Vladimir Putin: “So, they constantly ask me the question, ‘Where did they get tanks and heavy artillery?’ Look, conflicts and hostilities of all kinds are unfolding in many hotspots around the world, involving tanks, artillery, etc. where do they get them? Probably from those government agencies that sympathize with them. But let me emphasize that these weapons are theirs, not foreign. I’d like to draw your attention to this. As for the mercenaries, I have just said in Paris that there are French and Germans fighting their on both sides. We must address this issue of mercenaries, but they are not the bedrock of these armed groups. You know what the main problem is? I’m absolutely sincere in sharing this. The most important problem is that there is a lack willingness to resolve this question through dialogue with the people instead of trying to create favorable conditions for resolving the problem by force, using tanks, artillery, and airpower. I said airpower was used and the current President of Ukraine replied: ‘What air power?’ He did not even remember or did not know this. But they used it, you see? As soon as we, or rather the Ukrainian leadership abandon what I believe to be a completely misguided approach to resolving this problem and move into dialogue mode, this is when there will be a  path towards a solution.