JOURNALIST ARNAB GOSWAMI RT: “Let me begin by saying that the hegemony of Western media has to end Western media has had it too good for too long and it is ruining the balance of power that’s required not just in politics and societies, but in the media as well.”

‘Hegemony of Western media has to end’ – Arnab Goswami at RT conference

Putin attends RT10 anniversary eveninG FULL SPEECH

OLIVER STONE: “There is a system in place that is enormous… the Pentagon system.”

As the Russia narrative that has been pushed by the U.S. mainstream Corporate Media implodes, and the truth about Russia’s peaceful efforts and the incredible Russian Army’s fight against terrorism to protect the world seeps into the conscious minds of America and people throughout the world, with ample documented proof of Vladimir Putin’s humanitarian efforts, peaceful, cooperative, mutually beneficial relations with countries all over the world and facilitator of peaceful talks and negotiations between other countries, Vladimir Putin’s true character has shined through the tarnished, tainted reputation the Mainstream Corporate controlled U.S.Media tried to paint.

Blaming Russia for everything and making them the enemy, just doesn’t have the same effect it once did, and only make those doing so look foolish and terrible. With all the efforts taken to expose the web of lies of the Russia Hoax and reveal the actual facts that Russia did not interfere in the United States of America’s elections, and that it was a fabricated lie, completely made up, to try to destroy President Trump and demolish any possible positive, prosperous relations between the United States and Russia, why would Trump bag on Russia?

As the mountain of truth is finally uncovered and absorbed by the masses, and the tides miraculously turn with positive interactions between the U.S. and Russia during Covid 19, Trump has to carelessly stoke the Global Elitists desires, and make Russia out to be the enemy, to justify the United States once again pulling out of another treaty. The most recent is the withdraw from the Open Skies treaty and rather than take responsibility for the United State’s reckless actions that compromise the global security of the world, the U.S. has to shift the blame to someone else, in this case Russia, because as we have witnessed again and again, the U.S. is never at fault, and there must always be someone else to blame.

As Trump obeys his masters the Global Elitists controllers of the United States, who absolutely do not want a positive relationship between Russia and the U.S., he obediently throws a low blow Russia’s way. Is it possible for the United States of America to treat Russia with the respect they deserve publically, and not just whisper false promises behind closed doors. Trump pulling out of treaties throughout the world compromise the safety and security of the world and his dialogue only makes things more difficult for himself and does not benefit him in anyway. Is Trump that blind that he is unable to see his actions of portraying Russia as the enemy are counterproductive? Russia is clearly not the enemy, the people around the world know this, and using jabs toward Russia for political rewards within inner circles, compromises U.S. and Russia potential positive relations, and in a sense put’s Trump back to square one in regard to the Russia narrative the Mainstream Corporate Media Trump hates so much has created. Trump is mereley giving these criminal media outlets props and acting in negligence toward having positive relations with Russia. Trump can’t play into the hands of the Globalist and the People simultaneously, it will not work, and will only backfire for the worst.

It seems that the U.S. is a stage and we Americans are just being played. Is the President of the United States of America capable and willing to break free of the controllers of our country, take America back, and take positive action steps toward relations with Russia? Can there actually be a real dialogue between the two leaders, the two superpowers of the world, that strive toward mutual cooperation and peace that benefits the world as a whole? Rather than blaming Russia for everything, can the U.S. take responsible action steps toward re-negotiating treaties if they are that unhappy with them, rather than just pulling out and ripping them up as if they had no merit? T

he United States is on a one way street, and it’s their way or the highway, which doesn’t work with a superpower like Russia who is keeping the strategic balance aligned and who are on this Earth to strategically balance the powers in the world. Ripping up treaties does not benefit the United States of America, but having a dialogue and getting down to brass tacks to move in the direction of peace and prosperity for all of mankind in the modern world for the benefit of humanity does. The United States as the Totalitarian, Imperialistic, Dictator of the world, just isn’t flying, and there are numerous leaders throughout the world that agree the United States doesn’t get to be King.

Putin Expects More Sanctions, Trade Wars and the End of Western-Dominated International System!

Putin Uses St. Petersburg Forum to Address Concerns About “Fiery Serpent” of Nuclear War!

