VLADIMIR PUTIN: “Once a country becomes a NATO member, it is hard to resist the pressures of the U.S. And all of a sudden any weapon system can be placed in this country. An anti ballistic missile system, new military bases, and if need be, new offensive systems, and what are we supposed to do? In this case we have to take countermeasures. We have to aim our missile systems at facilities that are threatening us. The situation becomes more tense.

NATO’s marketing campaign has been packaged and sold to the world leaders and their countries as a prestigious, elite, organization designed to protect their country with only the best intentions for their country, because NATO truly cares about the governments of countries throughout the world, and the well being of the people. But what NATO claims to represent and how NATO actually operates, are quite the opposite. When countries foolishly buy into NATO, there is a hefty price tag to be in this club, NATO pretty much takes the sovereign rights of those countries for their own. NATO becomes the decision makers of influence on those countries applying pressure to suit their needs. NATO has free rein to set up their military bases and weapon systems anywhere and toward anyone they see fit, controlling the military destiny of that country, as well as bypassing international law. NATO is essentially using the country as a strategic pawn in the game of war they inflict upon the World. The only way for NATO to exists, is to be at war and declare what countries pose a threat to everyone they are protecting. It is of vital importance for NATO to have adversaries, and threats, to justify their existence, for without multiple threats around the world, and to instead have peaceful harmonious mutually beneficial cooperation amongst countries, would devalue NATO completely. NATO doesn’t want to risk being shelved, it’s a huge company that supplies and sells military weapons and equipment to countries all over the world via in partnership with the United States of America’s Government of course, they are one in the same. They have set up the ultimate business model for themselves to succeed. So far they have indeed decimated many countries, destroying innocent lives, business’ within those countries, and the culture of those countries, with no intent of rebuilding or restoring what they destroyed creating a mass immigration and refugee crisis. NATO must declare numerous threats from select countries throughout the world in order to exist. They have camouflaged their motives for many years as protection, when they are only protecting their own best interests of world domination dictatorship and profits. However in the modern world as societies advance, the information age evolves, and humanity connects more and more all over the world, war is an archaic atrocity that has no relevance or benefit for the world as a whole. Don’t you think it’s about time for NATO to go? 

VLADIMIR PUTIN: “I think what’s needed right now is the transition to a new paradigm, a new philosophy for building relations among countries, and this paradigm should be  based on respect for the interests of other countries for the sovereignty of other people, not just trying to intimidate them using some outer threat which can only be resisted with the help of the United States. This paradigm will have to cease to exist sooner or later.”

The Putin Interviews | Oliver Stone & Vladimir Putin TEASER

VLADIMIR PUTIN: “Do you know what they say among the Russian people? They say that those who are destined to be hanged are not going to drown.”

OLIVER STONE: “What is your fate sir…have you, do you know?

VLADIMIR PUTIN:  “Only God knows our destiny – yours and mine.

OLIVER STONE: “To die in bed maybe?”

VLADIMIR PUTIN:  “One day this is going to happen to each and every one of us. The question is what we will have accomplished by then in this transient world, and whether we’ll have enjoyed our life?” 

The Putin Interviews | Vladimir Putin & Oliver Stone Talk Security, Fate & Assassination 

VLADIMIR PUTIN to OLIVER STONE: “NATO was set up during the period when there was a confrontation between two Blocs, the Eastern and Western Blocs, Between these two so called camps. Now the Warsaw Treaty has faded away, there is no longer an Eastern Bloc, no more Soviet Union. Therefore, why does NATO keep existing? My impression is that in order to justify its existence, NATO has a need of an external foe, there is a constant search for that foe, or some acts of provocation to name someone as an adversary.”

TEASER The Putin Interviews | Oliver Stone Gets to Know Vladimir Putin 

VLADIMIR PUTIN: “Nowadays, NATO is a mere instrument of foreign policy of the U.S. It has no allies, it has only vassals. Once a country becomes a NATO member, it is hard to resist the pressures of the U.S. And all of a sudden any weapon system can be placed in this country. An anti ballistic missile system, new military bases, and if need be, new offensive systems. And what are we supposed to do? In this case we have to take countermeasures. We have to aim our missile systems at facilities that are threatening us. The situation becomes more tense. Why are we so acutely responding to the expansion of NATO? Well, as a matter of fact we understand the value or lack thereof, and the threat of this Organization. But what we’re concerned about is the following. We are concerned by the practice of how decisions are taken. I know how decisions are taken there.”

