Dan Cohen and Max Blumenthal: “Venezuela is a nation with the world’s largest oil reserves”

VESTI NEWS: The Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN Vasily Nebenzya, blamed Washington for the humanitarian crisis in the country, which the sanctions introduced by the U.S. against Venezuela in 2013 led to.”

IGOR KOSTYUKOV HEAD OF THE RUSSIAN GENERAL STAFF’S MAIN INTELLIGENCE DEPARTMENT: “The U.S. is economically strangling Venezuela. The new sectoral sanctions imposed by Washington led to their oil exports, which are the main source of budget revenue, being cut in half.” 

The agenda of the United States Government to destabilize Latin America which so far includes: Venezuela, and Bolivia, with Cuba, and Nicaragua added to the U.S. list of regime change wars, mirrors that of the Middle East. It is the same formula, the same strategy, the same agenda. To topple governments through sanctions, organized coups, civil wars, and force, while accusing targeted countries of crimes with no evidence, and replace those governments with leaders that the United States has chosen to suit their needs, while using the bought and paid for Corporate Media to push their propaganda agenda, lying and deceiving the people all over the world. If the United States succeeds at overthrowing the government, they will then position their military throughout the country, control the country and all of its resources, using the countries corrupt government that they put in place, and claim this as democracy, when clearly the sovereign rights of the people and the country have been stolen, while continuing to use the propaganda Corporate media outlets worldwide to give their version of events to save the people!

The U.S. does not take into account the devastating suffering their actions actually have on the people, and the economy or the economic relations the countries they are toppling have with other countries or their allies, as well as the effects that their extreme actions have on the world economy, migration crisis, and human rights. If the U.S. truly had the interest of the people and the economic welfare of the country, they would stop behaving like economic terrorists, which they are referred to as by other countries, and return the stolen, seized wealth to those countries they belong to, remove the catastrophic sanctions, as well as respect international law and the the sovereign rights of countries throughout the world.

The United States continues to attempt to replace Venezuela’s legitimate President Maduro, voted by the people, with their illegitimate puppet President Juan Guado, while trying to divide the country and the people, all for the sake of humanity and democracy!

DAN COHEN & MAX BLUMENTHAL: “Juan Guaidó is the product of a decade-long project overseen by Washington’s elite regime change trainers. While posing as a champion of democracy, he has spent years at the forefront of a violent campaign of destabilization.”

“‘These radical leaders have no more than 20 percent in opinion polls,” wrote Luis Vicente León, Venezuela’s leading pollster. According to León, Guaidó’s party remains isolated because the majority of the population “does not want war. ‘What they want is a solution.’”

VENEZUELA AMBASSADOR TO RUSSIA CARLOS RAFAEL FARIA TORTOSA: “We know that Venezuela is very rich in oil, gold, and the natural resources which the U.S wants. to get on its own terms in order to maintain the level of consumption which they’re accustomed to.

US is behind failed invasion attempt in Venezuela – Maduro

MAY 5, 2020 US intelligence knew about Venezuela coup attempt – Tinker Salas


Failed invasion | Venezuelan authorities arrest more alleged infiltrators

VLADIMIR PUTIN: “I have spoken on the topic of Venezuela across many platforms in the Vatican, and with the President of Italy, and my friend and colleague here in the Prime Minister of Italy. We are all concerned by the situation in Venezuela. Russia is concerned because it is people who suffer. It is a fact that there are many refugees – people don’t run from a good life. That means that there are some internal problems their… Russia is equally concerned about the meddling into Venezuela’s internal affairs by external forces. As well as the external pressure [sanctions] which only makes the situation for the citizens of Venezuela worse. In my view this cannot be allowed to proceed, with a military intervention, this should actually be entirely out of the question but they should not be meddling into its internal political life. Yes, we have sound relations with President Maduro, we have laid the foundations for them long ago. We cooperate in the arms trade, we cooperate in the economic sphere, in the energy sphere. We have multi-billion figure investments there, so we are not indifferent to seeing the situation normalize between the opposing groups. But I can reiterate my comments again on what was said as part of the closed talks today – so the leader of the opposition, Mr. Guaido’ went out onto the city square and lifted his gaze to the sky, and speaking to God, he announced himself President. Okay…But God never told us of his reaction to being addressed in this way. God never gave us any kind of signal to confirm Guaido’s role. So let’s return to our mortal, sinful Earth and utilize democratic procedures and rules. They emphasize dialogue, a collaboration with the people, who must attend fair elections, and it is there they must decide the continued development of their country.”

