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There was a moment when we were working at Union Jacks one the first and oldest strip clubs in Portland Oregon, and a strip club that we had only worked at a few times in the 21 years of stripping, but had now become our only option. The deal with strip clubs, is each club is so vastly different than another club, and oftentimes dancers go from one club to the next, until they find the right fit. Union Jacks was always a really hard hustle, you would sink or swim or get eaten by the sharks at Union Jacks. When trying out a new club, there is always a period of acclimation, and finding the rhythm of the club. If you can tune your dial into the vibrational frequency of the club you are at, you can make money.

Sometimes it is impossible to find the tuning fork, and you will leave warped and empty handed, but we were pretty good with honing into the energy and harnessing it for lucrative gains, because it’s all about the money in these places, it’s the only reason any of us are there. We are in this space to make a living and survive. The sudden rise of astronomical rents and cost of living that began to occur in Portland Oregon that began in 2010 and would sky rocket by 2014, creating a homeless epidemic where many family were had no options and were living under bridges and on the streets with their pets, so we were fortunate enough to have a means of income to survive.

Whenever women go to a new club on the first night, the first thing they do is call in their top regular. The regulars know their dames are in distress if they are trying out a new club, and as loyal supporters and patrons show up to create the first pattern of money. The dancer will do this on multiple nights, to create the money mojo, a frequency is emanated within the dancer, and she can generate more money after that. It might be a dud club, where she will make no money at all and will have to move on, but regulars are what help sustain women in this industry and all of ours were stolen.

When we finally hit our stride at Union Jacks, we would start making money consistently. We knew we only had about two months before it would end, because this seemed to be an emerging pattern wherever we went. At the two month mark “they” would figure out where we were at, and send in their bounty hunters, sex traffickers, hitmen, gangsters, gangster strippers, and run us out. They would send over their Satanists to walk around the building cursing it, and use what we believe was some sort of 5G electromagnetic frequency weapon attack, which felt like a dense, heavy magnet of doom and gloom. When this frequency occurred everyone in the building could feel it, and took notice. All of the dancers were asking “what is that feeling!” Even the customers commented on the vibe, and would not stick around for very long. This invisible weapon killed the money, no one would spend when this happened, and we had experienced this many times before at other clubs we worked at. This seemed to be a way to completely stop customers from coming in, for people who go out to have a good time, look for feel good energy and atmosphere. People are tuned into energy and vibrations naturally even if they are not consciously aware of it, so when a really awful, sinister frequency is being directed at a building as an invisible weapon attack to completely stop any good energy from emanating, there will be no business. This is what we experienced over and over. Who has this technology? Where is it coming from? Who is doing this?

Union Jacks would be the last place we were ran out of, with no alternatives anywhere left in Portland for us. Our life had been put at stake over and over on a nightly basis by even walking foot into a strip club, and we did not want our legacy, which at this point had nearly been erased and forgotten, to be another statistic of a stripper tragedy, death on a strip club floor. Strippers being murdered by other strippers was now a common occurrence in Portland Oregon and was unheard of in the past, for strippers always had a camaraderie. Even though the stripping game is dog eat dog, for the most part we were all respectful of one another, followed the unspoken rules of stripper etiquette, and avoided violence and confrontation with other dancers at all costs. We were all professionals, here to make a living, not mark our turf, call it our territory, and run out all the competition, turning the profession into a heist, by wrongfully charging and scamming customers, or stealing regulars right out from under another dancer. These unspoken rules would be trampled on and the industry would go from a profession of adult entertainers, to brothels filled with prostitutes, pimps, and gangs, running out anyone who dared get in their way of their takeover of the strip club industry. Dancers would sell lap dances with drugs and sexual services, and this would be accepted by those who owned and operated the industry.

This would be done all over Portland, and as all the old school dancers quit the industry, the new millennial and younger generations would be indoctrinated into the norm of prostitution and unethical practices toward customers. One of our long time regulars referred to the new strip club industry as “stripper extortionists.” Women hanging upside down from stripper poles, walking on the ceiling with stiletto hills making $500 a night would walk out with $5 or in the hole, the entertainer now unable to compete with the prostitutes.
In the old school days of Portland you could not put a stripper in the same room as a “lingerie model” without a cat fight, hair being pulled and strippers rolling around on the the dressing room floor with these whores.

The Lingerie modeling, industry was the name used for what we all referred to as, “Jack Shacks.” Jack Shacks, are establishments where customers can pay for a sexual service. Lingerie modeling business’ are all over Portland Oregon, and you can feel the negative, satanic, vibration when you drive by them, which are there to lower the vibrational frequency of the city.Jack Shack’s are usually small and intimate, with around 4 girls on a shift and the customer has all the power to pick the girl of his choice, to go into a room behind closed doors, where the customer has the option to take off all of his clothes and hang them on a hanger, while the “lingerie model” puts on a show for him. The laws at one time were the lingerie model could not sexually service herself, until the customer pleasured himself first. A very strange law, but as we know in current time in Portland the law doesn’t really matter in any of these places, everyone is doing whatever they want, with no repercussions.
When the customer is finished, the lingerie model receives a tip, which may be all that she receives from her service for the house takes whatever the customer paid up front, and the customer does not have to leave a tip at all, it is not required. The show lasts 30 minutes unless he paid for an hour or more, and the lingerie model has to clean up the mess with towels, rubbing alcohol spray and do the laundry.