Lavrov trolls Pompeo like a BOSS

Russia to blame… again | US to withdraw from Open Skies treaty

Trump may use new arms treaty to win 2020 – Ben Swann

KEIR SIMMONS NBC CORRESPONDENT: Do you think your relationship with President Trump has backfired on Russia a little, because effectively by being so close to President Trump you are in the middle of a deeply divisive political battle in the United States has that been politically beneficial for you to have what is clearly such a close relationship with the President of the United States?”

VLADIMIR PUTIN:  “We found ourselves somehow included into internal U.S. affairs long before me and President Trump ever met. There has never been any ‘closeness’ with us, there still isn’t any but we have a good, working business relationship. But let me reiterate once again that there is no ‘closeness’ between Mr. Trump and I that could have affected internal US politics. All the scandals within the U.S. happened before I ever met him. What ‘closeness’ can there be? It doesn’t exist. And now we see something else…They’re [Democrats] are utilizing absolutely anything to attack Trump. Now it’s Ukraine – and whatever reason there may be in the way [Trump] relates to President Zelensky. What’s it got to do with us? This only shows that from the get-go Russia had nothing to do with it. They’re always simply looking to attack the newly elected President. It has now become quite clear that there has never been any collusion between Russian and the Trump administration. This has been proven by Mr. Mueller, as part of his investigation. Now they’ve come up with a new reason! Now it’s Ukraine. Again, I repeat, this only shows that Russia had nothing to do with [Trump] from the get-go. There is no closeness between our countries that could have affected the internal U.S. political processes.”

KEIR SIMMONS NBC CORRESPONDENT: “ Robert Mueller didn’t find that there was no Russian attempts to intervene in the American elections though he found that he could find no evidence of collusion. In July he gave evidence to congress he said it wasn’t a single attempt to intervene in the American elections, they’re doing it as we sit here and we expect them to do it during the next campaign referring to 2020. Robert Mueller says that Russia did try to intervene in the American elections and that Russia was attempting to do the same in the general election for 2020.”

VLADIMIR PUTIN: “Mr. Mueller was not able to find evidence of collusion in the past – yet said this could happen in the future! This is hilarious. At least it would be, if it wasn’t so sad. Everything we see happening internally in the U.S. is destroying Russian U.S. relations. I am assured that it harms the U.S. itself. As part of the accusations that were occurring, we [Russia] had to close some projects with Exxon Mobil…ExxonMobil would now be making a great profit, it would be working in conjunction with Rosneft. It would be making huge projects come to life. It would benefit the U.S company, us, and world energy supplies…But we had to close [ExxonMobil] down, and who wins? Nobody. Everybody loses. So the polarization of business, and making it seem like international affairs, this leads to nothing within the U.S. itself, as well as harms our relations.” 

JOURNALIST: “It’s important to this audience clearly because facing the American Congress right now are bills and amendments that increase sanctions, many of them directed at the energy industry including legislation that would affect Nordstream 2, and legislation that would attempt to prevent any investment in any pipeline from Russia. In that context let me ask you is there anything that you think Russia…is there any mistake that you think Russia has made in it’s relationship with the United States, is there anything that you would have done differently looking back now and looking at the situation that you’re now in?”

VLADIMIR PUTIN:  “We have not made one destructive step toward the U.S. Not one. If you disagree, then tell me exactly which one, with evidence.”

Angry Venezuela ambassador slams US Iran threat May 25, 2020

KEIR SIMMONS NBC CORRESPONDENT: “In an interview with the Financial Times you seemed to suggest that you predict the end of liberal democracy and that was interpreted as you celebrating success over the United States and the Western way of doing things.”

VLADIMIR PUTIN: “This is incorrect. It is a very liberal interpretation of what I said. The only reason anyone would interpret me that way is if they were assured I was building our politics antagonistically against you. I have never said what you just did. Where did you get this from? This is what happens in media, they replace one meaning with another and then they proceed to judge that other meaning even though it is a lie in the first place. What I said to the Financial Times was that the Liberal model does not have a right to dominate. It has no right to consider itself the only right way of being. I said that the world is multi-faceted, the way it develops is complicated and you cannot persuade that one model is right for all…That’s what I said.”

