US ambassador to UN admits to bribing foreign officials, vows ‘maximum pressure’ on Russia and China

Kelly Craft, ever heard of her? No one has. She’s not a household name, but she has managed to make her way into one of the most powerful positions in the world, representing the United States of America as Ambassador to the UN, with her only qualification being nothing. She is married to a coal tycoon, and she and her husband donate large sums of money to the Republican party, as well as the Trump campaign, which makes Trump look extremely bad and corrupt, for he has appointed this illegitimate woman into a position that requires great knowledge, skill, and expertise on Global World affairs, all of which she has none, admittedly bribing UN members for votes. In the year 2020 Kelly Craft is spouting lies about Syria having chemical weapons, when this false flag, war strategy agenda already played out, and was proven years ago to be false. These types of comments show Kelly Craft’s ignorance, negligence, and lack of diplomacy, as she half hazardously tries to stir up unnecessary tensions with the intent to disrupt any progress being made toward positive efforts for peace in Syria. Here is a blog all about Syria if you want to catch up and view a country in ruins, bombed to oblivion, still trying to recover in the name of U.S. democracy. What does it matter to Kelly Craft, she’s just following instructions by those interested in the oil and land Syria has as well as Syria’s geographic location to invade other countries on the United States list of future destinations to conquer.

I cannot even believe my eyes, that Kelly Craft has been given a coveted position in foreign policy, meaning she has the power to decide the fate of the world. That is all it takes, deep pockets in the coal business and you have reserved your seat at the head of the table at the UN. Can anyone take the U.S. or the UN seriously with these kinds of people in place? It’s hysterical.  I’m laughing so hard because it is that unbelievable. It’s sardonic laughter that honestly brings a tear to my eye as she venomously declares sanctions to all of those deserving countries who are not in line with America’s rules, while declaring herself a humanitarian.

These country club elites in their ivory towers, pretending to care about humanity, is laughable. They are laughing all the way to the bank, which is all the U.S. appears to care about… money. Kelly Craft as the U.S. Ambassador to the UN is making America look like a laughingstock. She is an embarrassment to our country, our Nation and the World, and she doesn’t deserve any titles. Kelly Craft already shamefully represented the U.S. as Ambassador to Canada, called out for her dereliction of duty, and she still managed to have enough money to buy her way into the UN. Is this where America is going in 2020? Is there any hope for legitimacy in our government throughout the world? Is insulting world leaders and representatives of other countries with unqualified U.S. Ambassadors a true representation of America? Is anyone paying attention? Who’s running the foreign policy in our country? This has become the most important element in our political landscape since the United States has waged war on country after country, throwing the world out of balance. We need these valuable positions within our government to be utilized by qualified, honest people who strive toward peace and prosperity throughout the world, rather than those currently calling out enemy after enemy claiming America is in a constant state of eminent threats and danger. We need honest people to be in Ambassador positions representing America with their experience, knowledge and common sense, who show diplomacy and respect to other countries and their leaders throughout the world. It seems as though the Global Elites have bought their way into the United States Government, and their shares and stake holdings are priority over people’s lives and Global Security. The fate of the world lie in the hands of careless Elite politicians who declare economic wars of sanctions world wide and provocations to instigate and declare military action of war, who make up false lies and accusations and have no business being in the United States of America’s Government.

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Does anyone really think Kelly Craft deserves a seat at this table, an opinion in this discussion? Absolutely not. Political party affiliation does not matter in this situation and the concerns being raised by the Democrats should be of concern to the Republicans as well.

“Democrats had expressed concern that she lacks the experience needed and that her family ties to the coal industry may influence policy.”

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VLADIMIR PUTIN: “Do you know what really matters? It’s to keep them away [Oligarchs] from running the country, from influencing political decisions. It is clear that both then and now everybody was, and is, looking to make moves and lobby their own interests. The difference between the 1990’s or 2000’s and today, is that they use to directly influence the decisions taken by the state on its internal, economic, and even foreign policy issues as well as security issues. A modern CEO does not enjoy this privilege.”

TASS JOURNALIST:  “But do they try?”

VLADIMIR PUTIN: “Not any more, actually. they have realized that it is impossible and don’t even bother trying.”

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This is a conversation between a journalist and Vladimir Putin at the  St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. Although this conversation is in regard to Ukraine’s Zelensky, it can apply universally to any leader, the words are that profound.

VLADIMIR PUTIN:  “You know, he continues using certain rhetoric, calling us enemies, aggressors. He must somehow decide what he wants to achieve, what he wants to do. We’re not turning down diplomatic ties, we will work with him.

JOURNALIST:  “Why not meet him without setting conditions?

VLADIMIR PUTIN: “Have I turned that down? I haven’t received an invitation yet.”

JOURNALIST: “Are you ready to meet with him?”

VLADIMIR PUTIN: “Hear me out, please. I don’t know him very well, I hope we will meet sometime. Apparently, he is a good professional in the field where he had been working, he is a good actor. I mean it and you’re laughing! Well…But it’s one thing to play a role, and it’s quite another to be someone. To play a role you definitely need talent. You need many talents, one of which is method acting. Every ten minutes you can change between two roles, a prince and a pauper, every ten minutes, and you must be convincing in both roles. Indeed that’s a talent. And to engage in public affairs, you need other skills. You need certain experience, knowledge, the ability to see the main problems and find the tools to solve these problems. You have to be able to bring together a group of capable people, cultivate a good relationship with them, believe in them, give them the opportunity to think freely and propose solutions, choose these solutions, and most importantly, explain to millions of people the reason for the decisions that are made. And, what is crucial, is to have the courage and character to take responsibility for the consequences of these decisions. I do not say that Mr. Zelensky doesn’t not have these qualities, he may very well have them. Perhaps, he lacks the experience, but, as the saying goes, that comes with time, quite quickly. But does he have the other qualities that I’ve mentioned? Maybe, but I don’t know. He hasn’t had a chance to prove himself yet. What we see are his contradictory statements. He said one thing during the election campaign and quite different things after the election. Let’s just wait and see.”

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MAY 26, 2020
RUPTLY:Germans reacted on Tuesday to reports of US ambassador Richard Grenell stepping down from his post in the country. Parliamentary leader of Die Linke (The Left) Bundestag Fraction, Dietmar Bartsch, raised concerns about what this move would mean for Germany. “During the term of Donald Trump, we have had the problem ​that for a long period of time there was no ambassador at all, and now currently Mr. Grenell is not often in Germany. I really see this as a problem. We need an ambassador, and specifically an ambassador who perceives the chance to improve the relations between the America and Germany,” stated Bartsch. “I wish for someone who really is a friend of German-American relations and not a messenger of Trumps politics, who makes demands here in Germany and Europe,” added Bartsch, slamming Grenell’s behaviour during his time as ambassador in the country. Advocating for US President Donald Trump’s foreign policy since he took over the job in Berlin around two years ago, Grenell issued warnings against German companies trying to make businesses with Iran, criticised Berlin’s commitment to the Nord Stream 2 pipeline with Russia, and blamed the country for scare contributions in military spending. According to reports, Grenell’s popularity among German politicians is purportedly consider rather rare, with even Christian Democratic Union (CDU) lawmaker Andreas Nick accusing him in a tweet of “leaving issuing threats as if he were representing a hostile power.” Ruptly asked lawmaker Nick if he wanted to speak about his post on the social media platform but he declined to provide any further comments. Richard Grenell, who finds himself currently also acting as Director of the National intelligence (DNI) since February, is reportedly set to step down from both positions, following the US Senate confirmation to appoint John Ratcliffe as his successor.

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