Lingerie Modeling, was not an industry that strip club industry dancers ventured into, and there was a great divide between the two professions, for lingerie modeling operations were always being busted for prostitution.

Fast forward to 2017, and prostitution is now the norm within the strip club industry in Portland Oregon and all over the nation, and danger lurks around every corner for now the gangs, pimps and prostitutes had infiltrated our industry, and there would be no money left for us.

We had wanted out of the strip club industry for years, which is why we wrote our book in 2005, with the hopes of becoming iconic moguls, self made millionaires. We had our sights set high for our branding expansion of books, film music, health and wellness and whatever else we could dream up. But as one roadblock and obstacle came after the next, it appeared that the corporate political machine running the book publishing and the entertainment industry had no plans of letting us in. In 2009 when our image, likeness, music, choreography, and Porcelain Twinz brand was stolen over and over by famous designers and celebrities, we made a decision that we were going to go underground until we could go head to head with the Monster Thievery Machine.
We had no idea it would take a decade, and as the evolution of ecommerce and the internet gained momentum for the up and coming entrepreneur, with no alternatives left in the strip club industry, we delved into our ecommerce research, to see how we could develop our company and brand expansion.
We spent nearly a year studying many ecommerce entrepreneurs, their success’ and failures, and hours and hours of in depth research, would plant the seed for us to create an entirely new brand that would have never existed without this experience. The seed of an equivalent advantage would be our creation of Salvador Likes It, and the reinvention of our Porcelain Twinz brand, steering away from the adult industry an industry we were in to get rich, but as we unearthed the truth and lies remained broke. Our own evolution would emerge and the many years of knowledge and research we had been saving for our health company would instead be immersed and merged into Porcelain Twinz brand. Our vast arsenal of knowledge that we had been compiling since 2002 we would now begin to share in 2019, the timing chose us, and we have only hit the tip of the iceberg on all of our health information we are going to reveal to help people heal and better themselves and look younger. We would work on developing our Salvador Likes It brand and recraft our Porcelain Twinz brand for the ecommerce boom!

Our despair and desperation to find a way out of the strip club industry had finally appeared, and we would learn web design and find all kinds of new resources available to entrepreneurs that had never existed before, enabling us to grow and develop our brands on a very thin budget. Developing our own websites would give us all of our power back that had been stolen, for we had been ripped off over and over until we nearly gave up. We were taking or power back, and the hours and hours of hard work every single day, are now filled with love, and gratitude for what we are creating, has ignited our souls full of hope, and the possibility to fulfill our dreams once again and become independently wealthy.

There was a moment as we sat in the dark, dank red light of the Union Jacks strip club, at the age of 42, where we would see the depth of vision of our future flash before our eyes. Our future unfolding a hypnotic rhythm as explained by Napoleon Hill, as a permanent pattern in one’s life that cannot be broken, becoming fixed and permanent. We had wondered if our life in the strip club had become a permanent, fixed, hypnotic rhythm and if we were going to be stripping until the day we died, for we were a novelty act and the thing about novelty acts, is age enhances the anomaly. We could be the freak show at 90 years old, on a stripper pole, if we did not make the conscious decision and effort to change it. This was enough to scare the Hell right out of us, and the paralysis of fear would have to be overcome by focus and determination to dig our way out of this living Hell and torment.

We hadn’t fulfilled our life’s purpose that was revealed to us in 2008 during our Quantum Leap Awakening, where we saw the future far in advance. Much of our visions has happened and is happening as we speak. We were given our purpose, which would be to awaken the youth and the masters. We knew we could accomplish this through music and cinema, because that was our calling we gravitated to.

We had always been the cool kid, the in crowd, ahead of our time, and knew how to positively relate to the youth. We loved teenagers, and had an affinity for our niece and nephew who would enter our life more prominently, around the delicate age of eleven to thirteen years old. At these ages, you can shift any kid from dark to light, if given the right information and guidance. We had done this with our niece, and nephew. We knew that this was the time to steer kids on the right path, which would lead to the future of the rest of their lives. That is what our coach did for us. He got a hold of us at the age of eleven, and because of him, he built the foundation of discipline to the rest of or life and to this very moment. Awakening the youth is one of the most important mission on the earth, for they are the future.

As we reflect on all paths blocked and stolen, it all comes down to this moment in time and the divine order of the cosmic universe and why we really came here. The Time Is Now.