Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama created a campaign against Russia, to intentionally distort and hide the facts, that Russia fought World Wide terrorist attacks. No one knew this they hid it well, Russia’s defeat of ISIS nearly quelled. Russia in Syria was not known, invited by the Syrian Government let the truth be told. U.S. Diplomats whispered behind the scenes, they would hide Russia’s efforts falsify and deem, Russia as the enemy a smear campaign, the U.S. in control they hold the reigns. As terrorists crossed into Russia’s backyard, attacks in Paris and Boston bombs. Russian intelligence given in advance, Barack Obama let this slip through the cracks, an oversight that came across his desk, maybe no one will notice a couple of deaths. These things are done behind the scenes, covertly, and intentionally, for this kind of intelligence can’t be ignored, unless they are allowing a covert secret war. This was done on American soil, the terrorist snuck right in, Obama’s not loyal, to the United States of America, apparently nothing could have been done. These terrorists came in completely unnoticed, not according to Russian intelligence sources. Obama committed Treason if someone digs in deep, they might find the reason of who else is responsible and allowed bombs set at marathon runners feet? Why was Russian intelligence snubbed, Putin said there was no response. The U.S. side, he had forewarned, but the U.S. chose to completely ignore, the dire warning of the brother terrorists, Russia wanted to extradite and arrest. If Obama would have promptly replied, he could have saved countless American lives, that instead were ruined on that fatal day, now forever ingrained in pain. Many have never gotten over the children that died, and all the others who did not survive. Is this how the war on terror is to be fought, ignoring intelligence information that could have caught, these two terrorist brothers who were welcomed in, by Obama’s United States Government.

This is exactly how the Globalist function, death is a part of their credo and instructions, human sacrifice are public rituals, the Satanic Death Cult has been revealed. To create a fear stricken obedient society where Presidents and governments are criminal mafia’s, who appear to have power but bow down to their masters, who obey their orders from the top of the pyramid to create disaster. Where instructions are carried out to the T, the Globalist shadows are pulling the strings.

Obama may have had the perfect style, his slicked out speech and Hollywood smile. He landed the role he fooled the world, he turned everything upside down and into turmoil. The Neocons, Globalist, and foreign policy maker war planners were not concerned, they had a long term agenda to turn, the world upside down through perpetual wars, the only way they could achieve their New World Order.

But Russia threw a monkey wrench into this plan and Hillary would be bitter toward Vladimir Putin. The war against Putin had been waged we are in the information age, where the Corporate Media have become tabloids, with one agenda to set out and destroy, whoever their target is they line them up, their talking points fire like a machine gun. You can’t escape it the headlines read, Russia is the enemy! It’s juvenile for their is much cooperation with the United States and the Russian Federation, so this distorted image that the Tabloid Corporate Media has made, is false, made up, and completely fake.

VLADIMIR PUTIN: “I think we all want security, peace, safety and cooperation. Therefore, we should not build up tension or invent fictional threats from Russia, some hybrid warfare etc…You made these things up yourselves and now you scare yourself with them and even use them to plan your prospective policies. These policies have no prospects.” 2017

Putin Meets With Russia’s Best And Brightest Engineers Who Make The Best Rocket Engines In The World APR 2019

Mars, Here We Come! Russian Scientists Working On Thermonuclear Plasma Rocket Engines 2019

VESTI NEWS: “As early as in 2015 the whole world silently watched the spreading of ISIS, marveling whether there exist some forces who can stop it. And it was the Russian Special Forces, Aerospace Defense who Achieved the Impossible to defeat large groups of ISIS terrorists.”

MUAMMAR GADDAFI’S PROPHECIES: “They are helping you to fight against me, but it will be more wise for you to fight against them, because they are fighting against your future and progress. My message to you, the people of Libya, is they are helping you to kill me, but you will pay the price because you will suffer. And my message to America and Europe is you will kill me, but be ready to fight never ending terrorism. Before you realize your ignorance terrorists will be hitting you at your doorstep.”

VLADIMIR PUTIN: “Incidentally, at some point, we warned the Americans about the Tsarnaev brothers, or whatever their name is. We told them directly. First, we asked to extradite them, as well, and then told the Americans that they were a threat. They ignored us. The brothers then committed a notorious terrorist attack during the Boston marathon, [2013 Obama’s watch] and people died. Do you see my point? And you have bandits like that walking around Berlin.”

