The Porcelain Twinz Interview Shows 2009

Written by: Gary James

They’re film makers, directors, producers, singers, writers, models and – dancers. They’ve been featured in Penthouse magazine and Playboy T.V. The Porcelain Twinz are one of the most popular dance attractions around today. Preferring not to be individually recognized, both women spoke as one in the answering of the questions.

Q – I would think most people could understand if one sister had an interest in becoming an exotic dancer. But, two? What was the attraction?

A – The attraction to exotic dancing when we first became involved was primarily based on money. It was actually quite terrifying to think that we would take off our clothes in front of strangers for a living. We had often been teased about our small breasts in our teenage years, but, we quickly overcame any insecurities that we had and embraced our nakedness. The attraction that exotic dancing continued to have for us were the many new experiences, the flexible schedule, and of course the money. It is all very exciting in the beginning. It’s new, different, and eye-opening. We learned a lot in those first, few years of stripping.

Q – You base yourselves out of Portland, Oregon. Why do you say that Portland is considered the strip capitol of the U.S.? Who gave the city that title?

A – Portland, Oregon is considered the strip club capitol of the United States based on how many strip clubs the city has per capita. It has more strip clubs per capita than any other city in the United States. The city of Portland and the surrounding metropolitan areas has a population of about 1 million. There are over 500 sex oriented businesses in the Portland area from sex shops to lingere modeling. The history of Portland is very interesting as well. It has a rich history of prostitution, brothels, and sailors getting shanghaied in the underground tunnels and sold. It is all very intriguing.

Q – You evolved from strippers to performance artists. Performance artists means what? A Feature Entertainer?

A – We evolved from strippers to performance artists. Performance artist meaning we create unique, theatrical performance pieces with great artistic expression. We were involved in the Portland scene for many years before we became feature dancers. Our shows did not necessarily fit into the typical feature dancer mold. We were creating our own niche and after three years of featuring, it is finally beginning to catch on.

Q – How were you able to take your act all over the world?

A – When we began featuring, this enabled us to travel all over the world. What really has enabled us to travel all over the world is our shows. We work really hard to create elaborate, innovative shows, and ultimately that is what has enabled us to continue traveling.

Q – How did you get the opportunity to appear in George Michael’s video – “Freeek”?

A – One of our casting agents in L.A. hooked us up with George Michael’s video ‘Freeek’. We fit right in with the theme.

Q – Did you see stripping as a legitimate stepping stone to a Hollywood career in acting.

A – We did not see stripping as a stepping stone to acting. In fact, Hollywood is so conservative that we often times kept this as quiet as possible for there is a stigma attached to the term stripper. We have developed an attitude to just do everything ourselves and create a body of work that we are very proud of. If Hollywood catches on then great!

Q – What’s this music project and film project you’re working on?

A – The music project hasn’t happened yet, but is a project that we have wanted to work on for quite awhile. We are writers and singers and we have written enough lyrics for an entire record. We have a very specific idea in mind of how we would like our music to sound. We just have to find the right collaborative people to work with on the project. We also have a feature film project that we have written and hope to shoot soon. We have written our autobiography as well and plan to shoot that in the future as well. We would also like to shoot another erotic art film. We have an erotic art film titled ‘The masked Charade’ that we plan to release this year.

Q – When is this debut CD of yours going to be released?

A – As soon as we record the music. All the lyrics are written by the two of us. We may record one cover song that we have in mind, but the record will be original material in which we have written.

Q – What instruments do you play?

A – Our voices are our instruments.

Q – Tell me about this film you appeared in that was directed by a well- known Hollywood director.

A – The film we appeared in is ‘Auto Focus’ which was directed by Paul Schrader a very famous Hollywood director that has directed films such as ‘American Gigolo’, and wrote other famous films such as ‘Raging Bull’, and ‘Taxi Driver.’ It was a great experience to meet and work with him.

Q – What is your show like? Do you have a lot of costume changes? A lot of props? It’s more than just taking your clothes off to music isn’t it? Is that what separates you from other touring strip acts?

A – Our shows are really intense. They are very well thought out, choreographed, controversial, and progressive. We spend hours and days creating new show pieces. We keep our props to a minimum because we travel too much to take big, bulky props. We rely on our dancing and choreography rather than a lot of props, although we do have some small, props. What separates us from everyone else is the fact that we are real twin sisters, and that we do choreographed shows. There is a lot of sensuality and sexuality in our shows, which makes it a bit taboo. The shows are just very different from anything going on anywhere in the world.

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