included; writing, editing, publishing, and printing our autobiography into a hardback book! 

Charles was also representing us as a publicist that we were paying, and asked us if he could place his Authors on Tour Logo inside of our book, which would give him another title under his belt, which was necessary for book distribution, because you had to have a certain amount of book titles printed in your publishing company in order for a distributer to pick up any of your books. We allowed Charles Lago to place his, Authors on Tour, stamp within the first few pages of our book, although he was not in anyway financially invested in our company. 

Charles Lago was offering his services to be our publicist and set up book distribution when our book was complete. This was before online shopping existed and Amazon was not a household name yet, therefore the bookstore market was how we were going to distribute our book, in 2005. 

Charles Lago had been deep into the political scene for years, representing various political figures, and was associated with Bill & Hillary Clinton, and occasionally had dinner with them. When we received our books off the printing press, Charles told us that he was going to have a few friends read our autobiography and give him their feedback. Whomever he had read our book said that our book had some serious legs! Yes these legs are long, lean, and can run very fast! Too fast apparently!

The independent book market collapses the same week our books arrived hot off the printing press, and one of the largest independent book distributors in the world, who were set to distribute all our gorgeous books, was now belly up leaving us with no outlet of distribution for the three thousand copies of our beautiful hardback books we had just printed, our masterpiece that we were so proud of, now just sat quietly on our living room shelf. 

While shooting on the set of Phantasmagoria, Marilyn Manson exclaimed, “I read your book in one sitting, and couldn’t put it down,” apparently he thought it was a real page turner, and absolutely loved it! Manson also made a comment stating that, he couldn’t believe we were not more famous, and that it just didn’t make sense with all of our talent that we had exhibited thus far in our career. It was a real compliment, such bold words, from one of our favorite artists of all time!

It had taken us two years to save enough money to print our hardback autobiography, and our goal was that this would be the first book that could grant us the success that we needed to start our own publishing company, which we entitled, “Porcelain Publishing,” where we had plans to sign other authors that may have a unique story to tell, stories that may veer off of the beaten path of the regular run of the mill book publishing industry. We think big and dream big, so spending thousands of our hard earned stripper dollars to propel our goals and dreams into motion was not even a question ever! We were going for the gold, but were met with fools gold in the end, and a pile of books organized and stacked perfectly in boxes in our once empty dining room, that we often used as a recording studio.

After touring non stop all across the United States and other parts of the world, and squirreling our money into an oak tree, until we had all that we needed to build our Porcelain Twinz empire, we would have to abruptly reroute or plans, and take the road less traveled, rather than the soft grassy path which would have lead us straight to the castle! 

During this book publishing debacle, we contacted Henry Rollins, a music legend in the punk rock scene that sings an awesome song called, “Liar,” that the two of us would turn up full blast whenever it played on the radio, who was also an independent author and published his own books. We had never met Henry Rollins, but with the internet at our fingertips, we reached out to him to ask for his advice since he was well versed in the independent book publishing industry. Henry was gracious enough to reply to our query, when we asked him if there was a solution to this devastating independent book market collapse. Henry informed us that we were lucky to have our actual physical books in our own hands, because everyone in the independent book market who had thousands of copies of their books on bookstore shelves around the world, did not get them back, and lost everything during the collapse. Henry also informed us that the independent book publishing industry was officially at a stand still, and everyone was just waiting to see what the next move on the chess board would be. He told us to just sit on our books and wait, so we did, and like the goose that laid the gold egg, we would have to wait, and wait, and wait for the exact, precise moment to appear before we could unleash our words onto the world.

Charles Lago was storing the majority our books in a storage unit in California, which we paid for monthly from 2005-2008. We would have a falling out in 2008, when we were in talks about going public with our book and doing a publicity tour. Charles had previously offered to get us on Oprah, Larry King, Conan O’brien, Chelsea Lately, and a slew of other late night talk shows, and mainstream media outlets. Charles said it would take him two months to put everything together for a tour, and we would have to pay him half to start and the other half at the end of two months. We created press kits and sent them to Charles, who would then send them out to media outlets. At the end of two months, we were in New York City performing at the most notorious and exclusive multi million dollar, Renaissance night club theater, that was riddled with celebrities on a nightly basis, when Charles Lago called us to inform us that no media outlets wanted to have us on their shows, and that we owed him the other half of his fee for the time he had taken to contact all the talk shows and send out our press kits 