Putin Bemused By EU Politicians: Why Do You Allow Bandits To Walk Freely In European Capitals? U.S. Boston Marathon Bombing was in 2013 during Obama & Hillary’s reign of Terror! Dec 23, 2019

Putin Thanks Trump For Foiling New Year’s Terrorist Attack In Russia’s Saint Petersburg! DEC 30, 2019

Regardless of the mutual cooperation between Russia and the United States that is not widely known amongst the public, Russia and U.S. intelligence agencies have shared valuable information in regard to terrorists and cooperate in many other fields, despite the portrayal by the Mainstream Corporate Tabloid Media who’s objective is to keep the United States and Russia at odds and as enemies. This is not beneficial to the Global security of the World and is designed to create tensions and create profits for those who sensationalize fake news, and for political agendas.

RAMZAN KADYROV HEAD OF CHECHEN REPUBLIC: “If Russia had not interfered the terrorists would already have come here. They are not ordinary gangsters. It’s a specially trained army. We already heard their slogans: ‘We’ll come to Russia, and we’ll show you all.’


Russian Special Operations Forces Saved Syria, Changed Tide of Fight Against ISIS! 2019

VESTI NEWS: “In a matter of two years, we accomplished so many things in Syria the Americans couldn’t manage in Afghanistan during 15 years. [Now 18 years] ‘Mission fulfilled.’ On hearing this, the Americans suddenly began questioning our victories, and some Europeans preferred to cozy up with our triumph. But none of Western leaders came to Hmeimim, or some other place in Syria. Whereas Putin was here just 10 minutes ago.”

SERGEY SHOYGU MINISTER OF DEFENSE OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION: “Our President though it his duty to fly there. Of course we ask the same questions too, that maybe he shouldn’t go because it’s too dangerous. But it’s dangerous in many other places. He could fly to other hot spots, and we had been warning him, saying that maybe he shouldn’t go there. But he made a decision that he should go.” 

VESTI NEWS JOURNALIST: Trump, Merkel, Macron, and other members of the Coalition stay at home and don’t think it’s a problem.”

SERGEY SHOYGU: “But the countries they head is not Russia…”

VESTI NEWS: “As early as in 2015 the whole world silently watched the spreading of ISIS, marveling whether there exist some forces who can stop it. And it was the Russian Special Forces, Aerospace Defense who Achieved the Impossible to defeat large groups of ISIS terrorists.”

VLADIMIR PUTIN: “Starting from 2013, the VKS are replenished with 200 flying machines yearly. Today we can safely say that our Army was not only regenerated. We built an entirely new Army. There appeared in the armed forces absolutely new military formations, and the performed brilliantly in Syria.”

RUSSIA MILITARY: “It’s one thing when you test weapons on the testing ground, and quite another when you deal with real combat. It makes a great difference. Many of our developers and engineers were in Syria and added ‘in situ’ improvements of the weaponry we deploy there. Believe me many of our weapons today are a lot better than in Europe or America.”

VESTI NEWS: “That’s why we see a growing interest in the world towards Russian weaponry, which purged Syria from terrorists. They had been controlling 70 odd percent of the Syrian territory, and they were not some ordinary bandits. They had at their disposal a huge network of training bases, foreign funds supporting them with billions of dollars, centralized deliveries of modern arms and professional propaganda. Thus madcaps were turned into a powerful army. Normalized atrocity was closing in on the whole world.”

Putin Recalls Two Heroic Stories From Syria: Russian Special Forces Achieved Impossible 2019

HEROES: 16 Elite Russian Soldiers Fought a Swarm of 300 Syrian Jihadists MAY 2017

Crazy Training Russia’s Military – “UNSTOPPABLE” | Hand-to-Hand Combat 2020



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Russian Army | Russia’s Military Capability Today | Russian Military Power 2020

Russian Army – Putin’s Airborne Troops 2020

WICKED Russian Spetsnaz – “READY TO STRIKE” (2020)


Crazy Training of Russian Special Forces – “With Live Ammunition” 2019

Russian Armed Forces | Вооруженные Силы России Snow Opera 2020

EXCLUSIVE Scenes! Russian Spetsnaz Hunts ISIS Terrorists In Impassable Forests Of Dagestan, Russia DEC 2018

