A light bulb went off in my mind, connecting the dots that someone else finds, apparently at the bottom of the ocean on shallow floors, in the reefs lie beautiful Coral.

Most of us haven’t really given it too much thought, to adopt a Coral could be so importantly significant. The beauty of nature and how everything is connected, that is the dire importance of balance and protection, for this underwater ecosystem characterized in colonies, are responsible for fifty percent of the Earths Oxygen. These calcium carbonate coral reefs, help everything on the Planet breathe, so how long can you hold your breath, without the Coral reef Mother Earth would be dead.

It appears that Oxygen deficiency is heavily on the rise, environmental catastrophes and record breaking forest fires, is someone doing this intentionally, let’s tally it up shave the wool off the fleece, let’s crunch some numbers investigate, all of these questions unanswered mustn’t wait.

All the litter in the sea, is contaminating the air we breathe, microplastics kill ocean life, covering 71 percent of the Earths surface. Strange how we have neglected the Coral Reef, thank God the deep sea divers are not fast asleep. I think they know what time it is, and that Mother Earth’s clock is quickly ticking. Coral Reefs, algae and the trees all provide Earth’s oxygen we breathe.


Do we want to take a dark trip, do you think there are any accidents, that the trees are being slayed, oceans filled with trash for days, air quality unbearable in certain parts of the World, absolutely insane amounts of environmental pollution, all of these problems have multiple solutions, blocked by insidious Globalist agendas.

What happens when we contaminate all of our land, and can no longer grow our food with our own hands, for we have poisoned all of our water and soil, all in the name of fracking for oil, where we have to import everything from foreign countries, nothing grown on American ground it’s too unsafe for consumption.

This happened to China who cannot produce crops to feed their population, their earth is filled with lethal heavy metal toxins. Much of their goods are imported from Russia, they have friendly relations and land that is trusted. Russia’s strict guidelines with no GMO’s, you can bet there are no dissolved human corpses. Dehydrated corpse mixed with human waste, Biosludge fertilizer promise you won’t taste. This is where the World must draw the line, on dead bodies forced cannibalism in the food supply.

Is anyone thinking it’s not even that far ahead, clean soil, water, air is not too much to ask for revolutionary alternatives. New innovations in green technologies are the way of the future, we should be ahead of everybody instead we rest on our laurels, as we continue to focus on what we have always done, but what about the birds and bee’s, the slow kill of Mother Nature and the humans.

These oversights in public safety regulations, factions of government governed by Satan. Why was Evil Monsanto allowed to change the name, of deadly Agent Orange used in Vietnam? This cancer causing chemical sprayed on all the farms, seeping into the layers of the Earths crust, that ends up in the food supply and environment, their Roundup found everywhere there’s no escaping saturation.

A euphemism for everything in their dark Satanic World, they have the inability to ever tell the truth. What about the chemtrails they tried so hard to deny, to kill the Sun, deplete Oxygen, and ultimately kill God and the amazing blue sky.

China has paid the price and learned a severe lesson and now they focus on future clean innovations. We really should be jumping on this future band wagon, it’s going to be lucrative the markets is wide open.

As we pollute the Earth for the sake of monolithic corporations, who have no real plans to ever make changes. We have creative genius ingenuity, there are no excuses for not exploring every possibility. To Allow new ideas to be manifested, for restoring the environment back to pristine magnificence.

I don’t think waiting will sit well with the people, we are looking into World Peace and clean Earth must replace all this Evil. This is the reality of our existence the proof is in the doing, the facts have been proven, sadly this will be humanities undoing, We must change this course swiftly we are innovative with omnipresent abilities, infinite intelligence has access to human beings.

We have become awakened to the bizarre truth they are trying to kill us off, there are no excuses for this negligence. Through advanced technology and highly advanced science, it’s the most amazing time to be alive. Don’t you think that they know this or are they in denial, that they have been caught in their eugenicist desire.

We know who the rats are let’s put them in a cage it’s that pesky Global Elite Death Cult, at it once again, that show you everything hidden in plain view, they even make movies with still frames of you.

An open letter to the President of the United States Donald J. Trump from Abp. Carlo Maria Vigano Oct. 30, 2020

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