As if life couldn’t be more strange, and as our life flashes before our eyes, it has us pondering how much of our reality is being manipulated by an outside source, someone with a lot of money, power, and a Vendetta. You would think that our life was a sci-fi movie, so far out there it’s hard to believe, but as we recap past events and have cognitions of epiphanies, you will see that none of this is random, and there is indeed someone behind the scenes pulling the strings to our life. As the realization that nothing is as it seems, we recount the series of events that are all connected by one, not that one, but the evil one.

It all comes back to 2015 when the real hell began in our life, our condo was sold out from under us, however the attack on our financial well being had already begun covertly around 2012, when the most popular downtown gentlemen’s club we worked at started over booking dancers, charging hefty stage fees, began allowing sexual services, and secretly tortured the women by not turning the heat on during the winter when the temperature in the club would be in the 40 degree Fahrenheit range or low 50’s, We were all half naked wearing lingerie’ shivering. Even the customers would leave their coats on and ask why it was so cold? This gentlemen’s club would eventually sell to the Deja Vu chain, turning it into Portland’s premiere whore house. Before they sold to Deja Vu, a mafioso from the Spearmint Rhino came into scope out the joint. We ended up talking to this man all night. He was trying to get us to come to California and dance at the Spearmint Rhino’s, he said we would do very well there. 

From our years of experience of dancing at numerous clubs in the Los Angeles area, we knew the Rhino’s were all ran by the mob, that all of the clubs were whore houses and took forty percent of what the women made every night. We had met a Pornstar who did a featuring gig at one of the Spearmint Rhinos, and she gave us the breakdown of the cost of everything. Sex being $300. That’s a real bargain if you ask us, because we can make that in 30 minutes in VIP in Portland without having to fuck anyone. This was years ago, maybe the price has gone up since then, but the point is well it’s pretty obvious what the point is. Los Angeles strip clubs have been whore houses for many years, and now they were scoping out Portland to turn the club that we work at and make a very good living at, into a brothel. 

We would have to exit this exclusive gentlemen’s club as they began allowing prostitution, which took it over, they hadn’t even sold the club yet, but they were preparing it for those who were about to buy it. You can now get anything on a platter there, and it’s an $80 upfront fee for a dancer to work there, not counting all the fees that will be deducted from her other earnings throughout the night. We were paying around $3000 or more a month to work there before it was a whore house. Crazy right, you know what we could do with an extra $3000 plus a month, we could buy some superfoods and organic groceries, since that is what we spend the majority of our money on anyways, the cost to try and heal ourselves taking precedence over everything else, no shopping sprees for us, only wheatgrass, and herbs. Don’t get us wrong, we do get very excited when our magical herbs arrive in the mail, it brings us great pleasure, but a girl needs a new pair of stilettos every now and again.

We would leave our amazingly lucrative downtown gentlemen’s club, and venture to the east side. We would be stuck working at two clubs that were co-owned, and forced women to schedule at both clubs rather you liked it or not. One of the clubs was owned by a Satanist, White supremacist who liked to have sex with black women.  He also beat up his girlfriend and payed for her plastic surgery for rearranging her face so bad. This is where we now had to work, for lack of any other options, for we were slowly being blacklisted from all of the lucrative strip clubs in Portland, many of which we had made famous. This strip club used the same ice cold tactics of the other strip club, keep the women freezing cold and miserable all night, charging them stage fees, and allowing sexual services behind the curtain. It was hard to compete with all of this, but we had a handful of loyal regulars that always took care of us in the club, as well as our talent of mesmerizing audiences when we were dancing on stage together. We relied on our brains, beauty and talent to make money, and have always been outspoken and opposed prostitution within strip clubs. This is why dancers choose the profession, so they don’t have to be prostitutes. There are ample opportunities in Portland for prostitution, tons of in call and out call services, jack shacks, and agencies. The point of being a dancer in a strip club in Portland, is so you don’t have to be that. You can make your money as a professional entertainer and not have to compromise your integrity as a woman. Having to compete with this in the club on a nightly basis was infuriating. Have some class, hearing women choke on cock behind a curtain, and the smell of cum isn’t what this industry use to be or should have ever become. It is disgusting, degrading, and a degradation to the soul.

