We decided to post Alien Ant Farm “Smooth Criminal,” Since someone with a Vendetta against Portland Oregon has decided to make Portland Oregon their own personal Ant Farm, where they get to play GOD here and place all of their puppets in government and canvas and lobby the citizens to join the payroll and participate in the destruction of our once beloved city. Who would do such things? Who has this much money and power? Scary huh?


-Buy all of the land and property in Portland Oregon, and build state of the art high rise condos and apartments. Double, triple and quadruple the rents all over the city within the span of 1 year, and create a homeless epidemic, displacing families onto the street and under bridges.

-Change the laws to allow tent cities all over the city, and don’t allow homeless warehouses to be renovated to help ease the burden and claim the warehouse solution is inhumane. The tent cities are much better.

-Remove all public restrooms, allow feces, urine and garbage, drug needles to litter the streets. Allow homeless open drug use, and beggars to remind us all how guilty we should feel about all of this.

-Offer no solutions and continue to raise the rents and increase the cost of real-estate to nearly 1 million dollars or more to own a home in Portland Oregon.

-Raise the cost of food and add a grocery tax to sock it to the poor and eliminate the middle class and any extra spending money for vacations or emergencies. Nose to the grindstone.

-Those who are surviving this can join a community group or organization to earn some extra cash for the cause, which may be illegal.

Boeing and 3 other builders started this Globalist Elite Revolution here in Portland Oregon. This comes straight from the horses mouth, Michael Trump, Boeing’s assistant who we met while working in a strip club downtown in 2014. Michael Trump told us Boeing also built state of the art storage units, which he said would be big business. This was just on time for the occasion which was convenient when our condo that we had lived in for 5 years was sold out from under us and the storage unit they had built was in our neighborhood. When we asked Michael Trump when they were going to stop raising the cost of rents, his reply was, “We are seeing what people are willing to pay who want to live here.” We were disgusted. How can builders decide the fate of cities and all of the citizens?