VLADIMIR PUTIN: “Incidentally, at some point, we warned the Americans about the Tsarnaev brothers, or whatever their name is. We told them directly. First, we asked to extradite them, as well, and then told the Americans that they were a threat. They ignored us. The brothers then committed a notorious terrorist attack during the Boston marathon, and people died. Do you see my point? And you have bandits like that walking around Berlin.”

In 2015 while in Key West Florida working in a strip club, we met a man from Boston. This man used to be a surgeon. He kindly bought a VIP from the two of us and opened up about why he walked slowly with a limp. As we sat in a curtained off darkened booth with the glow of red and blue lights, his story began. The former surgeon said that he was taking part in the Boston marathon as a runner. He said that while waiting for the race to begin, he saw a man forget his backpack on the ground. As the stranger in the distance was walking away, the surgeon yelled for the man while walking toward the man’s backpack that he had left on the ground. The surgeon hurried toward the backpack and went to grab it for him, but instead of picking up the backpack, he was met with an explosion. This would be the backpack that blew up at the Boston Marathon. To his horror, a child was blown up before his eyes, and as he raced over to try to stop the child from bleeding to death, he screamed for someone to bring him a sharp knife, and said, “I am a surgeon, I need a knife to stop the bleeding.”  Armed with only his sneakers, running gear and safety pins holding his paper number on the front of his shirt, he screamed for someone to bring him a knife as he applied pressure to the gaping wound. No one had a knife, and the surgeon knew if he had a knife, he could stop the bleeding by squeezing the artery from the area where the blood was pouring out from. The child bleed to death and died in his arms.

During this horrible event, his leg had been blown up by the bomb in the backpack. When the ambulance finally arrived, he was rushed to the hospital. His leg was severely damaged, and the bombing would end his career as a surgeon, for he could no longer stand for long periods of time and could only hobble. The horror of the event played over and over in his mind, as he thought of all of the ways he could have saved the child, but helpless without the proper tools, he would have to live with the tragedy, which scarred him for life. He was beyond scarred, he was shattered, and lived in a place of deep remorse, regret and guilt, everyday replaying what he could have done differently to change the outcome of the events that occurred.

Because of the Boston bombing experience, he decided to buy a gun, so he could protect himself and others. This would lead to another tragic event in his life, where he would have to use his gun on a robber who he happened to cross paths with while at a drugstore. As the robber held up the drug store, the former surgeon pulled out his concealed weapon and shot him. As the robber dropped to the ground, the once former surgeon rushed over to try to save his life, for this is what was in his nature, on the deepest human level, he saved lives that was his purpose on the Earth. He had empathy for the robber, knowing anyone robbing a drug store, must have been extremely desperate and destitute. He now had another horrific event that he had to live with for the rest of his life, all of which stemmed from the Boston bombing, for if the Boston bombing would have never happened, he would have never bought a gun, and witnessed and experienced the two tragedies that would plague him for the rest of his life.

So why did the United States ignore Vladimir Putin’s warning about the terrorists, who would be the Boston Bombers?

As we have said before, Russiaphobia is nothing more than a dark agenda for humanity, and nothing good will come of it. Vladimir Putin’s character can be proven again and again through his positive actions, deeds, and relations with the rest of the world. It is time for an end to Russiaphobia and all of those perpetuating it. The world is a much safer place with Vladimir Putin’s insight, input and contribution to humanity and the global stability and security of the world through peaceful cooperation from all.

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