Putin calls out America’s Useful Idiot

ERDOGAN PRESIDENT OF TURKEY:  “What’s happening in Venezuela right now? Is Venezuela your State? How can you tell someone to leave who is doing the job following an election? And how can you deliver the presidency of a nation to someone who hasn’t even been elected? Where’s the democracy? Weren’t you democratic? What kind of business is this? Can there be such a concept? Is it possible to accept this? Take the European Union, were the European Union has been revealed. Where’s the democracy? What’s this vileness? On the one hand you say repeatedly democracy and ballot box! And then you’re going to topple the Government with force and deception!” 

Is Venezuela your state?’ Erdogan slams US & EU over Guaido endorsement

VESTI NEWS: “The majority of the troops and their commanders remain loyal to the legitimately elected president who received 68% of the vote in 2018 elections.

President Maduro Asks People of Venezuela For Help to Defend Country Ahead of American Coup

Failed Coup Attempt in Venezuela! Army Stays Loyal to Maduro, Rejects CIA Puppet Juan Guaido!

Maduro Speaks Out! President Demands That America Backs Off Venezuela, Quits MeddlinG

IGOR KOSTYUKOV HEAD OF THE RUSSIAN GENERAL STAFF’S MAIN INTELLIGENCE DEPARTMENT: “After Donald Trump came to power, the U.S. administration began to aggressively promote American interests in the region. They pursue goals such as total control over all economic and political processes, to ensure that Washington dominates in rapidly developing regional markets, and to gain unrestricted access to natural resources. To hinder interaction within the BRICS framework, as well as bilateral relations between Russia and the states in the Western hemisphere, force the main competitors out, which aren’t just Russia and China, but the EU as well, by interfering in the internal affairs of sovereign states in the region. The United States increases the number of its friends by bringing the political and economic elites loyal to Washington to power.

US National Security Strategy sets forth the increasing role of force in its foreign policy, the White House is starting to take radical measures to change the regimes it dislikes.

On February 18th, President Donald Trump set the goal to displacing left-wing governments in Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba in a short time. Washington thinks that it’ll allow to ultimately turn Latin America into a region fully controlled by the U.S.

They’re already taking specific measures with respect to Venezuela to destabilize the domestic political situation in the country through consolidating the opposition, holding large scale protests with their help and most importantly, unleashing hybrid aggression against the republic. 

US is economically strangling Venezuela. The new sectoral sanctions imposed by Washington led to their oil exports, which are the main source of budget revenue, being cut in half. 

Washington which is afraid to use its own armed forces, wants to carry out an invasion through its allies, such as Colombia, first and foremost. In addition to it, Venezuelan deserters, members of criminal gangs from Central American States, Colombian insurgents, and insurgents groups are being recruited into illegal, armed groups. 

At the same time, the Americans don’t care about the fact that ordinary civilians mostly suffer because of their actions. 

The United States claims that it defends their interests. In fact, Washington is ready to call the Venezuelan government a sponsor of international terrorism and use force and impose sanctions against Caracas under that pretext. The technique of color revolutions, which they use in Venezuela, could be used in Nicaragua and Cuba soon.  

Washington acts without regard to international law. The foreign policy focused on America and conducted by the U.S. in the Western hemisphere is the main threat to security in Latin America. We can already see the results of such destabilizing activities by Washington in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Libya.”

