When the United States Government has data that displays the progress of financial growth and projections of economies of other countries growing at a rate that could surpass the United States of America, that country of prosperity becomes a target of the United States destabilization agenda.

In order for the United States to legally impose sanctions or go to war with other countries, they must accuse those specified countries who the United States Government has put on their target list, of breaking some sort of international law, or venomously claim a violation of a treaty or agreement, or insist that a specific country poses a threat to the safety and security of the United States of America, which the U.S. does with no facts, spreading lies through their propagandized media outlets across the world. The unethical world wide spread of lies with the U.S.’ massive misinformation station, is aimed at acclimating and preparing citizens for a war with the country of their choice that the U.S. will villainize, and create fear ant hate toward. This is to create acceptance and support for the U.S’. war agenda, and to justify the excessive $750 Billion dollar military budget, claiming to be the Peacekeepers of the world. Has anyone added up the bombs the U.S. has dropped on countries, it’s staggering and does not represent Peace, and has created terrorism, instability of countries, mass immigration, and misery to all affected by these careless, reckless actions.

The U.S.’ other loophole to invade a country and start illegal, unjust wars is to make claims that the United States is going into a specified country to fight terrorism. Many of the terrorists have been armed by the United States Government and even named and the U.S. has gone as far as working with terrorists to fight terrorists. This is a terrible idea and a recipe for disaster, which any high-ranking military understands. The United States Government and military are pretty much given free reign to do as they please, with their gloating throw it in everyone’s face, gargantuas $750 Billion-dollar budget… It’s a good gig, where any election can be rigged.

The United States Government uses any of the above tactics on whomever they feel poses a threat to their economic and military dominance in the world, who has land that they want to exploit for the natural resources, and want to control the territory and strategically place themselves in a military position to target any country that the U.S. wants to insight and instigate a war with, usually always for the natural resources of the land. When countries are on the rise, growing and prospering, the United States hones in on their target, using sanctions, creating organized coups to disrupt the governments of those countries, which they heavily bribe to push a civil war agenda onto the people and create complete destabilization of the country. The U.S. provides those countries with ample weapons for the civil war they have prepared to kill innocent civilians, while making the country dependent on the United States Government.

In 2014 a coup in Ukraine was organized and a corrupt puppet government were put in place. Nationalists in Kiev took power after the coup and started a civil war in Southeastern Ukraine as thousands of innocent civilians were killed, by the rising Nazi movement in Ukraine. The shameful blame was placed on Russia, which would give the United States and Ukraine false and illegal grounds to impose sanctions on Russia, and spread Russiaphobia and lies through the propaganda media all over the world. The attempt to rewrite history, remove the Russian language, persecute the churches, and attack and kill the Russian citizens of these regions took place in Donbass.

Resistance in the Donbass: the Hidden Story of the Slavyansk Rebellion Against Kiev and Maidan

War in Eastern Ukraine: Kiev’s Poroshenko Continues Killing Donbas Civilians

Putin: Lenin’s inclusion of Russian Donbas in Ukraine was a huge mistake

VLADIMIR PUTIN: “It is always easier for oligarchic authorities to pursue a policy aimed at plundering their own people and their state. this is the case when the situation both in our country and in Ukraine can be described by this proverb: ‘War makes some people rich’. This is the first reason why the current government is not interested in a peaceful settlement. And here is the second: War helps cover up their failures in economic and social policy. They are not the ones to blame-it is the external aggressor who is. The external aggressor is to blame for the impoverishment of people, and for the state budget that can’t seem to make ends meet, so that Ukraine is compelled to go, hat in hand, to the IMF and other sponsors, shifting the responsibility and burden to future generations. It is much easier to blame everything on external aggression. These conclusions cause particular concern. Let’s see how events will develop further in Ukraine. It makes a difference to us because it is a country close to us.”

Yanukovych Speaks Out! Former Ukrainian President Breaks Silence on Coup in Kiev

Putin: There Will Never Be Peace With People Like Poroshenko In Power

JOURNALIST: “The U.S. is planning on providing the Ukrainian army with weapons so that they can once again take Donbas; what do you think about this?”
DONBAS CIVILIAN: “It’s never happened and it won’t happen! Hitler tried, the French tried…They wanted to try and now these other will try. So don’t worry.

‘The Americans’ & ‘House of Cards’ Star Makes Great Film About Breakaway Republics

Is Donbass waiting to be “liberated” by the Ukrainian Army?

The United States Government supplied Ukraine with massive amounts of military weaponry to fuel the civil war in Donbas while trying to instigate a war with Russia through many provocations.

