Russia: Military plane carrying masks and other coronavirus supplies departs for US

Will a worldwide pandemic be reason enough for the United States Government to eliminate the use of sanctions on countries or will the U.S. take this as an opportunity to continue to crush countries while they are vulnerable, stressed, overburdened and economically taxed from a pandemic, and kick em while they’re down? Ask Iran. The already unethical, inhumane use of sanctions does not benefit humanity, and when paired with a pandemic, we must begin to hyper-analyze and not ignore these acts as crimes against humanity. The consequences of the use of sanctions is already detrimental to the well being of the people and their countries, and to pair it with a pandemic during extreme lockdowns  and economic crisis, and the possibility of economic collapse of countries throughout the world, puts the stability of the entire global economy at risk. The world needs economic support not economic restraint and the decades of sanction abuse to countries throughout the world by the United States must come to an end for the sake of humanity and the world. Sanctions is the U.S.’ ultimate economic weapon they use generously throughout the world, justified by accusations and lies with no proof or evidence.

Sanctions do not benefit the world as a whole, and the use of Sanctions as a tool to bend the will of other countries to do as the U.S. says, is an infringement on sovereign rights and violates international law with constant lies, accusations and false claims toward any targeted country, with no proof or evidence. In a Global crisis, all sanctions must be removed in order for countries to bounce back from the economic strain. If the world is to move in a positive peaceful direction, there is no room for sanctions as countries reach out to help one another during the pandemic. The ultimate hinderance of economic growth for countries are sanctions, it’s time to end the economic weapon of mass destruction for the evolution of the world and eliminate sanctions, for the rules have been bent and manipulated in the favor of one dictator and that is the United States Government. 

As we witness the unpreparedness of the majority of the world to handle a health crisis due to the massive suppression of cures discovered by doctors and scientists who have been silenced by death thanks to the Global Elitists who favor eugenics over cures. The murder of any doctor or scientist who has discovered cures or medical breakthroughs to any disease was unprecedented in 2017 with the death of around 60 doctors and scientist who were curing cancer. The burying of cures and scientific breakthroughs in health and healing knowledge is why there is no defense against a pandemic that is currently taking place. The inability to cure viruses, superbugs, and deadly diseases due to the suppression of  information of cures by the Global Elitists Death Cult and doctors and scientist fearing for their lives and their families, is in part why the world is in such bad shape, for technological breakthroughs in medicine are not protected but attacked, hidden, and destroyed. The censorship of valuable information by Big Tech plays its role in the removal of valuable information and knowledge to be shared.

We must move toward solutions rather than the suppression of information and cures to all disease, and the economic wars through sanctions, for without financial prosperity we have no world. May this pandemic be a wake up call for World Leaders and countries top scientist all over the world to work together to combat all diseases, viruses and any sort of pandemic or risk of biological warfare and support one another economically. May all doctors and scientists be protected and for new discoveries of cures to be protected and shared far and wide, so fear of biological warfare through pandemics can not affect the psyche of the human being, and confidence replaces fear.

If the United States continues its unethical, inhumane use of sanctions during a Global crisis to decimate countries, this is a crime against humanity and the stability of the World economy. Isn’t it time for International Law to evaluate the use of sanctions, which has become a weapon of mass destruction for Global Dominance by the United States? Any actions that counter the positive growth, prosperity, and peace amongst countries is criminal and must be stopped. 

The numerous efforts of Vladimir Putin to restore relations with the United States and the U.S.’ unresponsiveness shows that the U.S. has no interest or intentions of putting forth the necessary steps to accomplish positive, peaceful, mutually beneficial cooperation and relations with Russia. Sanctions on Russia do not only affect Russia, but many other countries throughout the world who are given orders of instruction by the U.S. of the relations they are allowed to have, creating tensions worldwide. The U.S. is looking for countries they can control and if they truly wanted to have a positive, prosperous, mutually beneficial relationship with Russia built on respect and trust, they could do so in an instant, however the U.S. chooses not to. The lack of respect the U.S. shows countries all over the world as they dictate the laws of the land is on full exposure. The question is when will it stop?