The Putin Interviews | Vladimir Putin & Oliver Stone Discuss NATO 

VLADIMIR PUTIN: “People with such conviction like the Senator you mentioned [John McCain], they still live in the Old World, and they’re reluctant to look into the future, they are unwilling to recognize how fast the world is changing. They do not see the real threat, and they cannot leave behind the past which is always dragging them back. On the other hand, we’ve been supporting the U.S. fight for independence. We were allies during World War One and World War Two. Right now there are common threats we are both facing, like international terrorism. We’ve got to fight poverty across the world. The environmental deterioration which is the real threat to all humanity. After all, we’ve stacked up so many nuclear weapons that it has become a threat to the whole world as well. And it would be good for us to give it some thought. There are many issues to address.”

The Putin Interviews | Vladimir Putin Shares His Thoughts on John McCain w/ Oliver Stone

OLIVER STONE: “ Even if NATO made an agreement with Ukraine, I don’t see the threat to Russia with the new weaponry.”

VLADIMIR PUTIN: “I see a threat. The threat consists in the fact that once NATO comes to this or that country, the political leadership of that country as a whole, along with its population, cannot influence the decisions NATO takes.”

The Putin Interviews | Vladimir Putin Explains NATO & Ukraine’s Threat to Russia

Putin: Their Plan For Russia Was Yugoslavian Scenario; To Divide Us And Rule Over Us!

Putin on Russia-US Relations Deteriorating: It all started with NATO bombing of Serbia / Yugoslavia


Russian Report: NATO Destroys Serbia in 1999, Serbia Destroys F 117 Nighthawk

Big News in Russia! 20th Anniversary of Barbaric Bombing of Serbia by NATO War Criminals


HOW IT ALL STARTED: 19Y Ago NATO War Criminals Bombed Serbia & Occupy Serbian Kosovo – Russian Doc

“The Bear does not ask Permission” – Putin


Putin: Are you Russian, or Russian-at-heart?

VLADIMIR PUTIN: “The unipolar world that had been proposed after the Cold War did not take place either. However what is a unipolar world? However one might embellish this term, at the end of the day it refers to one type of situation, namely one center of authority, one center of force one center of decision making. It is a world in which there is one master, one sovereign, and at the end of the day this is pernicious, not only for those within the system, but also for the sovereign itself because it destroys itself from within. One state and, of course, first and foremost the United States, has overstepped its national borders in every way. This is visible in the economic, political, cultural and educational policies it imposes on other nations.”

Putin’s famous Munich Speech 2007

VLADIMIR PUTIN: “There are two threats for Russia. The first threat the placement of these anti-ballistic missiles in the vicinity of our border in the Eastern European countries. The second threat is that the launching pads of these anti-ballistic missiles can be transferred within a few hours with offensive missile launching pads. Look, if these anti-ballistic missiles are placed in Eastern Europe, if those missiles are placed on water, patrolling the Mediterranean and Northern Seas, and in Alaska, almost the whole Russian territory would be encircled by these systems. As you can see, that is another great strategic mistake made by our partners, because all of these actions are going to be adequately answered by Russia, and this means nothing else but a new cycle of an arms race. But our systems which we’re going to build are going to be efficient and we’re going to preserve the so-called strategic parity. Balance is of the utmost importance.”

We don’t want confrontation with US, but our partners continue their unconstructive policy – Putin

Nuclear words: Putin’s FINAL warning

Putin schools Wall Street Journal – “We didn’t start this”

Russian Army | Russian Military – A nightmare for NATO

The Putin Interviews | Behind the Scenes | Oliver Stone & Vladimir Putin SHOWTIME Documentary

VLADIMIR PUTIN TO OLIVER STONE:  “You remember how the nuclear project developed? When the United States created the nuclear bomb and the Soviet Union entered the race and started to actively develop the nuclear program. Russia had both Russian scientists working foreign scientists, Germans primarily. But our intelligence also received a lot of information from the United States. Suffice it to remember the Rosenberg spouses who were electrocuted. They didn’t acquire that information, they were just transferring the information. But who acquired it? The scientist themselves – those who developed the atomic bomb. Why did they do that? Because they understood the dangers. They let the genie out of the bottle, and now the genie cannot be put back, and this international team of scientists, I think they were more intelligent than the politicians. They provided the information to the Soviet Union of their own volition to restore the nuclear balance in the world. And what are we doing right now? We’re trying to destroy this balance. and that’s a great mistake.” 

