The IMF and World Bank are two peas in a pod, working together on all of their plots. The IMF a deal with the devil, if you sign the dotted line, you allow them to meddle, into your affairs your sovereignty sold, was it worth the price for their fools gold? A game of tick tack, for the fat cat, your interests are not their plan of attack, and you’ll never be up to bat.

With more X’s than O’s with so many woes, I guess that’s just the way it goes. The loss of sovereignty through so called democracy, their disguised ideology through rules of austerity, where all roads lead to poverty and disparity.

The IMF rules are by design, they decimate economies it happens time after time, is anybody reading between the lines, the IMF policies create demise.

Gut your industry shrink your bureaucracy, weaken the state, create instability, is anyone using common sense, for this is absolute nonsense, that will not leave anyone with one red cent. The IMF is a trick, designed to keep countries poor and enrich, those who control everything, operating as always behind the scenes.

How World Bank & IMF Plan to “Dismantle” Ukrainian Economy 2014

Ukraine on Fire | Trailer | Documentary | Oliver Stone | Maidan, Crimea, Putin, U.S. interference

In order to take over a country you first have to take over their government, last I checked no one wants to give up this power, this is where Regime Change Wars became the US’s answer, to every problem they created the solution, replace the dictator ruler that they are accusing.

Start the information war slander the target throughout the World, this how they would gain public approval, for the acceptance of what was the next step in their plan, a coup d’état would be how they took over the Ukraine Government. To then create a civil war within the country, and everyone would punish and blame Russia. It’s unbelievable what they have gotten away with, the World Bank U.S. Deep State, and the IMF.

Joe Biden went into Ukraine directly after the coup in 2014, signaling his involvement as well as a leaked phone call of Victoria Nuland who references Joe Biden’s involvement. In 2014 a coup d’état in Ukraine played out in full force with the help of ‘Atta Boy’ Joe Biden United States Vice President at the time, and Coupe cooperator, corrupt United States career politician of 32 years, Victoria Nuland.

In a damning phone call that went viral, which is indisputable solid evidence, of the United States Government very well thought out and planned coup put into play at the hands of Victoria Nuland and Joe Biden in Ukraine.

Corrupt career politician Victoria Nuland has never been investigated or prosecuted for her crimes in Ukraine, and is roaming free, writing nasty articles about Vladimir Putin, and spinning propaganda in 2020, free as a bird. This is a prime example of criminals high up in the echelons of the United States Of America’s Deep State Government, organizing horrific Regime Change wars through highly organized, well planned out in advance, Shadow CIA coups, heavily funded by the U.S. government and their foreign conspirator collaborators, using the Ukrainian people as weapons and as sacrificial sheep for the Global Elites Death Cult to take over the country of Ukraine, all for Victoria Nuland and friends own personal gains.While career criminal politicians operate above all laws, serving their masters of the New World Order – One World Government agenda, thinking they will never be caught, for they are operating at the tippity top.

All of these career politicians in the United States Of America’s government, all think they have a free pass, for being such obedient servants to their Masters for the New World Order- One World Government agenda that they have been pursuing their entire political career. For Victoria Nuland 32 years, for Joe Biden nearly 50 years. These are just a few examples of the U.S. Deep State Global Elites operating above all laws.

You can see why the law does not apply to them, because they have been operating beyond all laws with no borders, taking orders from the top of the pyramid, their entire career, which has thus far given them immunity for all of their crimes.

Most likely there are more crimes than just the ones that have been leaked, because anyone who is this smooth and confident to overthrow a government as Victoria Nuland appears to be, is not a rookie. This is not her first rodeo, in her Ukraine theater of war. Most likely she’s been operating behind the scenes, discretely, unnoticed when overthrowing regimes. Her high ranking resume says it all, she’s climbed her way to the top, her heinous crimes for the Cabal.

Victoria Jane Nuland (born July 1, 1961) is the former Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs at the United States Department of State.[2] She held the rank of Career Ambassador, the highest diplomatic rank in the United States Foreign Service.[3] She is the former CEO of the Center for a New American Security, (CNAS), serving from January 2018 until early 2019, and is also the Brady-Johnson Distinguished Practitioner in Grand Strategy at Yale University, and a Member of the Board of the National Endowment for Democracy.

VICTORIA NULAND: “So on that piece Geoff, when I wrote the note [US vice-president’s national security adviser Jake] Sullivan’s come back to me VFR [direct to me], saying you need [US Vice-President Joe] Biden and I said probably tomorrow for an atta-boy and to get the deets to stick. So Biden’s willing.”

Nuland-Pyatt leaked phone conversation COMPLETE with SUBTITLES 2014

Rada FINALLY Sits Up and Notices US Looting Ukraine, Opens Investigation of Hunter Biden! 2019

“Look at What They Did to My Boy!” – Joe Biden Working Overtime to Save Son From Investigation!