Monroe Doctrine 2.0: Russian Intel General Explains How USA Will Use Colombia In Venezuela Overthrow

3 options for US to fix Venezuela: Negotiate, intervene, or hope your opponent gives up

Escalation! America Diverts National Venezuelan Oil Money to Opposition Leader Juan Guaido

VESTI NEWS:  National Security Advisor John Bolton stated that they plan to cut off Maduro’s government from its sources of income and win over as many counties as possible in order to isolate Venezuela. When asked if military intervention is possible, Bolton answered that everything is possible.

State Secretary Mike Pompeo promised humanitarian assistance to Venezuelans, $20 million, as soon as the political situation permits, which is basically blackmail.”

US Not Done With Venezuela! Sanctions Won’t Be Lifted and Military Intervention Still On Table!

Trump Administration Announces Operation Near Venezuela

US to deploy anti-drug Navy ships near Venezuela

Red Lines host Anya Parampil speaks with Pino Arlacchi, the former Executive Director of the United Nations Office for Drug Control and Prevention, about the US decision to charge Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro with drug trafficking. Arlacchi explains that in his 40 years of anti-narcotic work, he never came across evidence of Venezuela’s involvement in the drug trade— instead saying that the US and Colombia drive drug production and consumption. As a leading expert on the Italian mafia, Arlacchi says the US government is actually the party behaving like an organized crime unit in its treatment of Venezuela.

Arlacchi also discusses his work at the UN, which included a push to end the heroine trade in Afghanistan. He says his efforts were undermined by US officials after the 2001 invasion of the country.” 

US Treasury is running ‘mafia racket’ against Venezuela- Ex UN anti-narcotics chief & mob expert

US Treasury is running ‘mafia racket’ against Venezuela- Ex UN anti-narcotics chief & mob expert

VESTI NEWS: “The US put on a show around Venezuela, the purpose of which is to overthrow the regime they don’t like. That’s what Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN Vasily Nebenzya stated at the session of the UN Security Council. He also blamed Washington for the humanitarian crisis in the country, which the sanctions introduced by the US against Venezuela in 2013 led to.”

VASILY NEBENZYA, RUSSIA’S PERMANENT REPRESENTATIVE TO THE UN: “We can’t help but remember the events of 1986 when the humanitarian aid for Nicaragua turned out to be an arms shipment for the Contras. Obviously, we have deja vu remembering that episode. Let’s call a spade a spade. It’s not humanitarian aid. If the U.S. really wanted to help the people of Venezuela, It would act via any of the UN agencies accredited in the country as other countries successfully do.” 

VESTI NEWS: “The main causes of the events currently taking place in Caracas. America often states that life is hard in Venezuela, that they need to supply humanitarian aid there under any pretext. But Vasily Nebenzya pointed out the causes.”

VASILY NEBENZYA, RUSSIA’S PERMANENT REPRESENTATIVE TO THE UN: “This difficult situation in the social sphere was caused by the American sanctions as Venezuela’s assets, which are worth colossal amounts of money, were frozen. Instead of the hypocritical attempt to import humanitarian aid worth $20 million, it’s necessary to immediately release accounts of the Venezuelan state-owned enterprises. In U.S. banks for $11 billion which were allocated by the government to purchase medicine, food, and basic necessities, and what about PDVSA’s assets, which are worth $7 billion? And what about the Venezuelan gold in Great Britain, which is worth $1.2 billion? Washington and London have plundered a total of $30 billion of oil and bank assets from the Venezuelan people in the last few years alone. It’s obvious that a military solution can’t improve the situation at all. 

Maduro: Trump has ‘no right’ to joke about military action in Venezuela

US Going Full Neocon Mode! Elliot Abrams Pushing For Full Intervention in Venezuela!

Maduro Indignant: “Humanitarian Crisis” Simply a Pretext For Military Intervention by Washington!

