If the United States is going into a country, out of what appears to be the kindness of their hearts, know for certain that there is a motive and an agenda behind it to suit the greedy needs of the U.S. Government’s Imperialistic attempt to control the World and hoard all of the resources that those countries have. There is a lot of misinformation on Venezuela, and what is really happening there and why. This blog should help clear up some misconceptions and offer alternative viewpoints from the bought and paid for Mainstream American media.

Q: Why did the Americans interfere in it? Is it a democracy issue or just oil? 
A: Why did the Americans interfere? As you know America looks at..It’s clear that the Americans can do whatever they want. Still, why did they interfere? They view all of Latin America as their backyard, where they can do whatever they want. 
Q: Why Venezuela?
A: That’s a very interesting question. You know to win elections in America, you need to win Florida. Over the past 50 years, there hasn’t been a president who won the presidential election without Florida. To win Florida, you need the southern part of the state-Miami, Fort Lauderdale. And it’s there where the most rapidly developing citizens are Venezuelans. They used to be Cubans, now they’re Venezuelans. Now, Trump need the votes of Venezuelan immigrants. They all support the opposition. 

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Vesti News: “Russia and Venezuela have signed an agreement on mutual warships visits. The document was signed by Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu and Vladimir Padrino Lopez. At their meeting in Moscow, they discussed cooperation in the field of the defense industry. Outside interference in the situation in Venezuela was also mentioned at the meeting.”

Sergey Shoigu, Minister of Defense Russia: “Washington is exerting unprecedented pressure  against your country aiming to destabilize it. We support the efforts of the Bolivarian Republic in pursuing independent policies and resisting the attempt by the United States to replace the legitimate government.” 

Vladimir Padrino Lopez, Minister of Defense Venezuela: “Our country’s currently in a tough situation due to the actions of the American imperialists. they blatantly violate international law.We’ve taken a strong stand and continue to resits them. We’ve shown them our political resistance, the strong stance of our people, government and armed forces. We’ve also repeatedly responded to the provocation in our territorial waters.” 

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Vesti News: The heads of the foreign affairs agencies of Russia and the U.S. talked about Venezuela. Advisor to the U.S. President Bolton announced this conversation as follows, I quote: “we’re not going to see the Russians take over a country in the Western Hemisphere. At the time of the conversation, the head of the State Department, Mike Pompeo, didn’t rule out that Washington could conduct a military operation in Venezuela. The head of the Pentagon was urgently recalled from Europe by that time. After all of this, in his conversation with Pompeo, Lavrov, stressed that the U.S.’s intervention in the affairs of Venezuela is a gross violation of international law, which will have the gravest consequences.

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