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Vladimir Putin CRUSHES George Soros For All Western “Leaders” To See

Joe Biden is a corrupt, criminal, career politician that has been operating within the United States of America’s government, for nearly 50 years, with no accolades to his name. Joe Biden’s arrogance is on clear display and his crimes are caught on camera for millions of people all over the world to view and judge, as he openly brags about the power he has to withhold aid, [bribe money], to get what he wants from the government of Ukraine.

Joe Biden has overstepped boundaries with the Ukraine government and his power over the the Ukraine President Poroshenko at the time of his involvement in Ukraine are obvious and a bit shocking, as Joe Biden sits himself at the head of the table in the seat that belongs to the Ukrainian President, signaling to everyone who’s running the show in Ukraine, and who wears the pants!

What is going on here? Why is the entire Ukraine government giving standing ovations to Joe Biden? Who’s pockets is Joe Biden lining? The entire Ukrainian government? This is a shameful abuse of power over another country for the U.S. political agenda within the country of Ukraine. Ukraine is not a free country it has been hogtied by the U.S. Deep State Government who controls it’s every movement in the shadows.

Joe Biden is in compliance and an accomplice to the 2014 Ukraine Coup, a devastating event, that has torn the country of Ukraine apart, funding, arming and inciting a civil war, while Obama and Biden during their administration, openly and publicly supported Fascism in Ukraine.

The intention to bankrupt Ukraine while raping and pillaging the land, while killing innocent civilians is still in 2020 playing out.

Joe Biden is just another example of the Global Elite Neocons operating illegally within our United States Government with no respect for the rule of law for it has not applied to them in decades, which is why our country is in the disparaging shape it is in right now.

The Democrats went after Trump because Joe Biden was about to be investigated for his criminal activity in Ukraine. Joe Biden publicly incriminated himself on camera, which has been witnessed by millions of people all over the World! The hypocrisy of the democrats who are not for the people and have waged a war on America to try to hold onto their power and bury their crimes.

We don’t even know the full extent of Joe Biden’s criminal activity he thus far has gotten away with. Joe Biden’s direct involvement in the overthrow of the Ukraine Government for his own personal enrichment is obvious, for Joe Biden went into Ukraine directly after the coup in 2014, and began making business deals through his son Hunter Biden and one of the most corrupt oil companies in Ukraine.

They did this to the Soviet Union in the 90’s, ripped it to pieces this is US democracy, and Ukraine faces a similar scenario, they made Russia your enemy so your flying solo. From the outside looking in its so obvious, the US has corrupted your country, took over your government. I wonder how long Ukraine will put up with this, because everybody hates the Global Elite One Percent.

Joe Biden is a carrier criminal politician running for the United States Presidency a puppet of the Deep State Shadow Government a stand in for whoever they want to replace him with. He has no cognitive function and should not be eligible to even be in the running, and people all over the World are witnessing this as the democrats make a mockery of the United States Of America.

Joe Biden set the stage for the raping and pillaging of Ukraine, all events had been put in place to keep politicians out of the way, stuff their pockets in far off banks, while the Global Elites go about their business.

Putin: Russians and Ukrainians are one nation with practically no differences JULY 27, 2017

Ukraine Sells Out! Western Banks Now Own the Land, Prepare to Sell It Off to IMF and George Soros! NOV 2019

VESTI NEWS: “Thousands of people came up to the parliament to protest because of amendments to the law on the free purchase of agricultural land. It’s the IMF that demands the Kiev should open the land market, even for foreigners, but the opposition is strongly against it, and made it clear not only in the city street but also in the Rada itself, where the MPs virtually disrupted the session. 

UKRAINE MP: “If we allow the purchase of land now and they take it from us, they’ll just throw in all the trash that they can’t put anywhere, like we’re some third-world country, like Honduras.”

UKRAINE FOR LIFE OPPOSITION PLATFORM: “If you want to sell something, explain why. What will the people of Ukraine gain? Because they first sold plants and factories in the 1990s, and now nobody has either. That’s alright, let’s sell the land now!”

VESTI NEWS: “Zelensky’s bill, according to which anyone can buy a piece of Ukraine almost the size of two Kievs, is publicly criticized even by his own father.”

ZELENSKY’S FATHER: “200 thousand hectares (772 sq. miles). An enormous area! I told Vova that I don’t like it.” 

Putin: If America Wants To Help Ukraine Let Them Give Real Money And Not Send IMF Banksters! DEC 2019

VESTI NEWS: “The issue of the sale of land seems to ultimately split the country. Foreigners already control over 8 million hectares (20 million acres) of Ukrainian black soil. After the law is adopted, as Western bankers [IMF Banksters] demand Ukrainian farmers risk losing their last lots. But Zelensky’s previous promises no longer leave him any room to maneuver.” 