RUSSIAN TALK SHOW 60 MINUTES: “Capitol Hill has signed the famous decree to give Ukraine $250 million dollars to purchase weapons, including lethal, to let Zelensky continue the war Turchinov and Poroshenko started. Zelensky is excited and demands additional sanctions on Russia. They get those $250 million dollars for a noble cause, to finish the war.”

Eduard Basurin, Deputy Defense Minister of the DPR: “The U.S. declared that it’ll operate directly, not as a NATO state, and supply lethal weapons to Ukraine, they’ve already declared that. That $250 million is not the full sum. The total sum is about $700 million, if you count all of the funding coming from various agencies. That $250 million is for lethal weapons alone, they’ve said that.”

RUSSIAN TALK SHOW: “The U.S. Department of Defense announced it plans to give Ukraine $250 million dollars within the framework of their military cooperation. These funds will be allocated for training, equipment, and advisory assistance. The Armed Forces of Ukraine will acquire sniper rifles, missile launchers, radar equipment, means of electronic warfare, night vision equipment and military medical equipment. Thus, the total amount of military assistance provide for Ukraine since 2014 is $1.5 Billion dollars.

Eduard Basurin, Deputy Defense Minister of the DPR: “When we were extracting the bodies of the Ukrainian soldiers, we had a Ukrainian JCCC colonel visit us. He thanked us for treating the dead as warriors. We didn’t deface the corpses. He saluted us and we helped him take the corpses back to their families in Ukraine. We showed him the weapons they were using, the weapons Ukraine was receiving even before it was officially announced. They’ve been receiving weapons for a long time. Look, here’s the list: sniper rifles, that means they were in for the kill. They were going to kill people. Why? Because they speak another language? Because they think differently. Is that the only reason?”

RUSSIAN TALK SHOW HOST: “One and a half billion dollars since 2014. $20 Billion dollars were allocated for the democratization of Ukraine over the past five years. That doesn’t matter we can all see what Ukraine’s become.”

Trump Gifts Kiev 250 Million Dollars to Continue War in East Against Russian Speakers

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Trump Gifts Anti-Tank Missile FGM-148 Javelin to Ukraine’s Poroshenko

Thousands of innocent people’s lives have been destroyed, and one wonders how this can happen? How did Donbas happen? Because of the coup in 2014 in Ukraine that the United States orchestrated, implemented, as well as funded the civil war in Donbas against innocent people, while giving Billions of dollars to the Nationalist Ukraine Government. The war in Donbas is an attack on innocent civilians consisting of elderly, women, children, and families, and only recently has the Minsk agreement been signed. The war on Donbas has been going on since 2014, it’s unbelievable and everybody should know about this!

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov: “History has shown that attempts to isolate Russia have led to serious consequences for the whole continent while engagement of Russia has led to long periods of stability.”

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The United States accuses and points their finger at Russia making false claims that Russia invaded Ukraine and are responsible for the civil war in Donbas with absolutely no facts or evidence to prove their lies, which are intentionally perpetuated so that the United States and Ukraine can impose illegal sanctions on Russia and desecrate the Russian people and try to destroy the Russian economy. The destruction of Donbas is a strategic attempt of the United States to take over sovereign countries on Russia’s borders that were at one time a part of the Soviet Union. The attempted destruction of Russia by the United States dates back many years, as the United States is always plotting, scheming, and planning their next attack toward Russia. Destroying Russia’s relationships with their neighboring countries is not for the benefit of Russia or any of Russia’s neighbors, and is part of the Totalitarian, Imperialistic, Dictatorship dreams of the United States. The lies and propaganda used against Russia with no facts, is for the sole purpose to destroy Russia through any means possible. With these false and unproven accusations, the United States managed to impose their weaponized use of sanctions on Russia and influence countries throughout the world to do so as well. Since Russia is a growing power economically and militarily, with positive relations with World leaders and their countries, the United States wants to take them down in any way possible.

The United States Government agenda is to keep Russia from growing and prospering and having peaceful, mutually beneficial relations with Ukraine or any of its neighboring countries as well as other countries throughout the world. If you look along the Russian borders, you will see the destructive pattern and formula that is used again and again by the United States Government who goes in and corrupts other governments on the borders surrounding Russia. These corrupt governments do not represent the people of these countries or regions, and true positive attitudes toward Russia. The death and destruction of innocent civilians is why the citizens of Crimea voted for Crimea to be a part of the Russian Federation and the same with Ossetia, because rather than be entrenched in a civil war and attacked brutally, they are now protected by the Russian Federation and have mutually beneficial relations of growth and prosperity, with the rebuilding of infrastructure and lives thanks to reuniting with the Russian Federation. People can be at ease knowing they have stability and are safe. Crimea as part of Ukraine, was in shambles as the city was neglected as well as the people. The humanitarian crisis ended thanks to the support of Vladimir Putin and the courageous people of Crimea who cast their vote in a landslide to unite with the Russian Federation. READ MORE ABOUT CRIMEA

