The IMF and World Bank set up the World beautifully, only to fulfill their needs, countries signing over the deeds. This is covert and total enslavement, of many foreign government agents, who do their work through corruption, to make sure the system runs smooth with no disruptions.

What is the World Bank and IMF do, they loan money to countries and make them follow their rules, stipulations that must be strictly adhered to, or else severe punishment will be inflicted with wounds.

They call these austerity measures, for the betterment of the people, that in the end leaves countries broken, the people suffer they pretend not to notice.

It’s all a part of their Satanic Cult, to make the people suffer and remain broke, this Evil feeds off of the negative energy, vampires that work in the system of banking.

A debt trap that will last for many years, that sucks countries in who are scrambled in fear, due to a sudden unexpected crisis, they will be their to help with auditors who will decide this.

Anything from natural disasters, hurricanes, and famine, even pandemics, They will come in to help ease the burden, they will decide the fate of your future. They will help reorganize your government, they have picked out their perfect puppets, this is what they do best, does anyone trust the World Bank and IMF?

Whatever you need, they’ve got you covered, bombs and wars, accidental explosions. Any disaster you can imagine, the IMF and World Bank are soon to be your Masters.

Sovereignty is lost with the IMF pages, of rules for your government this is covert enslavement, and the IMF will help out at all costs, nothing more than banksters and robbers who will balance the loss.

As long as the IMF tactics continues to rape the land, people, and governments through their practice, there can be no World Peace, for this is an impossible status. They are the problem posed as the solution, it is all their masterful illusion, it’s time to read between the lines and rid the World of this corrupt evil lies.

It’s time for great reforms in our financial institutions, everything must be reborn with real practical solutions. The people have had enough there must be change, for nobody wants a brutal hard life we want the road to be paved.

We’ve had enough of the corruption and collusion, the world in disarray and so much pollution. We the people and the World must unite, into peace and harmony no more wars and ideological fights.

The key to World Peace is economic prosperity, to share the wealth with everybody, not just the few that are controlling the many.

Now about the few destroying the many it’s been over several centuries. The time is now to take the bull by the horns, the Devil has ruled the Earth into chaos, war torn and scorn. It’s them against us good must prevail, the World has had enough of this living hell.


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