Why were all of the clubs allowing this? Who bought off OLCC and the city of Portland? The Portland strip club industry is a place of illegal prostitution, gun running, drug running, and sex trafficking. There really is no hope in saving it, for it’s past the point of no return. We once thought maybe it could be reformed, but as we know evil always lurks in the shadows of these places, and it’s a gateway to letting the Devil in, it will always be full of illegal activity and corruption. It always has been and always will be, it’s just become worse and worse, regulated by its owners, with no outside authority keeping it in check, for they are all in on it.

As our city was slipping from the palm of our hands through our fingers like grains of sand, and our condo was sold out from under us, our stability being compromised and an inevitable life change needing to happen to turn our life in a new positive direction, we would leave Portland for a year in 2015. This is where the bounty hunt on our life began as we wrote about already. However we did not go into detail on a handful of very strange things that occurred that we do not think are random whatsoever.

In 2009 when we came back to Portland, we were greeted by rain clouds. It was fall when we arrived back home, one of the most beautiful times of the year, so rain wasn’t out of the ordinary. The fall is one of our favorite seasons in Portland, for the beautiful golden yellow, orange, and red leaves scattered on the back road neighborhood streets in picturesque and cinematic and the smells crisp. It truly is breathtaking the fall. 

The winter would come and it would be cold, dreary and rainy, but we could look forward to March where the sun would start shining again. Portland’s spring and Indian summers that stretched all the way to November were what many people lived for including us. As March rolled around, no sun, just rain, rain and more rain. This was strange. This continued through the entire summer. We literally maybe had one week of sunshine. We had met two people from Spain who boasted about Portland having the best weather of any city in the world during the summer time, and that is why they lived here. They were so angry their summer was robbed from them, that they did not know if they were going to continue to live in Portland. 

After year two of the same weather, with no summer again, we were wondering what was going on? This went on for many years, Portland being robbed of their summer. We knew this was due to the Geoengineering program, for when we lived in our condo with floor to ceiling glass windows, I had a chemtrail awakening moment as I was hanging upside-down on my inversion table looking out the glass window at the blue sky behind me. I for the first time ever saw a plane making a chemtrail, then another and another. I yelled for Amber to come look, and we both stared out the window in disbelief. We had not fallen down the rabbit hole yet about chemtrails, but we’re about to start doing our research for the information age was here, and we were about to remove the wool from our eyes. From our beautiful condo view, we would see the chemtrails in action on a daily basis. How did we never notice this before? It’s because most people are enclosed indoors with four walls, looking down at their computers and cell phones, they are not really looking up in the sky, but as our incredible view opened our eyes, another kind of awakening would begin to unfold in our life. 

Another strange event that occurred outside our condo window when we first moved in, was a huge fireball explosion across the water at one of the grain factories. it was like a Hollywood blockbuster movie explosion of a huge mushroom cloud flame that filled the night sky. We couldn’t believe our eyes. We called 911 immediately and reported it. 

Another time when we were driving to go to work at a strip club, a transistor on a telephone pole exploded just a few feet away. We didn’t put two and two together yet, that someone very evil was out to get us. How could you even imagine that someone was trying to blow you up? We were just living our life minding our own business, and waking up to the truth of the world, from chemtrails to satanism, our eyes were wide open in a new way.

We knew the chemtrails were the culprit to the shitty modified weather in Portland, and the reason for the weather changes in Portland was because someone was intentionally manipulating it. Just like they created the droughts in California by breaking up the rain clouds before they could rain on the crops in California. There are weatherologists who go into great detail about how they were manipulating the droughts in California.

