Do you guys want to end up like Libya or Ukraine, are you paying attention to what’s really taking place. Can’t you see this is a game, they play it again just the same. This has nothing to do with the people human rights or dictators evil. This has to do with their vendetta, you are a convenient stop on their true agenda.

Geographically located in the right direction, to point their weapons directly at Russia’s fences. They use their slick political jargon, a peaceful exchange of power, we have all heard this one, straight from the horses mouth this is American speech, Hillary and Obama rhetoric they must be behind the scenes.

They did this in Venezuela with Guido, it was a laughable he became the butt of the jokes, he is President because they say, this is the Neocon American way.

An interference into Belarus foreign affairs, all of a sudden it’s Belarus that they must show great care. Don’t you know there’s always a catch, you have something that they really want to snatch.

Most likely it’s just your geographic location, they plan to set up their military bases, and Russia will be your worst enemy, they’ve mapped it out and it’s quite eery. Eerily similar to Ukraine, have you seen all of the Russian’s that they have slain?

This is why Crimea held a referendum to exit Ukraine, before they could genocide all of the Russians that they hate. Crimea legally joined the Russian Federation many long sought years in the making, that was sabotaged multiple times, but the fate of Donbas would expedite, a unification that would protect, all of the people in Crimea.

These foreign entities do not care about the Belarusians, this always comes down to their beef with Russia, and using you to start a fight, chewing you up and spit you out to create civil strife.

The ending is written just open your eyes, stay united as people don’t let them conquer, rule and divide. Don’t let them buy you their hire a mob, to promise you riches, a fancy new watch, a new car and windows on your home, you need a new driveway and garage doors.

This is the oldest trick in the book, we’ve read all the stories how the devil will tempt you with loot. If you fall for this, their biggest scam, your humanity will be compromised and you will be damned. The mark of the beast has arrived, it’s imbedded in technology it’s in disguise. Patent 666 this is not a joke, the technocrats have done something horrible.

Whatever you do don’t fall asleep, and never accept the microchip from the Elite. We are dealing with something beyond the five senses, it’s us against them theirs no mending fences. The human race has everything at stake, they are working fast in panic mode rate.

They work in patterns they repeat everything, repetition is part of their manifestation, and because of this we can point out the obvious, nothing is by accident these are not natural causes. Infiltrating governments with their puppet regimes, it’s a war on the world to take over humanity.

The first thing they will do with their chosen puppet President, is put Belarus deeply in debt, by taking out billions of dollars in loans, the IMF will own all of your homes. Since your land is not natural resource rich, they will use the working class to recoup their interest. Your lifestyle will diminish and your city will crumble, when walking to work spare change for the bums, who will be all over the city making everything sad, this is their Belarusian plan.

They will politely call this austerity, pretending this is for humanity, crippling your economy, up to your eyebrows in debt you see.

Who do you think is running the show, the Global Elites and American foes, who don’t care about people have you seen America, a homeless epidemic no one has any spare change in their wallets. They’ve pinched us every which way that they can, they no exactly how much we have. You’ll cough it up through electric bills, rents, and water, to just name a few as they take all your dollars. Your food prices will most likely go through the roof, this is what they have planned for Belarus.

They will be sure to cut off all ties with Russia, as they take over your Belarus Government. Then you’ll really be screwed, who are you going to sell your agriculture to? Your economy will tank your industry will be dead, and they are calling Lukashenko a Dictator, off with his head. Stand your ground don’t fall for their lies, may the Belarusian people stay strong and unite. Because if they pin you against each other, they will come take it all while you are all fighting your sisters and brothers.

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VESTI NEWS: “If you take a look at the map of Europe, then the Baltic countries come from the north, Poland, Ukraine, from below. And Belarus is in such a ring, in fact, in a cauldron. They can easily capture this country. These are Colour Revolutions. Many protesters emphasize that Belarus is not Ukraine and Ukrainian scenario will not happen in the country. However here, for example is one of the sites where some activists have already painted a program of so-called Belarusian reforms. Their essence comes down to one thing – a complete rupture of political and economic ties with Russia.”

FORMER UKRAINIAN MP: “We can very much compared it with what happened in Ukraine- former Ukrainian MP.  I remind you that Maidan also didn’t start not because of foreign issues, not because of EU integrations. It started simply because of corruption and many other internal problems. Afterward, in a certain moment, it all changed and the priority was EU integration and confrontation with Russia.”

VESTI NEWS: “Only those workers in Belarus who are on strike have not read the program of Tikhanovskaya and her colleagues, and if they read it, they will think twice, because there will be no more factories according to this program. It wants to privatize and reorient to the West. And who needs our products, except Russia? The plant will close. Belarusians want to be friends with Russia, without Russia, the factories will stop. Everyone understands this. And then you really have to go abroad and clean toilets.”

VESTI NEWS: “Indeed, the lion’s share of Belarusian products comes true in Russia -it’s tractors and the famous giants ‘BelAZ,’ which are used on Russian coal mines. In the 1990’s, companies experienced the same crisis as all factories in the post-Soviet space, but it was in Belarus that production capacity was maintained and then brought to a new modern level. In Ukraine, many realized their mistake, but it was too late. Now Kiev can boast only of technology of a violent change of government.”

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