The Putin Interviews | Vladimir Putin on How the Nuclear Arms Race Has Evolved 

The Putin Interviews | Vladimir Putin & Oliver Stone Discuss the Dangers of Nuclear War | SHOWTIME

VLADIMIR PUTIN: “And in relation to your statement whether or not the missile defense system is a threat to Russia. I can assure you that even American experts consensus that these [NATO] developments threaten the security of the Russian Federation. Everything is being done [including the Iranian agreement] is done in order to eliminate all nuclear potential, of every country, except that of the United States.”

America relies on war for jobs?

This attitude and mentality that the industrial military war complex is an integral need for the sake of jobs for people is an absurd, bizarre, and quite honestly a sociopathic statement, which is completely disconnected from humanity. Destroying humanity in one part of the world to enrich humanity in another? War has been geographically chosen in far off lands, away from eyes of the American people who go about their lives on a daily basis, not thinking about the horrific struggles war torn countries must endure is strategically designed. What is missing from the consciousness of the American people, is the common thread of how similar we all are all over the world regardless of our race, culture, or belief systems. There are entrepreneurs and professionals in their careers in other countries who are literally the same as you or me. There are internet companies, bakeries, hair stylists, artists, writers, doctors, farmers, just like that in America, sifting through a different environment and culture, but the core is the same, serving humanity with a talent, skill, or trade they have to offer, providing for their families. Everyone has something to offer if given the opportunity. War in far off places is dehumanized, desensitized, demoralized, when it should be shunned and demonized. The American people no matter what they are fed through the mainstream corporate media should never be in support of war because what they are supporting is death and destruction of all of the beauty that exists throughout the world. The United States going to war and bragging about what we have destroyed, does not make us a stronger nation, but shows our weakness, and unwillingness to adapt to the modern world, where cooperative peaceful, harmonious, prosperous relations with other countries throughout the world, is where we need to head if there is going to be a World. If the United States continues to turn everything to dust, does that mean that they’ve won? Can America please take the United States of America’s Government back from the Deep State Global Elitists Death Cult seeking hell on Earth, passing bills through Congress to declare war on any country throughout the world for the sake of America?

There is no accident that all of the countries that the United States Government has waged war on, are still in shambles, in a tortured state, with little hope for restoration, or life as they once knew it, or life as they have always known depending on how old a person is. The Global Elitists Death Cult running our world through the United States Government, thrives on the pain and suffering of the people. These Globalist use their same formulas over and over and if you pay attention you can see their patterns and predict what’s next. These patterns include destroying a country and once destroyed, all obstacles are put in place to make it impossible to restore and fix that country, making it appear to be to permanently broken, and unappealing for anyone else to resolve. God forbid someone else step into clean up the mess the United States has made, while the U.S. stands on the sidelines pretending to prevent further deterioration. This is not an accident. Nothing getting done, everything delayed, problems unsolved, a state of panic, disorder and chaos. It’s all part of their system of disaster to keep the people of war torn countries broken, running in circles, powerless, and dependent on the help of the USA, which they pretend to give, when once again they are only helping themselves to whatever they see fit, like kids in a candy store, taking whatever they want from the people and the land. Human trafficking, gun running, drug cartels, it all goes hand and hand with the Global Elitist agenda to destroy everything beautiful in this world including humanity, as the mayhem serves as a great distraction and deterrent, appearing to messy for anyone to want to clean up. However breaking the human spirit is much harder than anticipated and the fight for freedom, justice, and a good life for all of the people throughout the world is being heard. If all the positive powerful world leaders come together and design a system to restore war torn countries where everyone from around the world is invested in this endeavour, than you can bet when one giant entity comes into destroy it, there will be great pushback. If the problem is removed from the equation, the solution will magically appear.


USA: Senators agree to ‘tough and meaningful’ expansion of Russian sanctions

The foreign Policy Makers in the United States Government are professional criminals capable of manipulating any circumstance to appear as a threat and danger to America in order to wage war rather it be economic or good ol’ fashioned bombs. The are masters of manipulation with the innate ability to handcraft any bill they want to pass through Congress with urgent persuasion of imminent threats. Some of these professional bill writers should work in Hollywood with some of the elaborate, descriptive, theater of war scenarios they create out of thin air. Poof it appears, and if they can persuade our ignorant congressmen and congresswomen to vote for their agenda, with the stamp of approval by the President, who they have also handed their fantastical tale, then the United States looks big, tough, and strong, and can of course do no wrong. If any of these politicians had any common sense, war would be the absolute last resort, but even this gives them a little too much wiggle room. There just needs to be no resort, accept for the ones they all spend their time at since they only have to work around 3 days a week, which may explain why nothing gets done, and they are all clueless. Maybe a few less vacations and a little more self education on the actual truth of the world, with the internet at our fingertips anyone can awaken, but let’s not push it too far here. It’s time for some real people to run for positions within the United States Government who understand the people’s needs and politics around the world. This isn’t CNN’s generation any longer, the alternative media has stepped up their game, and the world will never be the same! Thank God, for those who believe in the infinite intelligence of this Universe, may we get some truth seekers, real thinkers, an humanitarians in our United States Government.

