The United States Government does not care about the American people and uses them to syphon and extract as much taxpayer dollars, to be used as leverage for U.S. Dictatorship toward other countries Government’s who need American aid. As the U.S. Government gives away Billions of dollars like water to other countries, with no accountability of where that money is going and what it is being used for. Where are the checks and balance sheets? Where is the bottom line of every penny being spent down to every red cent? How can Ukraine be given Billions of dollars that vanishes into thin air, nowhere to be seen, and how does the United States Government justify this to the American People? The American people have no choice but to fork over whatever the U.S. Government says you have to, and uses the people’s hard-earned money as their own to dispose of as they please, with no conscience. Lining the pockets of whomever they choose and using the money to control the Governments of other countries, with their Imperialistic Dictatorial Democratic Ideology, in which they do not follow, but instead create a beautiful facade of America The Great.

How does the United States Government get away with abusing their position of power all over the world, while also abusing the American people? The American people’s basic essential needs have been neglected on every level from infrastructure to health and wellness, and the homeless epidemic that they have allowed and created by all of their irresponsible, careless, reckless actions through nothing, but pure corruption at the Federal and State levels. There is really no escaping the corruption here, for they are all working together as one huge organized crime network, passing laws that are illegal, whatever “THEY” say goes. Every single part of the system in our political landscape is tainted with corruption.

America is falling apart at the seams, but no one seems to care. Are “THEY” trying to make America into a third world country, because how our United States of America Government operates in its current state does not make sense, and is headed for disaster? There are absolutely no checks and balances, no accountability, the entire United States Government political system foundational principles operates through bribes & payoffs, blackmail, and extortion, which is why everyone is getting away with murder. Everyone has dirt on everyone else, and it’s nothing but a bunch of filthy pigs running our Government. Is someone going to clean house, fix the system, or is America destined for demise? If the Global Elitists can collapse America, then they can own the world. The United States Government abuse of the American people and the rest of the world is shameful. Can we have some American pride, dignity, and hold our head high? Is there any hope for America?

As the American people lose faith and trust in what the United States of America is and stands for, so does the rest of the world, and once trust is lost, there will be no relationship. World Leaders will adapt to the dire circumstances the United States Government has created for many countries all over the world with their abuse of power, and new solutions will be found as the power shifts into positive hands and moves toward peace and prosperity.

Will the United States Government be held accountable for their abuse of power on every level, from the illegal use of weaponized sanctions placed on other countries all over the world, destroying other countries through illegal acts of war, and stealing the American taxpayer dollars, and neglecting the American people and country as a whole? Who does the U.S Government have to answer to?

We’ve heard that sanctions may be imposed on…or, rather, may be lifted off those who don’t buy our weapons and opt for American arms instead.

Vyacheslav Nikonov, Chairman of the State Duma Education Committee, United Russia Party:  “The United States has imposed 53 rounds of sanctions since 2014 (on Russia), The 54th round of sanctions is unlikely to make any significant difference. This time, sanctions may be imposed on those who buy Russian weapons. The round of sanctions was initiated by the U.S. Congress. And although Trump hasn’t said anything yet, I think he supports this idea, because, as a businessman, he understands the importance of the war for the global arms market. As of today, one-third of weapons sold on the global market comes from the United States, whereas we control one-fourth of the market.  Naturally, the United States would like to grow its market share at Russia’s expense, even if it involves dishonest business practices, such as imposing sanctions on the countries that buy our weapons.

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