Final Preparations For Overthrow: USAF Spotted in Columbia, Armored Vehicles Moving Along Border


VESTI NEWS:  “There’s a big scandal in Venezuela. The country hasn’t yet recovered from an attempted coup organized by the opposition with the support of the U.S. at the beginning of this year (2019). Now it turns out that the head of the Venezuelan National Assembly Juan Guaido, who declared himself interim president of the country at the end of January, is closely connected not only with the U.S. and the Colombian authorities, but also with drug dealers.”

VESTI NEWS: “Collaboration with terrorists, drug dealers, corrupt officials, or bloody dictators is the norm in U.S. foreign policies. Such allies just have to faithfully serve the interests of America.”

New York No Longer Center of the World! Maduro Goes to Moscow For Talks With Putin Instead!

SERGEY SHOIGU MINISTER OF DEFENSE RUSSIA: “Washington is exerting unprecedented pressure against your country aiming to destabilize it. We support the efforts of the Bolivarian Republic in pursuing independent policies and resisting the attempt by the United States to replace the legitimate government.” 

VLADIMIR PADRINO LOPEZ MINISTER OF DEFENSE VENEZUELA: “Our country’s currently in a tough situation due to the actions of the American imperialists. They blatantly violate international law. We’ve taken a strong stand and continue to resist them. We’ve shown them our political resistance, the strong stance of our people, government and armed forces. We’ve also repeatedly responded to the provocation in our territorial waters.” 

Caracas Now Friends With Moscow! Russia and Venezuela Sign Trade Deals, Reaffirm Friendship!Ф


Shoigu’s Ships Will Be Sent to Venezuela! Moscow Signs Warship Treaty With Caracas!

Venezuela Won’t Be Easy For US: Russian S-300s Are Already in Place and Operational?

Venezuela Rejects U.S. Sanctions Deal

Maduro Given Solid Advice and Promise of Support From Putin During Kremlin Visit!

US Department of Defense Calculates that 30,000 Troops Necessary to Invade Venezuela, Take Caracas


Zakharova Fires Back at Trump! US Is Arrogant and in COMPLETE Violation of Intl Law in Venezuela!

Caracas Calls For Aid! Maduro Asks Russia and China’s Help Against US Sabotage!

Blackout or Sabotage? Venezuela Suffering From Coordinated Power Disruption Countrywide!

VESTI NEWS: “This airport in Cochabamba was an American military base until 2006. But when Evo Morales came to power, he kicked the Americans out of here.”

EVO MORALES: At this American military base, they prepared an assassination attempt on me. Earlier, our presidents used to be changed with coups. When we removed the base, the coups stopped.”

EVO MORALES: “According to the Constitution, our country is a supporter of peace. We want to conduct a dialogue, and it’s time for the United States to understand that the time of their constant invasion has passed. We live in the 21st century. This is the age of people, not empires. 

Evo Morales Shares His Insight Into the Venezuelan CIA Coup Situation!

VLADIMIR PUTIN: “External interference flagrantly violates the basic rules of international law, but they should handle the crisis through peaceful dialogue.” 

FOREIGN MINISTER SERGEY LAVROV: “Russia is ready to create conditions for a dialogue to begin in Venezuela. We see once again that the United States, which is paranoid about someone interfering in their elections and doesn’t have any proof, and this isn’t the first time in the recent months. it’s just done in an extremely flagrant manner in Venezuela, is trying again to act as a master of destinies of other nations. In fact, they’re interfering in their domestic affairs. Of course, the signals we get from some capitals about external armed invasion shouldn’t be ruled out are a source of concern. We urge for such ideas to be categorically abandoned.

VENEZUELA AMBASSADOR TO RUSSIA CARLOS RAFAEL FARIA TORTOSA: “We know that in all of the counties the government doesn’t serve the interest of the U.S. the U.S. tries to get rid of them. Those countries have huge pressure put upon them first political, then economic, and finally militarily. The Americans have a lot of experience in it. 20 years ago, the same happened to President Chavez when he decided to pursue policies independent from the Americans’ dictate. We know that Venezuela is very rich in oil, gold, and the natural resources which the U.S wants to get on its own terms in order to maintain the level of consumption which they’re accustomed to.” 

