How does the United States of America operate above all International law? Why are there no repercussions for those breaking International law on all levels from ethics on human rights humanitarian issues to, government sovereignty, and economic devastation? How can the United States use sanctions illegally to intentionally block positive communications between other countries World Leader’s, especially those who share borders? The intentional illegal use of sanctions the United States uses to control, manipulate, dominiate, degrade, suppress, and decimate countries, while boosting their own growth is unethical keeping the world under their thumb, so that no one can move forward accept of course for the United States of America, trying so hard to hold onto their first place position they have cheated and lied their way into.

How can International Law be respected and used to prosecute those breaking it? Who is in charge? Anyone? Does anyone have any conscience at these high levels of government? Is there any humanity left? Is reform on the way? We not only have to question the illegal, unethical practices of the United States all over the world, but it’s time to question the authorities of International law and wonder why they are sitting idly watching? Can International Law be established that is respected by all? If there is to be Peace and Order across the world there must be mutual respect of other countries and International law that does not abuse their power, has ethics and is for humanity and the growth and development of mankind and the World.

Dmitry Peskov, Russian President’s Spokesman: “Despite that the world’s economy is now, I think, excessively infected by those unilateral restrictions, (sanctions) which are used for mercantile purposes and are aimed at securing privileges for their own economy by methods that are illegal according to International law, according to the norms of International law. President Trump said that in the first quarter of the current year the American economy grew by 3.2%. It’s very rapid growth, this is an enormous amount of growth. But let’s admit eventually that this growth became possible only thanks to such point-blank protectionism, as well as to quite crude protection of the USA’s rights at the expense of other countries. Both Chairman Xi Jinping and President Putin spoke up about the unacceptability of such sanction aspirations. As for Venezuela, both leaders, China’s and ours, have emphasized an absolute unacceptability of anyone’s attempts to overthrow the government in a third country. Attempts to apply force and illegal international pressure to a sovereign country in order to change the government there. Both leaders emphasized that those nations should determine their future and their political government on their own. Russia’s and China’s positions concerning both Syria and Libya are similar in many ways. We share the same values. those values are connected to a unified approach to the creation of a multipolar world, which is free from anyone’s hegemonic aspirations and based on mutual respect, mutual trust, as well as the readiness to account for each other’s interests.”

Q: Dmitry Sergeevich “What is Kim Jong-un like? Because, I think, he’s an enigmatic person for the entire world. His every word, his every move causes a storm of discussion. He’s treated like an alien, if you will, because North Korea is so closed-off and we know so little.What impression did he give you?”

A: Dmitry Peskov: “You know, most of the negotiations were conducted in a one-on-one format with President Putin. But there was an extended part which gave an opportunity to discuss concrete cooperation projects, as, in the end, we have a border with North Korea. In this case, when we deal with North Korea we act within our own region. But when the Americans deal with North Korea, they act within our region, not theirs. we need to take that into account. But in that extended format, to be honest, the North Korean leader showed himself as a very professional and competent head of state. Although, by the way, he isn’t the head of state demure, yet his de facto. He’s aware of all of the nuances of the bilateral projects., or potential bilateral projects, which can go into effect quite rapidly, as soon as the UN’s sanctions are lifted, along with other restrictions, which, unfortunately, are in place today and hinder our bilateral cooperation to a large extent.” 

Putin Has Insane Schedule; 100% Dedicated to Ensuring Future of “One Belt, One Road” Program!