Putin to West: your dish has been served

OLIVER STONE: “I’ve always said the Russia should be the U.S.’s partner. It’s madness that the U.S. spends so much energy on creating an enemy out of a non-hostile country. I want to do everything possible to draw these two countries closer because that would make the world mush safer and much more productive, frankly speaking, because we would be working hand in hand, tackling the issues of space travel, climate change, and planet contamination in general. That would be much better. We’d be fighting terrorism together and so on. But I believe many people in Western Europe and the USA want to create tensions, implement the strategy of creating tensions. In this context, Ukraine is one of the steps in this strategy. Iran, Venezuela, North Korea, and China are all other steps. Our position in the South China Sea is very proactive. Everyday, we hold drills on the Russian border. I don’t know if the U.S. will be able to juggle all these balls. But we must remember that such a thing as international pressure exists. When the U.S. wants to press the so-called ‘Ukrainian button’ it does so. It’s all pretty simple. It’s easy to make the Ukrainian army violate the Russia border and so on. And, of course, let’s not forget the civil war in Donbass. The world is concerned about that subject and the U.S. must decide if it wants to add more tension. Everyone wants to move forward, to put an end to the fighting. Putin has repeatedly proposed to launch dialogue. But nobody from the U.S. wants to engage in dialogue. China says the same thing. We live in an odd world, where over the course of my life, the U.S has become a global aggressor by many indicators.” 

OLIVER STONE: “Many want peace, some just don’t understand how to achieve it.” 

OLIVER STONE:  “Ukraine was doing much better when Russia was its partner and not its enemy. It was doing much better. the economy was severely damaged by the anti-Russian campaign by the West, whose aim was to separate Ukraine from its brotherly nation.”

OLIVER STONE: “Ukraine was a disaster in 2014. It was clear from the news. The catastrophe was serious. It resulted in sanctions and paralyzed the Russian-American relationship because it made Congress adopt various sanctions against Russia. 2014 was the apex, a very dangerous moment. I can’t take that period lightly. Those times have hardly passed. The situation has gotten worse. As I’ve said before, it’s a button that the U.S. can press anytime to engage the Ukrainian military, among other things. They can attempt to crush Donbass. They can try to move their heavy bases there. We’ll see what happens.”

Oliver Stone Wants to End the War in Donbass With New Upcoming Documentary Film!

JOURNALIST ABBY MARTIN: “You have a chapter called Obama management of a wounded Empire where you give a harsh critique of the Obama administration what are your eyes has been the most troubling aspects of his presidency?”

OLIVER STONE:  “Well I think that under the disguise of sheep’s clothing he’s been a wolf that because of the nightmare of the Bush presidency that preceded him, people forgave him a lot, he was a great hope for change the color of his skin, the  upbringing, the internationalism, the globalism seemed all evident and he’s an intelligent man, but he has taken all the Bush changes and he’s basically put them into the establishment, he’s codified them that’s what’s sad. So we’re going into a second administration that is living outside the law and does not respect the laws of foundation of our of our system, and he is a constitutional lawyer. You know without the law there is…it’s the law of the jungle they say Nuremberg existed for a reason, after that and there was a reason to have trials, there’s a reason for a due process,habeas corpus as they call in the United States.”

PETER KUZNICK: Obama claimed to be the “transparency President’ when he was running for office. There hasn’t been transparency, we’d been actually classifying more documents under Obama than we did under Bush, and all previous presidents between 1917-2008 indicted three people total under the Espionage Act, Obama has already indicted six people under the Espionage Act. The surveillance hasn’t stopped and incarcerations without bringing people to trial hasn’t stopped, so those policies have continued, and the war policies, and the militarization policies were maintained that we’re fighting wars now in Yemen, Afghanistan. We talk about keeping troops in Afghanistan we haven’t cut back on the things that we all found so odious about the Bush administration and Obama has added some of his own, the drones policy.”

PETER KUZNICK: “Obama had more drone attacks in his first eight months than Bush had his entire presidency and these are a very very dubious international law legality.”

OLIVER STONE: “There is a system in place that is enormous, the Pentagon system.”

Abby Martin: “It almost seems like he [Obama] took the odious CIA policies and just branded them so it’s now acceptable, the assassinations the extrajudicial judge jury executioner of people without due process.” 

PETER KUZNICK: “We complain during the Bush years that Bush was actually conducting surveillance without judicial review… surveillance. Obama is killing people targeted assassinations without judicial review.”

PETER KUZNICK: “One of the things we feared after 9/11 was that if there was a second terrorist attack like 9/11 the Constitution would be gone. Maybe the crackdown would be so egregious at that point and there’s still this obsessive fear, the United States fears things, we fear the rest of the world. We spend as much money on our military security intelligence as the rest of the world combined, you know do we have enemies that we really saw threatened, do we really need this anymore, is that what our priorities should be? No we think not we want to turn that around.”