Top Russia’s Anchor Roasts Trump: US Blames Every Country in the World Except Itself And Israel

SORRY – Putin says he can’t save everyone

World’s largest Syrian refugee camp has developed its own economy

Shkoon refreshes the middle-eastern most poetic songs with deep house rhythms and a layered electronic sound. Mixing their different skills and influences, they use music to uplift the senses and explore cultural bridges.. Along with the talented Syrian violinist Maher Alkadi, they blessed us with an ecstatic live performance at our opening in Paris, Petit Bain.

Aleppo , Before and After War

Aleppo Syria Before War Attack And Now(Pray For Syria-Aleppo)Before And After 😓

Iraq: 30 years of war

VLADIMIR PUTIN: “Russia was against using military force in Libya, and the UN Security Council Resolution on this prohibited former President of Libya Muammar al-Gaddafi from using the aviation against the opposition, which was armed, by the way. Instead, the Western coalition started using its air force against Libya, perverting the UN Security Council Resolution. As a result of this, a prospering country whose quality of life was close to some European standard is now in ruins, in chaos, torn by an unending civil war.”

Putin To a Turkish Journo: Do You Really Believe Western MSM!? Read About Turkey & Change Your Mind

REMINDER: Putin – Who gave NATO right to kill Gaddafi?

Libya’s Revolution Is in Ruins | VICE on HBO

Vladimir Putin Addresses U.N. General Assembly on Syria | The New York Times


‘Lavrov’s patience tested one time too many’: Russian FM blasts Western policy in UN speech

Putin on Obama’s failed promises [Guantanamo]

OLIVER STONE: “You know America in its media desires is made it into a huge money making enterprise huge I mean the amount of money is beyond belief and a lot is at stake there’s a openness to the Russian mind and an intelligence and I think the American people are natural fit with them because our countries and certain things are very similar, anyway it’s crazy to have them as an enemy and in the end it really we talk about national security but where we’re really endangering our own national security with this attitude.”

Norway: ‘Why would he fake it?’ Oliver Stone disputes Putin fake news allegation

VLADIMIR PUTIN:  “In order to contain Russia a full selection of methods is being used from attempt at political isolation and economic pressure to a wide scale information war and special services methods as it has been recently directly and openly said they are going to twist the arms of those who don’t agree but such tricks do not work with Russia, have never worked before and will not work in the future.”


Putin gives a lesson in history – awkward

The Putin Interviews | Part 4 Tease | Oliver Stone & Vladimir Putin SHOWTIME Documentary

VLADIMIR PUTIN’S ON DONALD TRUMP WINNING THE ELECTION: “He knew the fiber in the souls of the people on which he knew how to play to win their hearts, and I don’t think anyone is going to be able to challenge the outcome of this election. Instead, those who have been defeated should have drawn conclusions from what they did, from how they built their work, they shouldn’t have tried to shift the blame on something outside. (Russia) I think that Obama’s outgoing team has created a minefield for the incoming President and for his team. They have created an environment which makes it difficult for him to make good on the promises given to the people. But in reality, we’re not waiting for anything revolutionary.” 

The Putin Interviews | Vladimir Putin’s Reaction to Donald Trump Winning the Election 

We Don’t Do Stupid Things! – Putin Explains Subtle Difference Between US and Russia

Putin Schools CNBC Journo: How Can You Even Talk About Human Rights?

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The Putin Interviews | Vladimir Putin Comments on Russia’s Ethnic & Religious Diversity

NATO Montenegrin Regime Jails Orthodox Bishop and Priests; Sparks Massive Christian Protests!


Pro-American President Of Montenegro Wants To Confiscate Shrines Of The Orthodox Church


Russia Condemns Montenegro’s Regime For Its Final Step To Seize The Orthodox Churches


Christians In Montenegro Protest Against Regime’s Attempts To Confiscate All Orthodox Churches!


The Putin Interviews | Vladimir Putin on Ronald Reagan’s Presidency w/ Oliver Stone

The Putin Interviews | Oliver Stone Visits Vladimir Putin on the Ice 

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Oliver Stone on how the US misunderstands Putin


Oliver Stone talks about his Vladimir Putin documentary – BBC News

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