VESTI NEWS: “Farmers protest and demand that a bill on the sale of Ukrainian land be blocked. An open land market is the IMF’s requirement, and Zelensky has to fulfill it to get another billion. The president tried to explain that they’ll consult with the people, but not before passing the bill in the first reading.”

UKRAINE FOR LIFE LEADER: “Opposition Platform That Refused To Vote For Land Laws: “I’d like to say to all of the representatives of the IMF, George Soros, who’s sticky fingers reach out for Ukrainian land, you’ll get s**t, not Ukrainian land. Got it? I can translate for those who do not speak Russian.”

VESTI NEWS: “Zelensky promised the West to put up Ukrainian land for sale, and no protests will stop him.”

Kiev: Thousands Protest Against Massive IMF Sell-Off! Opposition MPs Take Fight Inside The Rada! DEC 2019

Has the IMF Annexed Ukraine? FEB 2015

Who In Ukraine Will Benefit From An IMF Bailout? 2014

The IMF are predators looking for countries with deeds, who are desperate and willing to suite the needs, all for the sake of the IMF greed. War torn, in chaos and utter ruins, they created the problem and present the solution, bombed and attacked conflicts have been brewing, do you now see that the coup d’état served their purpose.

The IMF will help you out of jam with loan sharks from Goldman and Sacks, who split the profits from the sweat of the working class, don’t worry at all if you can’t pay us back, we have our eye on the Ukrainian soil that is rich and black, we heard you had oil, and noticed you have many trees, you have the perfect plots where we can plant our GMO seeds. They’ve picked the land out for Monsanto, courtesy of the evil George Soros.

Who are those that benefit from these IMF deals, those in the West looking to steal, whatever they can get away with they take, they want to annex the Ukrainian land this is what’s at stake, for they all have a very nefarious plan, Ukraine and Russia will never make amends, this is according to the West who are your friends, only looking out for Ukraine’s best interest.

There are 10 to 12 Kleptocrat billionaires running Ukraine, who bow to their Masters for their own personal gains. They funnel their cash in banks offshore, these are the Ukrainian Kleptocrats igniting the civil war, for their own benefits and fiscal rewards.

They must keep everyone at odds, this is the formula for their government fraud. Ukrainians must hate Russians that’s what they say, but the people are not benefiting in any way. Providing the civilians now soldiers with arms, with boots on the ground the death toll raises the alarm. Civilians and children, elderly and poor has anyone stopped to think who this war is really for? Have they brainwashed and indoctrinated the Ukrainians to accept, fascism and to kill every Russian?

Who’s responsible for Ukrainian and Russians to hate each other, Vladimir Putin says their like kindred brothers. Who fomented so much remorse, who’s the beneficiaries of this discourse. They’ve lead you down the path of divide, rule and conquer, how many more years can Ukrainians and Russians take slaughter and suffer? Slaughter each other until no one’s stands, then Ukraine will just be vacant land. Can’t you see this is what they want, you’ve played into their hands and what’s done is done, but it’s not too late to turn the tide, take the high road and unite.

Putin: Any Integration Of Russia And Ukraine Would Lead To The Emergence Of A Global Rival For West FEB 2020

While the laws of the United States of America and International Law have not applied to Joe Biden, Victoria Nuland, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, George Soros, and all the other evils of the World trying to destroy humanity, we can see by the state of the World, and that law and order must be restored throughout the World, protecting the sovereign rights of every country, respecting their history and cultures. The importance of sovereign rights being protected by international law must be restored, for those who have continuously broken it with the intent to destroy the global stability of the World are damaging the fate of humanity.

International law and the international community must come together in harmony and agree upon a set of rules that will be adhered to by everyone that are applicable to the modern world as well as respect the history and cultures of all countries throughout the World. International laws have been the foundation to global security throughout the World. May the international community come together and agree upon international laws that will benefit the World and humanity as a whole, and that is respected and adhered to by everyone, without corruption and totalitarian authority manipulating international law from the inside, for their own political objectives and benefits this corruption must be eliminated, for with no rule of law we as humans beings will all cease to exist, it’s now that obvious, law and order is vital to the survival of the modern World and humanity.

The 2014 coup d’état in Ukraine set the stage for coups throughout the World. It’s very strategic what is taking place on a global scale, for the patterns of colour revolution have appeared, and the complete understanding of what a colour revolution is has been fully exposed. The people and governments understand that this is the new covert war on target country governments that oppose the New World Order – One World Government, and who cannot be controlled by the United States Of America Deep State Government, who has been setting their own rules for their own benefit, calling all the shots throughout the World.