Abby Martin: “The evisceration of the rule of law, especially most notably the the ‘National Defense Authorization Act’  which eradicate due process and our basic fundamental freedom in this country.”

OLIVER STONE: There’s been a worship, a blind worship of the military and patriotism, ‘jingoism’ it used to be called. I strongly believe in a good military, and a strong military, but to defend our country, not to invade other countries and to try to conquer the world. I think there’s a huge difference that’s been forgotten… morality. Once you take the laws away… Einstein once said famously the country that doesn’t obey its laws, the laws will be disrespected. So it seems that a fundamental morality has been lost on us somewhere along the way recently, and it’s who wins that’s effective. Can we kill Bin Laden without having to bring him to the trial? Can we just get it done, and that get-it-done mentality justifies the ends, and that’s where countries go wrong, and people go wrong. All of our lives are moral equations. Does the end justify the means? No it never did.” 

Oliver Stone Tears Apart Obama’s Empire

Oliver Stone: Obama Doesn’t Have JFK’s Backbone

OLIVER STONE: “The CIA has never been a force for good it’s been a force for evil as Julian Assange had said. Since the beginning, the CIA, ‘trying to protect America,’ has given false signals to America of its importance, overblown its own importance, lied, repeatedly staged, internal coos in other countries. You have a long list of crimes, and here we’re behaving now, in this time, as if the CIA is some heroic organization that’s keeping us away from Trump. I believe that the only problem with this situation is that Trump is not acting like a reformer. You see he’s not the Kennedy figure that we all…that I want anyway, the man who would say, look enough with the Intelligence Agency we have got to start over, we’re gonna appoint some honest people to investigate them, we’re gonna open the real files, we’re gonna find out what really happened in Ukraine, in Syria, in a thousand other places. Then the one day that Trump was applauded in all the media, it was the day he bombed Syria. In other words he’s not the reformer that we would like to seek take office. He’s also the one who’s asked for a stronger military, stronger CIA… I don’t understand him he’s not winning this battle with them for sure, he’s appointed his own people maybe over time, but his own people are even worse in some ways. Look they’re vowing to bring Assange to justice and they’re vowing on Snowden, to go after Snowden this is an ugly time. But Trump is not acting like a person who’s interested in reforming he wants to expand these agencies this is the worst of both Evils.”

JOURNALIST: “So you spent time with Mr. Putin you spent some time with Mr. Trump who is a greater threat to world peace?”

OLIVER STONE: “I think the intelligence agencies are.”

Oliver Stone: CIA is a Force for Evil

Obama’s Other Scandals Worse Than ObamaGate

VICE JASON LEOPOLD: “You know one of the responses that we often hear particularly since these revelations have come to light regarding surveillance thanks to Snowden, is I have nothing to hide so why should I care, why do you think the public should care?”

OLIVER STONE: “I really find that to be of juvenile response, and I think I’ve heard it. If people believe that, and they do at a younger age, and I think that they’re open with it, they’re missing the point of what life is about, which you grow into consciousness, you grow into a more expansive knowledge in the world, and as you get more complex in your thinking, and life becomes more and more challenging, I think you realize that you have a lot to hide and you don’t want people to take your privacy, and your things that are crucial to the sense of self. All through Western literature that I know of, this going back to the Greeks, I mean we’ve always respected the idea of a self. Socrates brought it up, Buddha has brought it up in the East. There is a self, and it’s a very important aspect of your life, it’s the one thing you can govern that you have some control over. There is a self, and the self is what you must expand the knowledge of, the consciousness of, and when you, this government assumes that they have a right to take that self and just broadcast it out to the world, it’s the most vile to me, it’s a vile defilement of everything that’s sacred in the world it’s just…you don’t do that.”

OLIVER STONE: “This is lucrative, it’s what I call surveillance capitalism, it’s a big business it’s going to become bigger, data mining, but we have no understanding of what’s going on in the world, American people are kept in the dark, our news doesn’t do any job except for Vice and a few other places that do anything to help the American people understand. So this is a very dangerous time and I think everyone senses it but they don’t know exactly what to do about it.”

Oliver Stone on the Personal Inspiration Behind ‘Snowden’

Snowden Official Trailer (2016) –

Snowden | Official Trailer 2 [HD] 

Stone Claims CIA Behind Maidan: Film director talks to ousted Ukraine president Yanukovych

RUSSIAN INSIGHT: “U.S. Vice President Joe Biden said that Washington is ready to respond to hack attacks it claims were conducted by Russia and designed to interfere with the upcoming US election.”