The United States greatest fear is that Russia is going to surpass them economically and militarily, which they already have in regard to their hypersonic weapons, however Russia doesn’t look to dominate the world, but works peacefully with other World Leaders and countries to create a stable global economy and Peace for the future. Russia in first place is a positive outcome for the World. If there were no tensions or sanctions between the U.S. and Russia, one could wonder how much the two countries would benefit from each other economically as well as the global stability and benefit of the World? Russia has been under attack by the U.S.’ brutal sanctions, and has infringed on the sovereignty of other countries by forcing those countries to impose sanctions on Russia or risk their own sanction punishment from the United States. The weaponized use of sanctions destabilizes the world economy, and devalues the U.S. dollar and trust. What would the world economy be like if there were no sanctions, or Russiaphobia propaganda, and blatant lies spread World wide about Russia?  Isn’t it time for peace?

RUSSIAN TALK SHOW 60 MINUTES: “For the U.S. the most clever way to disrupt Putin’s attempts is to make him pay a high price for the war against Ukraine. That can be accomplished rather cheaply by imposing sanctions against the Russian leaders and economy and supplying weapons to Ukraine. Various options have been considered but none of them specify the weapons that that the U.S. must provide to Ukraine to reinforce its weak spots.” 

RUSSIA TALK SHOW says to  John Herbst former U.S. Ambassador to Uzbekistan & Ukraine: “ Your World Bank claims that we’re developing faster than expected. Your Bloomberg agency claims that by 2030, the Russian economy will outpace the German economy and will become the top economy of Europe. But you’ve been saying for five years that it’s easy to punish Russia and offering easy ways to do that. But none of them seem to work. How is that possible?

John Herbst former U.S. Ambassador to Uzbekistan & Ukraine: “I’ve recently talked to the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine and now I can answer your question. In reality, according to the IMF information on your economic leaders, the Western sanctions cost the Russian economy at least 1% of the GDP per year and that’s a considerable price. When I’m talking about the price, I’m also talking about the fact that your leaders hide from the people of Russia that the Russian military is fighting in Ukraine. That’s why, when Ukraine acquires…Which our leader said that, Such weapons as the javelin, for instance, that’s capable of destroying tanks, it would hurt Russia. And that’s the price of your war against Ukraine.”

RUSSIA TALK SHOW: “Look, John, your speech is based on the wrong statements. You’ve been indeed misinformed to ever say that the Russian Armed Forces participated in the Donbas civil war in any possible way. That’s first. Secondly, could you explain how that would affect Putin personally. You claim that you have to target him personally. If Ukraine, a sorry land tortured and tormented by the war, is going to get the new old American weapons you cast off, how is that a way towards peace?” 

John Herbst former U.S. Ambassador to Uzbekistan & Ukraine: “Every country has the right to protect itself against aggression. Indeed, the Russian war makes the Ukraine suffer. I must also add…that the Russian military arrived in Ukraine in August 2014 and your victory…what was the name of that place? Debaltsevo was the victory of the Russian Army. The Red Army and now, the victory of Debaltsevo?” 

RUSSIA TALK SHOW sarcastically replies: “The famous victory of the Red Army in Debaltsevo. Thousands of Russian officers have been deployed in Ukraine. They’re fighting there, They are the commanders of the troops fighting the Ukrainian Army. I’m sorry John, but who told you that nonsense? We respect you a lot, but that’s just utter nonsense. And based on that, you’re going to impose sanctions. Thinking that the Red Army is marching victoriously across Ukraine. John if you don’t mind me asking, could you provide the sources of these curious facts? If thousands of our officers were in Donbas we would have won the Donbas war long ago. 

RUSSIA TALK SHOW: “For fiver years you’ve been trying to make Russia pay a high price, an enormous price a 1% GDP loss from the sanctions. But you want us to pay a high price. Did you fail to make us pay it?” 

John Herbst former U.S. Ambassador to Uzbekistan & Ukraine:: “I would say that the annual GDP loss of 1% is a high price, but I believe it should be higher. and I believe the sanctions play the role in preventing you from escalating the conflict in Ukraine even further. Your doing small scale escalations, like when you captured the Ukrainian ships in the Black Sea.” 

RUSSIA TALK SHOW:  “You should be ashamed for saying there are thousand of Russian officers in Ukraine.”

Ex-US Ambassador John Herbst Embarassess Himself On Russian TV: Thousands Of Russian Officers…

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