There seems to be a growing trend in America, that education is a waste of time and unnecessary for the success of an individual. While the American education system has been intentionally dumbed down to oblivion with school budget cuts, and introducing “Core curriculum” into the education system that is intentionally designed to skew children’s learning ability by making curriculum extremely complex and complicated that the children become frustrated and give up. Such as a math problem that can be solved in 2 to 3 steps now takes one hundred steps. This is interesting, because this is a similar strategy that the cyber terrorist implement on their Targets, trying to create malfunctions in web design, and when the Target contacts customer service, the response it to send over complicated instructions on the possible issue and how to resolve it. It’s the same formula, so now the question is who is really behind all of this since they appear to be interconnected.

The children in America are the Target and being intentional destroyed, for they are the future of the world. The education system has been intentionally dumbed down and complicated by introducing poor educational curriculum into the school system, as well as teaching propaganda, hooking all the children on pharmaceutical drugs to cause addiction and brain damage and other health complications, as well as making other recreational drugs easily accessible. Loading the children up on vaccines, many of which cause brain damage and autism, is why the American education system is being flushed down the toilet on purpose of course.

By the time the kids graduate high school, if they are lucky enough to have attended a good school with good teachers, then they may find their way in college, but they will be thousands of dollars in debt by the time they are graduated from college, which is why many young adults are skipping college, not to mention the entire collegiate education system is outdated and archaic, keeping students enslaved in the college system for years and years. There really has to be a much more efficient way to create professionals for the future.

The entire education system in America needs gutted and restructured. High schools need to prepare kids at a very young age to find their niche’ passion for their career in the future, by offering a variety of educational choices to choose from. Union high school, the school we attended in Eastern Oregon, had no money. Every year they cut more and more off the budget, leaving the bare bones minimum in education, and many of the teachers were just going through the motions, bored to death with what they had to teach.

A new foundation has to be set to modernize the school system. Home economic class, which was standard at one point in time should be reintroduced as culinary and fashion design. This will make it appealing to young people. The most valuable skill a child will ever learn, is to teach them about nutrition, and how to prepare and cook their own meals. With the vegan and superfood movement, nutrition is not the propaganda it once was with the Food Pyramid that was created by the food industry and is the biggest lie on nutrition ever perpetuated to the people.

The school system needs real careers pertinent to the modern times of the information age, AI era, and the basic real knowledge on health, nutrition, and exercise. The biggest cause of the obesity epidemic is the poisoning of the food supply through chemical additives making people addicted and fat and changing the DNA and hormones in the body as well as deadly GMO’s. The myths on nutrition and intdoctrination of the food pyramid and animal protein is killing our country. The elimination of physical education (P.E.) and many sports from schools in America has created a young sedentary youth. Why do you think there are so many dough children with cellulite. No physical education, and a contaminated food supply full of chemicals to addict you and make you fat, alter your hormones and change your DNA, demotivate and sedate and kill brain cells. Something is definitely wrong in America, it does make one wonder who is behind all of this? It’s like all of America is a Nazi experiment being social engineered and what they gain from their findings will be spread across the world. Is America the testing ground for destroying the world?