Does the United States American government have the people’s best interest at heart, or is every move they make across the globe a step toward global domination, control, and ultimately hoarding all of the natural resources for themselves, while creating death and destruction along the way? The American government continues to destroy the earth through extremely negative environmental destruction in many forms, including the extraction methods of gas through fracking, poisoning the land, water, air, people and animals and attempt to package it as the best option to other countries, and venomously demand it to be the only option, while dictating the relationships countries can and cannot have with other countries, threatening weaponized sanctions and possible war. As the United States American Government creates its own demise, their totalitarian tiptoe exposed as they lose their hold. Their once tight grip on the world’s oil supply, crumbles, the negative impacts of their actions is yet to unfold.

Does the United States of America Government want it all for themselves? Will they do whatever it takes to achieve their goal of world domination? Does the United States American Government truly represent what America stands for and the foundational principles, and the spirit of the American people?

As Russia Madness propaganda loses its effect, Europe stands with Russia to hold their ground and continue to support Nord Stream 2 a better and more positive solution for all countries involved.

Our United States Government does not represent the spirit of America, are driving a wedge between the political parties within America, and are creating a dangerous divide amongst countries throughout the world toward America.

Will America be the next isolated country, that is hated and ignored due to the dominance, war, and destruction they inflict all over the world, so they can take what the want? The direction of the current and past governments controlled by the Globalist Elitist Death Cult do not get to decide the fate of the American people, but the people will decide the fate of America. As the 2020 election season takes hold, the massive shift in consciousness and truth will take the power away from those who have stolen it from us all, across the world.

Once prosperous countries that have been destroyed, obliterated into ruins through the actions of war taken by the United States Government backed by the Globalist Elitists, does not equal power or empowerment for the country at stake. Everything is at stake now, and the Power Is In Peace, for prosperity, wealth, abundance, good health, happiness, joy, and success, will join the world together harmoniously, giving everyone their power back. The Power is truly in peace and prosperity! Without money, you have no power, countries that have been broken, lose all of their power, culture, and history. We are not going to stand for it anymore, humanity is ready for peace.

The formula used over and over by the Globalist Elitist Death Cult controlling the United States American Government and the world script is flipped. The reversal is in affect and there will be peace on earth for all of us blessed enough to be on the earth at this moment in time will experience. May all of our minds create the shift with our positive thoughts and actions, because everything matters. TULSI 2020!