What the Mainstream Corporate Propaganda Worldwide Media intentionally hid from the people throughout the World, were all the facts of Russia’s heroic efforts in the fight against terrorism and defeating ISIS. Russia’s intervention into Syria’s fight against terrorism was through an invitation from the legitimate Syrian Government’s President Assad, where 70 percent of the Syrian Statehood had been taken over by the Islamic State [ISIS} and was bleeding into other parts of the World. The threat of terrorism was gaining massive momentum all over the World, and posing a threat to every country throughout the globe. The Islamic State was seeking World domination, and the spread of ISIS could not be ignored. Russia stepping up in the fight against terrorists in 2015 was not widely known and would be deliberately kept from the public, while others claimed the victor! Instead of thanking Russia for their unprecedented, heroic campaign in the fight against terrorists in Syria and the defeat of ISIS, within only a few years, the Worldwide Mainstream Corporate Media would instead make Vladimir Putin and Russia into the Villain of the World, and sculpt Russia as the enemy and threat to all, using sanctions and proxy wars throughout the World to seek revenge for Russia’s success of defeating terrorists, and supporting Syria and Assad, for the United States Deep State Neocons could not remove Assad with Syria’s allies of Russia and Iran.

“500,000 people at least killed in the seven years of Syria war, twelve million people at least displaced, 5 million of them at least living outside Syria.”

Syria’s Bashar Al-Assad on Russia and Iran (March 30, 2015) | Charlie Rose

VLADIMIR PUTIN: “Saying that you have evidence, but it is secret and not available for scrutiny, it’s simply disrespectful to your partners in the international community. If evidence exists, it must be shown. If it is not shown, then it does not exist. Alluding to some intercepted conversations, which prove absolutely nothing at all, cannot serve as justification to attack a sovereign country.”

Assad’s chemical weapons “crock of shit” – Putin 2016

Russia’s Politician Zhirinovsky: The Reign Of The Anglo-Saxons Will Soon Be Over! SEPT 2018

The war on the World that the U.S. has launched through their so called fight against terrorism has become an economic war on anyone and everyone the U.S feels deserves it, has something they want, does not comply to the U.S demands, does not give them their land or natural resources they have staked out for themselves. The war on terrorism has turned into the United States Deep State Neocons terrorizing the world through unjust, illegal economic sanctions, regime change wars, coups, and NATO & U.S. bombs, and all of these wars have to do with the United States losing their hegemonic power as countries claim their sovereignty and seek to de-dollarize, and invent alternatives from the U.S. controlled financial system monopolies. This is the real reason that the United States of America Deep State Neocons are waging their wars all over the world. While Russia is genuinely fighting and defeating terrorism, with a zero tolerance policy of using terrorists for political agendas. Russia has been fighting terrorism for many years prior to their contribution in Syria in 2015, and know that you can never trust or negotiate with terrorists. Instead, the United States Neocon War Machine, has become the terrorists of the World, with their economic war of sanctions and well known support of terrorism, by funding, arming and training extremist terrorist groups for their own Geo-political agendas. The prophetic Gaddafi warned of this.

MUAMMAR GADDAFI: “Now you people in NATO listen to me – you are bombing the wall that stopped African migration into Europe. This wall stopped the terrorists from Al-Qaeda. This wall was Libya. You are destroying it, you fools. For the many thousands of migrants from Africa for your support of Al-Qaeda, you will burn in hell this his how it will be.”

‘Russians and Iranians should be killed to pay a price in Syria’ – ex-CIA chief backing Clinton 2016

This is how criminal the media has become, they are morally bankrupt, with vacant, hollow souls. What the Mainstream Corporate Media has become are pure political propagandist, a funnel to the Shadow CIA war agenda, which is why the World is in the state of chaos, for the media has been providing 100% unbiased support to every war the United States Foreign Policy Makers have waged throughout the World. They have been on a war rampage, and directly after the United States and NATO allies murdered Gaddafi, and declared an illegal, unethical and unjust war on Libya, Syria was next on their list, and they barely took a pause, for Syria was locked in their sites and the United States Foreign Policy War Makers, next attack. Vladimir Putin was not in agreement with the U.S Neocon wars being waged all over the world, and the Corporate Propaganda Media, a dangerous weapon that needs dismantled, has become a Weapon Of Mass Destruction in their War against Russia and Vladimir Putin who opposes the U.S destructive Foreign Policy War Planners agenda.

