In 2002 we sought out our first naturopath, who introduced us to an organic lifestyle. The Organic movement in Portland had been alive and well very early on with Nature’s grocery store a staple to the organic community in Portland. There was also the Daily Grind grocery store and cafe, which was a vegan market, adjoined with a cafe, that served up hot vegan grub on SE Belmont street. Portland had an energy and vibe that was like nothing anywhere. It was crunchy here, full of forward thinkers, and rock n roll, the energy was mystical. It had a feeling, an essence, something to it that could be felt by all of us that lived here. Portland’s consciousness was healing, and people genuinely wanted to help one another. It was definitely a different time, and the organic consciousness was alive and well in Portland very early on. 

Nature’s Market would eventually become Wild Oats Market, which would eventually become Whole Foods Market, and New Seasons would be spawned out of rebellion to Wild Oats selling out. It was like an underground organic war of ethics going on here in Portland. We got the dish from employees and staff at the grocery stores. We were social butterflies, and always struck up conversations with the produce department and the guy behind the fish counter. We learned a lot about the politics of the grocery stores as well as the well thought out design and placement of everything in the store. One employee told us that the organic grocery store was carefully planned out from the colors on the walls to the smells in the air that were pumped through the ventilation system, and the music playing. Everything was designed in these organic markets to lure you in and keep you there to shop. It wasn’t like the conventional grocery stores with harsh fluorescent lights, bright white tile floors, cold stark isles, this was the evolution of the grocery store shopping experience. It went from a sterile, cold, dreadful chore to warm and inviting. 

The organic movement had it right, stimulating all of the senses event the sixth, the most important one. In 2002 we delved into all things organic, on a mission to have vibrant health. Organic had not become mainstream yet, and our friends and family thought we were crazy for buying only organic, but as the organic movement expanded, so did the Organic empire of grocery stores. This is why early on there was an exchange of one grocery store to the next because the organic movement was still in it’s infantile stages struggling to stay afloat, but there were those who could see it was going to hit big, and they were going to cash in! It would take a decade for the organic movement to go viral, and when the information flooded the brainwaves of the people and what was happening to the American food supply, organic boomed!

As the demand for Organic grew, new certifications would be created, and this would be the red tape that many farmers would have to cut through even if it meant hanging on by the skin of their teeth, because it was going to be stringent, arduous, and very expensive. The USDA Organic stamp holds some of the highest standards all over the world, and is one of the most important certifications that our American food supply developed, for with the invention of GMO’s, the health of our earth and food was at great stake. Organic truly did save the food supply from being swallowed up by Big Tech in agriculture, and their unnatural cancer causing GMO’s and pesticides, but there would be a high price to pay for the farmer, which would drive up the cost of organic food to the consumer. 

Like it or lump it, if you want to eat clean, organic, natural, non toxic, non GMO food, you were going to be gouged for it, and the organic consumer would be taken for a ride down highway robbery. “THEY” would see what we were all willing to pay, if we were sucker enough to spend our paychecks to eat non cancer causing food. A way to weed out the misinformed sheep walkers, to keep people broke, and thin out the population with those who didn’t jump on the organic band wagon.

The organic consumer was forced to pay the high price, and even as the poverty stricken communities became hip to the trip on organic and the dangers of conventional, pesticide latent, GMO foods, they too would spend their hard earned dollars and their state assistance Oregon Trail card to buy organic. The movement had become that big, as the truth was everywhere.

We even talked to a Whole Food employee who said he could only afford to eat once a day, because he would only eat organic. We gave him our cheerleader pep talk about intermittent fasting and the monkey study where the monkey’s lived longer who ate less. We flooded with a rabbit hole of information to research, because he seemed pretty bummed out about the once a day food schedule, but said it was saving him a lot of money. You will go broke eating three squares a day with the price of organic, it is insane and unfair to the people!

As Big Food weaseled their way into the organic market, certifying their brands USDA organic, they pushed to lower the standards of USDA organic, so they could sneak in their hidden ingredients. They really wanted natural flavors, and Sodium Chloride in those pickles you are buying as well as some citric acid, all things the two of us and many others cannot tolerate. Seriously the amount of sneaky ingredients they have slipped into USDA organic changing the stamp from green to black says it all. While the organic standards are still of value, and have great guidelines, rules, ethics, and practices that must be followed, the evil is creeping in trying to take hold of all we have to hold onto, 100% clean food. 

May USDA Organic stay true and not be compromised for the sake of Big Food, and remove the dangerous sneaky ingredients they have allowed. May the red tape be eliminated so that farmers can certify inexpensively passing the lower costs to the consumers, while holding on to the high standards of organic practices, because as an organic consumer we have been completely screwed over, spending all of our hard earned dollars just to eat and what should be a global standard. We shouldn’t have to fight for non toxic food, this should be our God given human right, and all alternatives should be sought after to eliminate the use of pesticides with other technologies. Paul Stamets has a patent for a non toxic pesticide made from mushrooms. This is probably sitting in limbo on a shelf of never land in the patent office, for as we know the Big Tech Food Giants have their mitts everywhere, and God forbid a clean earth, clean food with healthy people, that would be everything “THEY” stand against in their depopulation program, and profiting off of the sick.

As other countries adopt organic practices into their countries, may they set the bar even higher than USDA Organic and set the price lower, for this red tape is an unnecessary evil for clean food is a basic human right, a necessity to all life on our Earth.