This amazing beautiful world we live in has become more connected than ever before due to the internet, social media, ecommerce with online shopping, platforms connecting entrepreneurs with artists and business moguls in the making with opportunities to grow and expand their vision, with no barriers of race or country. The people are joyfully working together on a daily basis toward their dreams. It’s amazing you can connect with anyone anywhere, make them a part of your company through incredible platforms created on the internet. The people are indeed connected peacefully, in harmony in shared visions. 

Humanity is leading by example every single day. This is the way it is and should be in everything. Peace, harmony, creativity, joy, the building of brands, the expansion of consciousness, the sharing of information all over the world. It’s the direction that naturally we are all gravitating to as the corporate infrastructure has lost their foothold and is trying frantically to gain it back through whatever means they can drum up. War conflict, destruction, monopolies, control. 

As our world joins together through the peoples efforts in their normal daily activity, we can clearly see the people are not the problem, but the greater powers that once controlled the house of cards, the spiders web and all things in between. The rate at which change is growing and expanding has been described as the quickening and there are new positive developments daily that better our world. It is the direction humanity is destined to go, for it comes so naturally with great benefits to all.

As the two of us reflect on our life, we oftentimes wonder how American government is so righteous toward the rest of the world, when our education system has become intentionally dumbed down, jeopardizing the future of America, for without an educated society, our technology, and future of government and politics are going to be put in the hands of the elite, and not the people, for the elite are the only ones who can educate their children properly, and are intentionally creating a worker bee society of slaves.

May the whistleblowers of the American education system be heard, who expose this agenda that has been put into place, and may we take swift action to change it. May America observe the education system of other countries that are advancing their youth at an unprecedented pace. We can all learn from the positive growth of cultures, technology and societies, and implement their ideas into our own country, with harmony, cooperation and most of all Peace. 

The world is meant to be an open source system where countries and societies share their ideas for the betterment of the Mother Earth and humanity. As we strive for this direction, may we inspire one another with our actions and deeds. The children are the future of peace, harmony, technology and the betterment of humanity. We should do everything in our power to empower our children, youth and young adults, for their minds are like sponges, ready, and eager to take on all the challenges and obstacles that the world has to offer, and conquer them with ease and care. This is the future, The future is now.

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