JOE BIDEN: “We are sending a message [to Putin],” Biden told NBC. “He’ll know it. It will be at the time of our choosing, and under the circumstances that will have the greatest impact.”

RUSSIAN INSIGHT: “Biden’s threats coincided with reports that the CIA is planning a “clandestine” cyberattack on Russia, in retaliation for its alleged efforts to influence the US election against Hillary Clinton.”

RUSSIAN JOURNALIST: “U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden promised to send you a message and respond to the hacking that the U.S blames on Russia.” 

VLADIMIR PUTIN: “There is nothing surprising about that.”

RUSSIAN JOURNALIST: “As a matter of fact it was a threat coming from a very high-ranking official, and if I am not mistaken, it targeted you personally. Do you expect hacking attacks on Russia or some other kinds of attacks?” 

VLADIMIR PUTIN: “You can expect anything from our U.S friends, but was there anything new in what he said? As if we didn’t know that the U.S. government bodies snoop on and wiretap everyone? Everyone knows this all too well, there has long been no secret about it, and there is sufficient evidence to support this. Billions of dollars are channeled into this activity, with the NSA and the CIA working on it alongside other government bodies. There are both witness accounts and full-fledged confessions. In fact, they are spying not only on their real or potential enemies, but also on their allies, including the closest ones. We know about so many wiretapping scandals involving top government officials from countries that are allies of the United States, so there is absolutely nothing new here. The only new thing is that for the first time the U.S. has acknowledged at such a high level, first, that they actually doing this, and second, that they are making some kind of a threat, which of course is inconsistent with the norms of international dialogue.”

Putin on Biden cyber-threat: One can expect just about anything from our American friends

OLIVER STONE: “Cyberwarfare is the undeclared war, it’s the secret war. China, Russia, Iran, people are not going to sit there and just be abused, and hacked, and all of this without fighting back. So you hear about them hacking us in our news, but you never hear about us hacking them in the first place.”

OLIVER STONE: “America could play a wonderful role in the world, and really bring the Peace that we need and could help the world reform, but so much of our attitude is aggressive and towards war it really concerns me having been to war and seeing the damage.”

OLIVER STONE: What will cyber-warfare lead to?

Snowden: Director Oliver Stone says cyberwarfare ‘the undeclared war’

Oliver Stone talks Snowden, cyberwarfare and DNC email leak 

Lawsuit brings murder of DNC staffer back into spotlight

Was murdered DNC staffer a WikiLeaks source?


Report: Slain DNC staffer was in contact with WikiLeaks

When the mainstream corporate media shoves it’s repetitive accusations down the throats of not just America, but the world, this is an obvious sign of distraction and coverups, often accusing others of what they are really doing. It also paves the way for the U.S. to wage their economic war of sanctions upon those countries they are accusing of wrong doing.

“Look at What They Did to My Boy!” – Joe Biden Working Overtime to Save Son From Investigation!

Potential ‘treason’ | Leaked tapes allegedly reveal ‘quid pro quo’ Poroshenko-Biden deal

Russian TV Reveals The Facts Behind Trump’s Accusations About Biden And His Son Hunter

Poroshenko Has Prepared a Medal for Biden

Rada FINALLY Sits Up and Notices US Looting Ukraine, Opens Investigation of Hunter Biden!

DIPLOMATIC SCANDAL: Joe Biden insults Serbs and Serbian flag

The mainstream corporate media perpetuates unproven, false and dangerous lies into homes all over the world, and are responsible for creating the greatest divide in society that America has ever seen, from hate mobs, to angry hostile civilians, and insane political discord breaking up families using disinformation and fake news. The mainstream corporate media has cheerleadered America on the brink of war, with their careless words, to shape the landscape of our country, knowing the truth, but spewing the lies. The mainstream corporate media is used as a weapon to push whatever narrative their foreign rulers instruct. America has been taken over by treasonist, and it is going to take a lot of forward thinkers, real patriots who can’t be bought, and movers and shakers to take it back. We true Americans are not going to roll over while President after President step in for the role they just auditioned for; step right up America has been sold out to traitors and political whores, who sacrifice our soldiers in the name of war, who topple countries and turn them to dust as America says in God we Trust? America has put a lot of trust into President Trump it’s up to him to drain the swamp.

On The Eve Of Destruction, The Planet Awakens