The decriminalization of illicit drugs in the United States of America, would be detrimentally devastating to our country and is truly a war on the people and not for the people or by the people. Making illicit drugs legal, would make drugs easily accessible to children and drug addicted adults, and feed the already horrible drug epidemic America is in and has been in for many years.

The opioid epidemic is a prime example of how drugs can devastate a country. The prescription abuse of opioids is basically a form of legalized drugs prescribed by doctors, that has become so out of control, opioid users are now turning to heroin on the street. If heroin is legal, then this feeds the beast even worse than it already is, with no recovery in sight.

How on earth can anyone in their right mind with any commonsense think legalizing illicit drugs is a positive step in the right direction? This is absolutely not a solution, not an option, and anyone suggesting this has either not experienced drug addiction personally in their life, rather it be in the workplace or a family member, close friend, or homeless person on the street, or is out to destroy America. 

If illicit drugs were decriminalized, crime rates would skyrocket, and the degradation of the human being and human spirit, would be on the great decline. America will become a society of sociopaths, mentally ill and homeless people, which is where it is already headed. I pray to God that we have someone running for the Presidency who is a humanitarian with America and the World as a collective in mind, because the destruction of America is a destruction of the World. We must become a society free of dependency on drugs, and reprogram the American people with health and wellness, positivity, put forth the right message to our youth and change direction completely of where it has gone for so long, which is down the drain. We are all responsible for lifting America into the right direction, leading by example, for a society full of healthy, prosperous people, full of energy, love, and joy, will send a message across the world. Being healthy is the new cool everyone, we need to go that way.

We are in support of legalizing Industrial hemp, which has been wrongfully classified as a drug, and is an amazing resource with an abundance of options for a multitude of products that would boost the economy and change the World for the better. This should not be used as a tool to manipulate the decriminalization of illicit drugs. They are completely separate and have no relation to one another. We are also avid supporters of cannabis as medicine and believe CBD has very powerful medicinal effects that need further research and development, as well as the extensive research of all elements of cannabis as medicine.

When politicians are asked questions, it is of great importance to give honest, to the point, straight forward answers, and not beat around the bush with B.S. America has no time for the runaround. We need honesty, integrity, and truth, with real concrete answers, our future depends on honesty.

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