Putin Talks With Maduro And Warns US: Hands Off Venezuela, Respect International Law

Putin Accused of Meddling in Venezuela and Hacking the Attempted US Coup Against Maduro!

BREAKING! “Russia Has to Get Out!” – Trump Absolutely Triggered! Raises the Stakes in Venezuela!

Lavrov: United States Has Publically Set a Course of Illegal Regime Overthrow in Venezuela!

Trump Continues Threatening Venezuela, Russia Sends Support, and Maduro Holds Fast!


Maduro Deploys Emergency Troops Throughout Venezuela in Wake of US EMP-Induced Blackout!

Guaido’s Shady Past Hints at CIA Involvement; US-Proclaimed President a Professional Agitator


“Juan Guaidó is the product of a decade-long project overseen by Washington’s elite regime change trainers. While posing as a champion of democracy, he has spent years at the forefront of a violent campaign of destabilization.”

“These radical leaders have no more than 20 percent in opinion polls,” wrote Luis Vicente León, Venezuela’s leading pollster. According to León, Guaidó’s party remains isolated because the majority of the population “does not want war. ‘What they want is a solution.”

Before the fateful day of January 22, fewer than one in five Venezuelans had heard of Juan Guaidó. Only a few months ago, the 35-year-old was an obscure character in a politically marginal far-right group closely associated with gruesome acts of street violence. Even in his own party, Guaidó had been a mid-level figure in the opposition-dominated National Assembly, which is now held under contempt according to Venezuela’s constitution.

But after a single phone call from from US Vice President Mike Pence, Guaidó proclaimed himself president of Venezuela. Anointed as the leader of his country by Washington, a previously unknown political bottom-dweller was vaulted onto the international stage as the US-selected leader of the nation with the world’s largest oil reserves.

Echoing the Washington consensus, the New York Times editorial board hailed Guaidó as a “credible rival” to Maduro with a “refreshing style and vision of taking the country forward.” The Bloomberg News editorial board applauded him for seeking “restoration of democracy” and the Wall Street Journal declared him “a new democratic leader.” Meanwhile, Canada, numerous European nations, Israel, and the bloc of right-wing Latin American governments known as the Lima Group recognized Guaidó as the legitimate leader of Venezuela.

While Guaidó seemed to have materialized out of nowhere, he was, in fact, the product of more than a decade of assiduous grooming by the US government’s elite regime change factories. Alongside a cadre of right-wing student activists, Guaidó was cultivated to undermine Venezuela’s socialist-oriented government, destabilize the country, and one day seize power. Though he has been a minor figure in Venezuelan politics, he had spent years quietly demonstrated his worthiness in Washington’s halls of power.

“Juan Guaidó is a character that has been created for this circumstance,” Marco Teruggi, an Argentinian sociologist and leading chronicler of Venezuelan politics, told The Grayzone. “It’s the logic of a laboratory – Guaidó is like a mixture of several elements that create a character who, in all honesty, oscillates between laughable and worrying.”

Diego Sequera, a Venezuelan journalist and writer for the investigative outlet Misión Verdad, agreed: “Guaidó is more popular outside Venezuela than inside, especially in the elite Ivy League and Washington circles,” Sequera remarked to The Grayzone, “He’s a known character there, is predictably right-wing, and is considered loyal to the program.”

While Guaidó is today sold as the face of democratic restoration, he spent his career in the most violent faction of Venezuela’s most radical opposition party, positioning himself at the forefront of one destabilization campaign after another. His party has been widely discredited inside Venezuela, and is held partly responsible for fragmenting a badly weakened opposition.

“‘These radical leaders have no more than 20 percent in opinion polls,” wrote Luis Vicente León, Venezuela’s leading pollster. According to León, Guaidó’s party remains isolated because the majority of the population “does not want war. ‘What they want is a solution.’”

