It appears that all conflicts and wars all over the world are always over oil, and of course U.S. Government tyrants trying to dictate and control it all. As important as oil is to energy, the future of new energy must be explored. We think that Industrial Hemp can save our world, and we hope the world starts to head in this direction, for the roots of hemp can heal the soil and remove contaminants, replace pesticides acting as a natural pesticide, be generated as Biomass fuel, plastics as strong as steel, food, clothing, the list goes on. It’s cheap and easy to grow, and all of the propaganda against it has been to control the planet, making it appear that there are limited resources in regard to oil. Those who control the oil control the world.  

As tainted as the Green New Deal and Global Warming have marked environmental trends so negatively, their are practical and real common sense solutions toward the repair of our environment, and according to Sadhguru, if we do not begin to turn our environment around NOW, while it is still at a turning point, we are going to be in for a long hard road out of hell. Honestly if we don’t turn it around now, there may be no turning it around at all.

So while the U.S is bombing the Middle East to the stone age, and the truth of the well thought out long term plans to all of this death and destruction has been revealed, thanks to David Icke, and the powerful alternative media sources, the awakening forces on this earth are shifting the vibrational energy of the entire cosmic universe. Everyone can feel the energetic shift, it’s a very exciting time to be alive as the positive resonate energy of the truth takes over the dark shadow that has been looming for decades, and the world consciousness is striving toward Peace and Prosperity, which is where all the power lies. Empower and enrich every country and the people, and we will all be set free.

There are infinite solutions to all of the crisis occurring on our planet, and the first step is to stop creating the crisis, and suppressing the solutions. The multitude of problem solving solutions that can be implemented on our earth are vast, and there are many people hiding their ideas for fear of being murdered and their innovations buried, which has what the formula has been for the Global Elitist Death Cult ruling this world reigning death, destruction, mayhem, and chaos.

The people on this earth are genius, and the human potential that has been stifled, must now start coming to fruition. Cures for cancer and all disease, solutions to superbugs, environmental breakthroughs to clean up the earth from the soil, air, food, water and ocean, to alternative forms of energy and fuel. There is so much growth that must blossom from all of those chomping at the bit to unleash their own inner genius, from the wise ones to the up and coming generations who are going to blow all of our minds if they are not put into restrictive cages of suppression. It’s time for humanity to express itself to the fullest extent and come together as a beautiful world to share ideas and innovations, so we can grow in the right direction, because if these steps are not taken there is no future, for The Future Is Now.