We would leave rainy Portland behind, and along the way have numerous weather anomalies occur in our path. Everywhere we went, the rain clouds seemed to follow. When we went to Texas, there were record breaking storms and floods that hadn’t occurred in 15 years breaking the 7 year drought. There was a storm so powerful coming in while we were there, that the locals thought it was going to wipe out Fredericksburg the small town we were living in outside of Austin Texas in Hill country. 

After being hunted by sex traffickers, and bounty hunters. we ,made it out of Texas one day before the floods came and caused devastation. Our intuition kicked into high gear, and we said, we have to leave now. We packed our apartment and left.

As we drove out of Texas and were on a long stretch of freeway, the night sky lit up like a glowing orange fireball. The entire sky as far as they eye could see was a blaze of orange behind the cloud cover. We both gasped and exclaimed, Whoa, what was that? 

We had already experienced a HAARP storm in Texas that was set to wipe out the town of Fredericksburg. These storms are unusual, because they don’t look like a normal storm, and are splattered with oranges, reds, blues, purple, white and have colored lightning bolts and leave an odd rainbow when they are done. It’s not a natural lightning storm that we have ever seen, and as this storm approached with plans to wipe out the town we were living in at the moment, we used our Reiki light to deflect it, which strangely enough seemed to work. We marveled at it all. 

The storms roared while we were in Texas, and we were almost stranded while hiking on Enchanted Rock when a storm raged out of nowhere, flooding the rock. We had to flee with our three Yorkies down the steep slippery rock barely making it to our car before the thunder and lightning storms ignited. As we were driving down the mountain, a lightning bolt nearly struck our car. It hit right in front of the pavement, exploding the asphalt, we screamed, “Oh My God!” One second earlier and we would have been hit! I also had a dream that a fireball supernova hit Texas, which was another reason all the signs were leading us out of there, for it really did feel like the Apocalypse was hot on our trail.

We headed to Miami, where we heard stories of riches, and hoped we could escape the fear of our life being taken from us. As we arrived in Miami in search of the pot of Gold, walking out empty handed, and discovering that  all of the clubs were brothels, we headed for Key West Florida. We were on an adventure, but we were not having any fun, it was truly one nightmare after the next.

In Key West, we camped at an RV campground for a few months, while working in a strip club a few miles in the city. As we rolled into key west, the storms rolled in with us, and there were more record breaking storms that the town hadn’t seen in many years. 

The Key West strip club managers had to be some of the cruelest people we had encountered, and treated the women like useless cattle. We didn’t last long here, for it was so abusive. On the last night we were in Key West working at a strip club, we struck up conversation with a biker. He was a tech guy and could work from anywhere. As we chatted, an energy came through the biker we were talking to, and he gave us a very strong message to leave. His words were, “This place is not as it seems, it’s all bullshit, you two should go somewhere with white beaches and sand where you will be appreciated. This place is a shit hole, this isn’t paradise. I’m heading for white sands in Florida away from this filth where there is sewage in the streets.”  We could smell the sewage everywhere, it was disgusting. This was definitely not paradise and we heeded his warning, packed our things and left the next day.

We would eventually make our way back to Portland, and experience other strange weather phenomenas. In 2019 a lightning strike attack on our neighborhood surged, striking three times within very close proximity and we think may have hit our neighbors house. Even a tornado made its way into a nearby Portland neighborhood. Portland Oregon does not have tornadoes. Are these all just random freak occurrences? 

When we first arrived back to Portland in 2016 the weather was still being manipulated, but the weather patterns would improve around 2017 as Trump came into office, giving us hope that he was going to stop the evil Geoengineering program that was altering the natural weather in Portland Oregon and all over the world. We had high hopes, but would be sidelined with the truth later on as we recalled many of our visions of the future including the person in office right now. Not all the fine details were disclosed, but the end result of World Peace was revealed, so as we all experience the anomaly occurring in the world right now, we must keep our focus on Peace. That is why we are here.