But this is precisely why Guaidó was selected by Washington: He is not expected to lead Venezuela toward democracy, but to collapse a country that for the past two decades has been a bulwark of resistance to US hegemony. His unlikely rise signals the culmination of a two decades-long project to destroy a robust socialist experiment.

Targeting the “troika of tyranny”

Since the 1998 election of Hugo Chávez, the United States has fought to restore control over Venezuela and is vast oil reserves. Chávez’s socialist programs may have redistributed the country’s wealth and helped lift millions out of poverty, but they also earned him a target on his back.

In 2002, Venezuela’s right-wing opposition briefly ousted Chávez with US support and recognition, before the military restored his presidency following a mass popular mobilization. Throughout the administrations of US Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, Chávez survived numerous assassination plots, before succumbing to cancer in 2013. His successor, Nicolas Maduro, has survived three attempts on his life.

The Trump administration immediately elevated Venezuela to the top of Washington’s regime change target list, branding it the leader of a “troika of tyranny.” Last year, Trump’s national security team attempted to recruit members of the military brass to mount a military junta, but that effort failed.

According to the Venezuelan government, the US was also involved in a plot, codenamed Operation Constitution, to capture Maduro at the Miraflores presidential palace; and another, called Operation Armageddon, to assassinate him at a military parade in July 2017. Just over a year later, exiled opposition leaders tried and failed to kill Maduro with drone bombs during a military parade in Caracas.

More than a decade before these intrigues, a group of right-wing opposition students were hand-selected and groomed by an elite US-funded regime change training academy to topple Venezuela’s government and restore the neoliberal order. FOR ALL THE INTRICATE DETAILS READ MORE DAN COHEN & MAX BLUMENTHAL

The United States Foreign Policy makers who call the shots and govern the relations of the World act more like an organized crime network mafia. They are truly criminals in charge of the state of chaos and destruction all over the world. Billions of dollars are allotted to the United States Foreign Policy makers, who use the money inhumanly for blackmail, bribes, coups, wars, and corruption on every level. They are gifted enormous power, acting above all laws including international. It’s the way the United States Government has operated for so long that it is the norm, with no repercussions for those in these elite positions of power. They fund their coup school, recruit terrorists, commit and break laws all over the world, function in elite clandestine groups, scheming and plotting their next attack, and answer to no one. It’s the way it is and has been for so long, who’s going to stop them?

It’s exhausting to fathom the amount of effort that is exerted toward the destruction of countries all over the world, in pursuit of World domination. If the United States Government enormous budgets were actually funneled into positive, peaceful, productive endeavours, for the benefit of humanity, the earth and the World as a whole, we would be living a much different existence and reality than what is currently taking place.

As long as governments throughout the world continue to take bribes or are blackmailed into submitting to the United States Government, humanity as we know it will cease to exist. The United States Of America’s Government is full of corrupt Deep State Global Elitists who only have their own best interests in mind, and their plan for humanity and the World is total control through a Dictatorship World Government, where all freedoms will be obsolete and the human race will be completely enslaved and controlled. It is absolutely crucial that corruption be removed from all Governments throughout the world, and that those in politics wake up to the truth and reality of where the world is rapidly heading due to such vast corruption, where criminals run the world and justice is never served. If humanity is going to take this World back, it must start within the Governments of every single country throughout the world. All those breaking the law must be held accountable for their crimes at the highest levels of the elite class, if this madness it to turn sane and the human race is to remain.

The calculated formula created and implemented by the United States Government of organized coups, the overthrowing of governments throughout the world, and destabilization of countries that were once prosperous in order to control that country, the people, and claim all of its natural resources, has to be stopped. The fate of humanity and the world lies in the hands of those in power, who have the ability to bring truth and justice to the world. The stars seem to be aligning for those in power to orchestrate their power, as those highest in the ranks of the Global Elitists are exposed to the world for their actions and crimes against humanity. We all wait eagerly to see if justice will be served so that Peace and harmony can prevail throughout the world.