We were shocked at the news, and did not know if Charles had even sent our press kits out to anyone. How would we know, we just had to take his word at face value, even though we had never met face to face. We argued with Charles that this seemed to be an unfair deal going on here, and that it was quite strange that not one talk show wanted to interview us. We were appalled that he would deliver a low financial blow, following such tragic news upon our sensitive ears, and demand his money regardless of the circumstances. We refused to pay him, stating that this was a crooked deal and that we would have been more than happy to settle the score if he would have delivered at least one interview somewhere…anywhere, but apparently nobody wanted to hear what our book had to say. The phone conversation was over, but Charles would continue to blow up our email inbox with his rage and a battery of insults that were shocking, stunning, and stung like an angry hornet on a rampage! Charles Lago informed us that he thought we were pathetic, and pitied us, and would keep the insults rolling on down the page with his fury. He continued hurling his insults throughout his email, and we were both left speechless at his cruel and unusual behavior and actions toward us. 

Charles then threatened to shred all of our books, which he had the vast majority of in his California storage unit. We threatened to sue him, and had all the email evidence and contracts, agreements with all of his of broken promises, and pie in the sky, bait and switch scams that he had pulled on us. After we threatened to sue Charles, if he shredded our books that we had worked so hard to finally print, the jerk reluctantly gave us the storage unit of where our books were stored, with a one week deadline to have them shipped to Portland. We swiftly called Charles Lago’s storage unit to arrange our precious cargo to be shipped to our beloved city of Portland Oregon. Charles Lago also decided to stick us with his $1200 past due storage unit ransom bill, which we had been paying already for a few years, up to that current moment. The storage unit forced us to pay the bill if we wanted them to ship out our books, even though the bill was not ours. We paid the ransom bill, and were overcome with a wave of relief when our books finally arrived to our city safe and sound. 

Prior to the book nightmare, Charles Lago would set up a distribution deal for our film, “The Masked Charade,” with Spin Art Records, a very well established record label out of New York City, that had artists such as the Pixies, which seemed like an honor! Spin Art would insist that we send them a copy of our master, then distribute our film all over the nation, Tower Records, Netflix, etc without giving us any paychecks. Spin Art Records would then file for bankruptcy when we attempted to sue them. We would never see a dime, and they are still receiving royalties from Netflix, which our movie is on. We don’t know where else Spin Art Records sold our art film, “The Masked Charade,” since they manipulated us to steal a copy of our master. Charles Lago in collaboration with Spin Art Records stole and sabotaged our film, “The Masked Charade.”

Could Charles Lago’s political connections and friendship with the Clintons have anything to do with our book and film never seeing the light of day and the collapse of the independent book market? Are the Clintons pulling the puppet strings behind Charles Lago’s evil actions toward us. Were the Clintons responsible for Blacklisting us in Hollywood and all over the world so that we could not be the next big Moguls, which we were destined to become. Did the Clintons not want the adult entertainment strip club industry slavery exposed? The strip club industry is an industry ran by criminals, slum lords, drug cartels, mafia, sex traffickers, and Satanists, and all things evil. Many drugs are trafficked, and sold through the strip club industry.

Would the Clinton Blacklist that we were now on lead to a cursed life with one horrific event after the next? Would the Clintons conspire with our most dangerous enemy who harbors an obsessive, psychotic Vendetta toward the destruction of our life, in a sick and twisted fantasy of what he could never have for himself. 

A so called Nashville Tennessee celebrity dentist destroys nearly all of our teeth and when we sue him, with all of the evidence of his massacre, we are forced to settle for a tiny amount that didn’t even put a dent in the overall cost of two years of full mouth reconstruction by a prosthodontist that we would have to seek out after the devastation. However, before we found our incredible prosthodontist, we would be injured by two more dentists that would compound our dental massacre in our mouths with even more damage. 

We believe that the Nashville judge was bought, and the lawyers were bought because a lawsuit of this magnitude and this type of malpractice, which we have details of in other reports should have been in the millions, however, we were only awarded the bare bones minimum amount that the insurance would cover, and they only counted us as one person, rather than two, so rather than having to pay each of us an insurance settlement, we had to split just one after lawyer fees. 

The amount was so small that it only covered a fraction of the $110,000 we would have to pay to reconstruct our teeth and restore our smiles, which did not include the nearly $20,000 we had already lost from dentist to dentist. We were lucky enough to find one of the best prosthodontists in the world outside of Seattle who would have to reinvent a new way to construct our teeth, due to the extreme damage that had been done. The doctor told us that he only saw this kind of damage in car accident victims, or war vets, and they would normally just rip out all the teeth and start over. He said that he did not want to do that to us, and after careful analysis and evaluation, invented a new way to put teeth on this kind of destruction. 