Someone should make a documentary about how sanctions affect countries on a political and economical level, but also how it affects the people, communities, small & medium business’, large corporations, and the unemployment of people due to restrictions of business’ from sanctions. We hear the word sanction, but to put a face and story behind it, gives us a deeper understanding on a personal level that people can relate to of what sanctions truly are, a weapon of destruction on people’s lives and livelihood, and the prosperity of a country.

VLADIMIR PUTIN: “As for sanctions, you know our attitude to any sanctions. This is counterproductive, bad, nothing good about it, and most importantly, they will never reach the goals that have set themselves the ones who introduces these sanctions.

Putin thanks Trump on his victory HOPES TO RESTORE RELATIONS BETWEEN RUSSIA & U.S.

VLADIMIR PUTIN: “The goal of these sanctions is not to settle the problem, but to contain the strengthening of Russia as a full member of the international community. This is their goal. But it cannot be achieved with these methods.”

VLADIMIR PUTIN: “Are you sure our relations with the US deteriorated because of  Syria? No not because of Syria but because of attempts of one country to impose its decisions on the entire world.

VLADIMIR PUTIN: “You know, in an election campaign, the current government carefully crafts a pre-election strategy and any government, especially when seeking re-election, always has unresolved issues. They need to show, to explain to the voters why they remained unresolved. In the US, there are many such problems, they certainly have enough of them. While it’s the leading economy in the world, a great power, no doubt, it still has a lot of unsolved problems. For example, the massive public debt is a time bomb for the US economy and for the global financial system. Moreover, tensions are growing between the United States and their regular allies in the region. We’re not going to go deep into this business-it is their problem. I’m just saying that there are many problems, and these conditions, many choose to resort to the usual tactics of distracting voters from their problems. In my view this is exactly what we are witnessing. How do you do it? Try to create an enemy and rally the nation against that enemy. Iran and the Iranian nuclear threat did not work well for that. Russia is a more interesting story. In my opinion this card is being played now.

I Said recently in a VTB forum that it is not wise to sacrifice Russian-American relations to solve current internal political problems, because it is destroying international relations in general. 

As for sanctions, you know our attitude to any sanctions. This is counterproductive, bad, nothing good about it, and most importantly, they will never reach the goals that have set themselves the ones who introduces these sanctions.

In general, with regard to sanctions against Russia, because of the events in the south-east of Ukraine, some other, for example, even in Syria. I assure you those who formulated this policy and promotes it does not solve a specific problem, in this case the problem of the south-east of Ukraine but simply to formulate a policy of containment of Russia. If it were not Ukraine, they would have come up with something else.

Just the fact that Russia, I think, has become a full-fledged player on the international scene shows the internal political consolidation, by the way, if we want to work with all partners, apparently it’s not all happy.

Because the work in the international arena requires some concessions, the search for compromise But they do not want to compromise they want to dictate their will. This is the state that our US partners have developed over the past 15 or 20 years, and they appear unable to change it. Do you see that there is no dialogue? They just tell us what should be done and how. And then they invent methods to make everyone around them accept their position.

Their formula is ‘He that is not with us is against us.’ But his is not productive, which explains the increasing number of failures.

The goal of these sanctions is not to settle the problem, but to contain the strengthening of Russia as a full member of the international community. This is their goal. But it cannot be achieved with these methods.


VLADIMIR PUTIN: “Of course, we welcome anyone who wants to work with us, and we consider erroneous position that we need to constantly quarrel with someone, thus creating a threat to themselves and the world.

I repeat once again sacrifice of the Russian-American relations in the course of internal political events in the US are considered harmful, counterproductive.  This is not the first time. No analyze all previous election campaigns all repeats and repeats, I have already said. And then we still whisper in ear: you wait. wit now take place, and all is normalized. You know, not even funny already. But if someone wants a confrontation, it is not our choice. So, the problem will be. We would not want that. We would like, on the contrary, seek common ground and work together to address global problems faced by both Russia and the United States and the world.”


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