The horrific bloody coupe that played out in Ukraine, would be the solid foundation blueprint used for coupes around the World, which have been set off like a wildfire since 2014, and propelled into fast forward in 2020! We are witnessing World Wide coups, this is not a coincidence, for the only way the Global Elite’s can take over the World with their New World Order – One World Government, is to have control of all governments throughout the World, overthrowing anyone who they can not control and operate for their agenda.

The Globalists must have all of their puppet governments put in place throughout the World who will obey and serve the enslavement of humanity, and their is one ruling class where there is the rich and the poor, nothing more.

Many of the Post Soviet Union Countries have been targeted for coup d’état in an attempt to make all of Russia’s neighbors who were once part of the Soviet Union their enemy, and weaken those target post Soviet Union countries to powerless peasants, because a bankrupt country and impoverished people have no power. Making Russia the enemy is so there will be no one to save them from aggressive government take overs by the U.S. Deep state Government, and eliminate Russia and their neighbors as potential economic competition on the global stage.

The Evil has easily take the post Soviet Union countries over through bloody coups, and those countries become the United States Deep State Governments trophies, and geographic military pawns with launch pads pointed straight at Russia, it’s their formula they use over and over.

The ill intention is to isolate Russia, surround Russia’s neighbors borders with enemies, and set up military artillery directed at Russia. This is because Russia is the only Superpower counterbalance standing in the way of the New World Order – One World Government Uni-polar World agenda, where the New World Order will have one Dictator, one Ruler, who rules over all countries throughout the World, in which they have been using the United States Of America’s Government as the front to fulfill this order.

The Post Soviet States, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, the Baltic States, Crimea, Ossetia, and others have all been strategically targeted attempting to turn Russia their once friend into foe, trying to make them mortal enemies, while robbing, pillaging, and raping the Post Soviet Union lands, with the intention to steal all the natural resources and sell off all the land to George Soros and Monsanto who will ruin the black soil in Ukraine, and destroy the food supply with genetically modified organisms [GMO’s] to poison the people.

With IMF loans and austerity measures put into place, they will sell all their beautiful forests as lumber with the intent of deforestation, while impoverishing the people, with corrupt puppet governments keeping this narrative alive, and their offshore bank accounts of the U.S. controlled governments operating against the people of those countries. The couped countries are always riddled with perpetual civil wars, and the once prosperous, dignified country are now in debt and in shambles, and have been intentionally morphed into a third world nightmare. With Russia out of the way, it is a home run for the Globalists.

The IMF is obsolete, it’s not for the people it’s for the Global elite. Ukrainian Kleptocrats holding their office, while lining their fat wallets and golden pockets. Only 10 or 12 billionaires destroying this country, let’s hunt them like dogs and tell them what time it is.

For they are the few controlling the many, leaving the people to starve while they have plenty. Driving Ukraine into the ground beyond repair, who run the show they do not care, about the people for they are thieves, with bank accounts offshore, selling off the deeds.

In 2014 a coup d’état is what really set everything off, an overthrow of the presidency didn’t seem to help anyone, a puppet regime are the ones who won. 

Now 2020 there is still blood being shed, they won’t stop until every Russian is dead. They don’t care about Ukrainians they will sacrifice them too, they only care about destroying all of you. Then they can take whatever they want, everyone is out of the way so much blood has been lost.

“The Bear does not ask Permission” – Putin 2015

They IMF & World Bank have their eyes all over the globe, they’ve seen the Rainforests through their scope, they know every natural resource.

They will leave nothing intact with their veracious needs, they will rape and pillage Mother Earth and steal all your organic seeds, then they will cut down all of the trees, through deforestation obliterating all of natures beauty, for as far as the eye can see. 

They will give you the stipulations of taking loans through their equation, with interest and no principle their interests have no principles.

The Irony of their ideology, has kept the world in utter poverty, and decimated once prosperous economies, with their secret IMF bureaucracy.

Where the working class are poverty slaves, working to repay what the governments have stolen and saved, in their offshore bank accounts for their is no one to account, for their accountability has immunity.

A vicious cycle to say the least, of countries broken in poverty, with so many rules and regulations and rising inflation good luck getting out of this situation.

This is a formula designed by the Global Elite, with the people grovelling on their knees, is anybody listening?

You can see the pattern it’s everywhere, natural disaster and despair, countries ripped apart at the seams, they did it on purpose can’t you see? They create the problem and offer the solution it’s all an illusion the IMF delusion.

They don’t care about people only keeping them poor, controlling the governments their politicians all hoard, this is what they want corruption and lies, this is all by their design.

Connected events made to appear random, observe all the dots and they align in tandem, all attached to the same string, they’ve blown their cover we now see what’s happening. Patterns and formulas used repetitively, to try and take over humanity.