Our prosthodontist used state of the art, biocompatible dental materials that were not on the market yet, because he wanted to use the latest, and best advanced technology that he had access to, which would be so strong and durable, that our new teeth would last a lifetime, and we would not have to have them redone ever, unless a problem arose. The prosthodontist also asked our permission to conduct a case study of our dental massacre for his research and teaching, which he conducted all around the world. He would document our dental massacre and the the restoration he was going to perform in full detail. Our case was a very rare and unique situation for many reasons, due to the nature of the incident that had occurred, and the fact that we were twins. We of course granted this Angel, sent from God to save our smiles, permission to document every aspect of our tragedy that occurred in our mouths. This doctor reconstructed our teeth on a handshake deal, because we did not have insurance, or good enough credit for a loan. We diligently paid him every penny over the course of two years. We were very grateful, because most doctors do not do anything on handshake deal, but this, one of a kind, doctor did.

When we went to Nashville for litigation, we were told by the judge and lawyers that we would not win our case in a courtroom because we were in the adult entertainment industry, and we would be hung out to dry in a Nashville courtroom. The lawyers who had been working on our case for months, and taken our case on a contingency, refused to take it any further than the settlement. We had mountains of photographic evidence, before and after photos, written detailed reports on the discussions of the noninvasive procedure of the laminate veneers we were going to have done, the illegal drugging that rendered us semi-unconscious for hours, the woman that owned the dentist office, who was not a dentist and did half the procedure with tools and drills in our mouths, while the actual dentist did the other half, and much more proof that would have made this a slam dunk, but we were out of luck on this one. 

Hire a work for hire musician to work on our music. Pay him up front to deliver 12 songs. He took the money worked on 3 songs and quit the project. He showed up a week later outside of our condo building during an ice storm, as we were pulling into our underground parking garage. This person was with four other people completely masked and covered head to toe ANTIFA style with a screwdriver in his hand. Once they realized that we spotted them and were calling the police, they left. We alerted the security guard at the concierge desk of the incident, which was on camera.

Paid a website developer $10,000 over the course of many months to design our website, but he instead stole our money and designed nothing. We made this designer hard earned, hefty payments over the course of 6 months, which we slaved away in a strip club to save, and he stole every dime.

Our friend, who had designed our book, and we paid $3000 to design our website strung us along for a year with promises of progress and design, but never delivered the finished product. He designed a few graphic designs but the work we had hired him to do was unfinished.

Our condo that we had lived in for five years is sold out from under us and we are given 30 days to vacate or have the option to buy the $850,000 piece of real estate. We asked for an extension, and would have to be moved out by January 1st. 2015. 

We were very safe and protected in our gorgeous, state of the art floor to ceiling glass windows, high rise 8th floor condo palace, with armed security concierge and cameras everywhere. We paid a pretty penny for this palace, but when we began hunting for a new place to live, the Portland rents had sky rocketed to four times the normal price in a year, making a mediocre apartment the same price as our gorgeous condo, and five hundred square feet now $1500, while creating a homeless crisis in this high rent gouging epidemic that seized Portland Oregon, thanks to Boeing’s takeover of the Portland Oregon real estate market.

We decided since we could not find anything affordable that compared to the standards of living that we were accustomed to, we decided to store all of our belongings in a storage unit and travel the country in our Toyota FJ Cruiser, with plans to strip club hop from city to city until we found our pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and a city that we may want to live in. This would be a much different adventure for us, but nothing out of the ordinary, since early in our career we drove to Las Vegas often to work in the clubs there, since there was no money in Los Angeles when we were living there. We would be on our own, no agents booking us, no drivers picking us up, no security guards escorting us to the clubs. Just the two of us on an adventure looking for the next place that we might be able to hang our hat for a while, make a living, and start working on our real dreams of music, film, and our Fetish-Burlesque shows. 

This would be the beginning to our nightmare that would start as soon as we left the, “Walls of Verona,” which we called Portland. We would drive to Texas and get an apartment in Hill Country, hike on, the amazing “Enchanted Rock” for months, and drive two hours into Austin to work in strip clubs on the weekends. It started out fine, but we would soon be constantly followed, watched, and stalked by sex traffickers. After six months in Texas, and living in fear, we packed up our apartment and towed a little U-Haul trailer behind our FJ Cruiser to our next destination, which was Miami and Palm Beach Florida. We only stayed in Florida for few months, and stayed in crappy hotels and worked in clubs, before our Toyota FJ Cruiser got repossessed after Toyota refused a $70 short late payment of nearly $2000. Toyota claimed that we had to have every penny in order to avoid repossession, after we were left stranded in a hotel in Florida with no transportation and three Yorkies. We would rent a U-Haul for nearly $2000 to drive home. Ironic isn’t it. 