Putin On Whether He Wants To Rule The World: We All Know Very Well Who Seeks To Rule The World! DEC 21, 2018

Maria Zakharova: Obama Was The Most Evil President DEC 29, 2016


SEMYON BAGDASROV RUSSIAN POLITICAL ANALYST: “The US is using Iran to practice an attack against Russia. We need to closely watch how the U.S. is gradually destroying Iran and overthrowing the current regime. First, economic sanctions are increasing. [As a result, Iran’s income has dropped by 66%.] Secondly, there’s a large-scale information offensive that targets the Iranian population as well as many of their allies, convincing them to join their efforts against Iran. The third aspect is military pressure. There are permanently deployed military units in the region, etc. The goal is to overthrow the current regime. They’re not idiots, they realize that it’s currently useless to try to push Iran out of Iraq, Yemen, and so on. They need to destroy the regime from within. They’re doing the same thing to us. Are there economic sanctions? There are. Is there an information war? There is. Do they have the support of various Russian renegades? They do. We need to watch them closely and take some steps. For example, I still don’t get why we keep our money in their banks. Do we have ultimate guarantees that they won’t terminate the deals? Russia needs to take some actions. We have an alliance with India and China, that’s great. However, if we don’t ensure security within our own country, everything else will be pointless.”

Russian Analyst Warns: The US Is Preparing For The Final Countdown With Russia JULY 2016

US – Iran Standoff Explained By Top Russia’s Journalist Kiselev MAY 24, 2019

There is nearly zero journalism involved in the mainstream corporate media, and it is criminal to distort the minds of the people for a sinister Global Elite Agenda of the New World Order – One World Government and waging wars all over the world based on lies, accusations, and to keep the hegemonic uni-polar power, taking out anyone who challenges the monetary financial system that has been put in place to control the World.

RUSSIAN MINISTER OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS SERGEY LAVROV: “You know I am NOT in the guessing business, what I know is that when that some time ago the three Western countries who are leading this crazy campaign said if Assad uses chemical weapons then we would use force. You know I believe that was a signal to the bad guys including the White Helmets to stage a provocation now after they stuck the 14th of April they say again if you do this again we would use force. Again this is another invitation to the opposition to the extremists to resume fighting which they did already. They tried to attack Damascus immediately after the strike. But my point is that when people say Russia is responsible for the obligations of Assad under the Chemical Weapons Convention it’s a very outrageous statement.”

JOURNALIST: “500,000 people at least killed in the seven years of Syria war, twelve million people at least displaced, 5 million of them at least living outside Syria.”

RUSSIAN MINISTER OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS SERGEY LAVROV: “Resolution 2254 it is for the Syrians to decide the future of Syria, new constitution, elections, let the Syrians decide and mind you that the on going efforts to split Syria is very much against what people say formally and publicly and when you speak about disastrous effect of some civil wars, don’t forget what shape Iraq is in, what shape Libya is in and those who did it they now want to have Syria joining the club.”

JOURNALIST: “The U.S. Treasury is due to announce another round of sanctions against Russian companies and individuals who are deemed to have contacts with the Syrian military. There are already over the past few weeks new sanctions from the United States on a whole bunch of different companies of individuals, which have hit the Russian stock market very badly, Russia’s being squeezed.”

RUSSIAN MINISTER OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS SERGEY LAVROV:: “Thank you for your sympathy, but don’t worry we will survive.”

JOURNALIST: “Market down ten percent, ruble down against the dollar.”

RUSSIAN MINISTER OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS SERGEY LAVROV: “You’ve seen the times which was very troubling in the past when…what’s his name…George Soros undermined your stock market and dropped the pound sterling very low, but it’s not just the threat to punish those who keep context with the Syria government, it’s a threat, which is what we see to punish the entire Russian people for making the wrong choice during the elections. When they say that we would never target the Russian men and women we would only target the oligarchs, the politicians, the military, who disturbed the world, they are lying because the desire as I see is to make thousands and thousand, and thousands and hundreds of thousands Russians disturbed.”

JOURNALIST: “Do you feel you are in a new Cold War?”

RUSSIAN MINISTER OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS SERGEI LAVROV: “Well I think it’s worse because during the Cold War there were channels of communication and there was no obsession with Russia Phobia, which looks like genocide by sanctions.”

JOURNALIST: “You think the situation today is worse than during the Cold War?”

