Feb 6, 2020Vladimir Putin was presented with letters of credence by 23 ambassadors of foreign countries and delivers a speech.
Vladimir Putin: “Russia is ready for a meaningful dialogue with Washington on strategic stability issues and the threat of terrorism. global peace and security largely depend on the state of the relations between Russia and the U.S., as well as on their stability and predictability. We are convinced that these relations should be based on the principles of equality, respect for sovereignty, and non-interference in each other’s domestic affairs. We are ready for a detailed dialogue with America, including on arms control, strategic stability, the fight against terrorism, and peaceful settlement of regional crises. For us, it is absolutely obvious that resuming constructive bilateral collaboration serves the interests not only of Russia and the U.S. but the entire world.”

Will the United States of America’s Government respond positively to creating a dialogue with Russia? The past has proven otherwise is the U.S. ready to move into a new future?

The United States Government has intentionally chosen to not have a peaceful, cooperative, mutually beneficial relationship with Russia, regardless of the many efforts made by President Vladimir Putin to have discussions, sign treaties, and work toward a positive future together for both countries and the world. Vladimir Putin’s positive, cooperative, friendly relations with other countries around the world has earned him the respect of World leaders and people all over the World. It is unbelievable that the United States Of America, has made Russia out to be the Villain using the American Media as their catalyst to perpetuate lies, inciting fear and hatred toward Russia, all across the world, and punishing countries who have relations with Russia, imposing on the sovereignty of other countries. Russia has suffered greatly economically, spiritually, and culturally as the negative effects have gone as far as trying to erase the Russian language, rewrite history, and inject politics within the churches, and impose massive economic sanctions. The abuse that has been inflicted on Russia is unjust and unfair, based on propaganda, fear and lies to serve an agenda that is not beneficial to Russia or the rest of the world. Russia can no longer be isolated for the technological age has united the world, and Russia’s accomplishments has played a huge role in culture, science. art & literature, technology, industry and so much more. The positive leadership of Vladimir Putin and the loving spirit of the Russian people has kept Russia strong and moving forward!

The United States Government money making war machine has their own agendas for the world and are the ones dropping bombs on everyone, leaving a mess for others to clean up. If anyone is the Villain, it’s those who are behind the war machine, dropping bombs, destroying countries, cultures, people, and future progress. Russia’s humanitarian efforts toward war torn countries, and countries in a crisis is more proof that Russia is a caring nation with an ethical government and an amazing leader which every country needs for Peace and Prosperity. As people awaken to the truth and the positive contributions that Russia has made to the world, the false stigmas of Russia can dissolve.

Russian Talk Show Panel: “Today China is almost the largest economy, the second largest for sure. Who made it so? Trump? Russia? Russians have built 600 enterprises for them! We gave them all the cutting-edge technologies. We trained thousands of Chinese engineers, and thousands of Russian engineers worked there! And that’s in the whole world! Who’s building nuclear power plants worldwide? America? Germany? France? Russia! Who’s building NPPs in Iran, Turkey, India? Of course, we’re building an NPP in Kudankulam, India. And what about the Aswan High Dam? We’ve created industry worldwide! We gave energy o the whole world! We gave food to everyone! And you dare to call it small? It doesn’t matter for the whole world speaks Russian. 

Russia’s relationships across the world and continued progress within their own country toward their people shows the strength of Russia and proves that Russia has integrity of Goodwill toward others, and can be a trusted, and loyal partner. If the United States of America sincerely wants to have a relationship with Russia, they can easily take the initiative to do so, however they have not. The United States Government ignoring Russia is intentional and does not benefit the United States of America or the rest of the world.

It appears that the United States Government has their own agendas that is not necessarily beneficial to the world as a whole. It’s time to have a positive, peaceful, mutually beneficial relationship with Russia and all countries across the world, for love, peace and prosperity, is all that matters. In the modern world. we are all connected more than ever before, growing, expanding, changing, and evolving into the future, and repeating past mistakes over and over is not beneficial to the growth and evolution of humanity and mankind. A new consciousness must emerge from the United States of America’s Government, the future depends on it, and the future is now!

Vladimir Putin was presented with letters of credence by 23 ambassadors of foreign countries. The ceremony was held in the Grand Kremlin Palace's Aleksandrovsky Hall.


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