We would stop in California to work at some clubs, and while dancing a short time would meet somebody there who would offer to help us out financially so that we could work on our professional career, without dancing in the strip clubs. After thirty days of getting to know this person, we decided that it would be best to just go back to Portland and create our art there instead. Well this person was not happy with our decision to leave, and put us on a nice little bounty hunters list, however we think he was already hunting his bounty, which was us in the first place. This is where the most terrifying hunt truly began. We would be poisoned 10 different times, stalked constantly, nearly sex trafficked chased by MS13 gangs, ran out of all strip clubs by gangs, and nearly beat down, and murdered by gang bangers and hitmen. What a way to live! Just when we thought that Portland Oregon was a safe haven for us, and a city that we would be protected in, we realized that there was no escaping the hunters and killers, because it was a worldwide network working together to take down their target, and destroy and take over the city of Portland Oregon.

Our life had become one bad turn of events after the next. Every strip club we worked at we were bullied, gang stalked, hunted, poisoned by dancers, and taken off of the schedule over and over, it made no sense. We were well respected world famous performance artists, loved and embraced by our city, and were considered Portland Urban Legend. We were asked for autographs, photos, everyone loved us. This made absolutely no sense!

We bought a cleanse from a company in California and within 10 minutes of ingesting the cleanse, we became violently ill throwing up and unable to keep anything down. We couldn’t eat, drink or go to the bathroom. Three days of this and we realized that it wasn’t going to stop. We called an ambulance to take us to the emergency room and were in fatal condition by the time they got to us and rushed to the in the ICU for 3 days. This cleanse we had bough on the internet was poisoned with a deadly substance, and we were lucky to be alive. 

The really sweet doctor at the hospital told us that our organs and bodies were shutting down, and if we wouldn’t have come to the hospital when we did, we would not have made it through the night. They didn’t think we were going to make it through the night, by the time that they had finally made it to our number in the waiting room, and once they had us under their care, wanted us to stay longer than three days, but we did not have health insurance, and had to go home, and were ready and wanted to go home. The treatment at the hospital saved our lives, however we experienced some very severe side effects from the hospital IV therapy, and were having trouble walking. It was like our legs were not listening to our brains. We reversed the side effects very quickly of having trouble walking, and healed the needle gouges on on our arms from the intensive IV treatments very fast with an intense full body cleansing protocol that we have mastered and is very safe and effective for us. Within three days we were back to normal, walking, dancing, and feeling fine again. 

Gang stalked by MS13 gangs and reported it to the FBI out of New York and Portland police. We sent over 115 emails over the course of a few years to the FBI to try and stop the gang stalking and give information of what was happening to us. We filed numerous police reports and nothing was done. This would be the year our Yorkie Morgan was murdered. 

We are bullied, harassed and stalked by our unfriendly neighborhood. 

Everywhere we go we are met with hostility, anger, rudeness, and aggressively followed around grocery stores, pet stores, anywhere we go.

2018-2019: CYBER ATTACKS  
Two of our ecommerce companies are cyber attacked and destroyed. Constant Cyber Attacks. 

Our locker was broken into at our gym, and our water that we drank was poisoned. When we went to the emergency room for help, we were treated like criminals by the hospital staff. Feeling unsafe we came home to ingest some antidotes and recover from the deadly poison coursing through our veins. Two days later we were arrested from our home after Portland Police, and Project Respond, trespassed into our backyard, and hauled us off in ambulances to Providence hospital against our will and violating our civil rights, splitting us up and strapping us down with restraints on gurneys in front of all of our neighbors, and forced into ambulances. We were taken to Providence hospital and given forced IV treatment with sedatives against our will, with the use of the lethal weaponized law, Statute 426; Involuntary Commitment services, with the plan to lock us up for 180 days or more, and we believe to murder us and fry our brains. Our dogs were left alone for two days unfed without fresh water, before we were allowed to give our house key to a family member to take care of them. We were afraid we were going to come home to dead dogs. After raising Hell at the hospital, fighting them tooth and nail, and being as difficult as we possibly could be, threatening to sue them, and informing them that this was against our will and a violation of our civil rights, they finally let us out after 72 hours. Some of our hospital food smelled like urine and vomit, and was inedible. We did not sleep a wink, we just stayed awake for three days until this Hellish nightmare was over.

Cyber attacked inside of XFINITY home security hacked, our home entered, and our food poisoned.