RUSSIAN MINISTER OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS SERGEY LAVROV: “Yes, because of the lack of channels of communication, except very few that make it very dangerous. I hope that not only you, but other competitors of yours including the government recognizes.”

EXCLUSIVE, FULL & UNEDITED Interview Of Lavrov To BBC APR 2018

“The world is anxious to stop this madness,” said Keiser, who sees gold and cryptocurrency as the way forward for the “post $USD hegemony.”

“Max Keiser told RT that in pushing a hard line on Iran, the US will only force other countries to come up with alternatives, and stockpile gold to lessen their dependence on the almighty US dollar.”

The US puzzlingly seems to want to expedite global de-dollarization with its ill-advised weaponization of SWIFT,” Keiser said.

“The impact this is having globally is clear. Russia and China are developing an alternative to SWIFT while also buying hundreds of tonnes of Gold as a means to escape the $USD chokehold. This in turn will accelerate global de-dollarization.”

SWIFT Explained: a Tool of US Empire? NOV 2018

Michael Hudson – De-Dollarization–Toward the End of the U.S. Monetary Hegemony? APR 2020

Lavrov: “The Dollar System Has Discredited Itself” – Russia Will Attack Keystone of US Power? SEP 2018

Putin Floats New Proposal at BRICS Meeting – Time to Start Using the Ruble Instead of Dollar! NOV 2019

VESTI NEWS: “BRICS association views: “leaders refused to accept sanctions and trade wars and expresses their desire to achieve a multipolar world.” 

VLADIMIR PUTIN: “As you may know, the summit coincided with Nelson Mandela’s centenary. He defended the principles of equality, dignity, and justice. These are the principles that underlie BRICS’ activities. The advantage of BRICS is that it’s free of all the red tape you find in many other similar associations. All decisions are taken with regard to the interests of all of the organization’s members.”

VLADIMIR PUTIN: “We have a joke here: ‘War is war, but lunch is still on schedule.’ The same logic was supposed to work here: disputes are disputes, but when it comes to economics, some things are absolutely stable and immutable. Turns out, it’s not the case: payment systems are being used as a political argument in political disputes and in settling differences; currency is being used too. We’re not going to make any abrupt movements, We’re not gong to give up on the dollar. We have been and will continue to pursue it to the extent to which the US financial authorities will allow the use of the dollar in settlements.”

VESTI NEWS: “BRICS association has created its own bank, an analog of the International Monetary Fund [IMF] The development bank is currently opening branches in the Group of Five. The Brazil branch is opening soon;  Russia is next in line.” 

MAXIM ORESHKIN RUSSIAN MINISTER OF ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: “It gives Russia additional financial resources and the expertise needed for infrastructure projects in a broad sense: not just projects related to transportation, but also ones in the area of housing, public utilities, and other fields.” 

VESTI NEWS: “Journalists are curious as to when the next meeting with Donald Trump will be held. The presidents agreed to meet again during the summit in Helsinki.” 

VLADIMIR PUTIN: “He’d like to hold more meetings; I’m also ready to meet with him. We are ready to invite President Trump to Moscow. Incidentally, he already has an invitation, I told him about it. I’m also ready to visit Washington, D.C. But again, the right conditions must be in place. Despite all the existing difficulties, in this case the domestic political situation in the US, life goes on.”

XI JINPING, CHINESE PRESIDENT: “We must create a new form of international relations based on equity; a win-win for everyone. We must take regional issues into account and make the world a whole equitable place.” 

Towards a Multipolar World: BRICS Is Becoming a Viable Alternative to America’s World Order 2018

BRICS HERALDS IN 2ND “Golden Decade” JULY 2018

The mainstream corporate media serve as an arm to the United States Industrial Military Complex to contort the truth, and make up false narratives to gain the support of the people and justify their inhumane actions. The Mainstream Corporate Media are pathological liars and appear to be psychopaths as well, for their interests are not for the people, but for the Deep pockets of the Global Elites whos function is to Divide and Rule and to enslave humanity, it is pure insanity. The World is indeed a safer place with the amazing leadership of Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation. We all should be thanking Russia for keeping the strategic balance of power and global security throughout the World, and their amazing fight against World Wide Global Terrorism, and their mind blowing contributions and sacrifices to the World!

Iran, Russia, Turkey – Peace Partners In Syria NOV 2017

We Have New Partners Now! Putin’s Plan Has Diversified Economy; Russia Not Reliant on US! FEB 20 2019